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AxVoice Review by WhichVoIP

AxVoice were originally founded in 2005 and provide internet phone service for home users and small businesses. This service requires that you have an existing high speed internet connection (e.g. DSL, cable modem etc.). AxVoice provide different plan options to meet different user needs, such as pay as you go plans, low minute usage plans, unlimited domestic and international plans.

The Good

Axvoice provide a good selection of affordable plan options so most home phone service users should find a plan to meet their needs. This includes a no monthly fee outgoing calls only plan, a low cost pay as you go plan, a limited minutes plan for USA/Canada calling, an unlimited calling plan (their flagship service and best value plan), and a couple of international calling plans (one that covers around 45 countries and one that covers over 60 countries).

The Axvoice plans boast a good selection of features (30+) included free plus some optional features at additional low monthly fees (toll free numbers and virtual numbers). Many of these are standard now with most service providers, such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, enhanced voicemail and E911 support. Some stand-outs include support for various Codecs (great for users who have lower Internet speeds), Simultaneous Ring, Music on Hold, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) support, and Voicemail audio files sent to email.

Other factors considered to be good for the user are a 15 day money back guarantee, free hardware and activation, the ability to transfer your existing number (also known as number porting), low international calling rates (starting at 1.5c per minute) and a Mobile App for smartphones (iPhone and Android both supported).

The Bad

The 15 day money back guarantee has some limitations that should be understood. It does not include the shipping and handling fees, it is 15 days from the activation of the account, and you must not exceed 200 minutes of usage during those 15 days. You must return ALL the equipment provided by them in the original packaging within 10 days of cancellation (includes cables, manuals etc) and you are responsible for paying the return shipping.

A $19.99 shipping and handling fee is charged when you order the service. This is higher than many other providers charge (many in the range of $10 to $15), although a small amount in the grand scheme of the savings you will enjoy.

Like most (if not all) service providers the "unlimited" plans include a reasonable usage policy, which for Axvoice is 3,000 minutes. This is to protect them against extreme users. If you exceed this limit you will be charged at a rate of 1.5c/min.

The knowledge base in their support section of their website is decent but there is no phone support. Also, customer support hours are 7am to 8pm EST. You can submit a ticket online at any time though.

If you don't like the idea of paying annually then the monthly rate is quite a bit higher if you are considering the unlimited calling plan. See below for the bottom line.

The Bottom Line

  • Unlimited USA/CAN Calling Plan: This is their most popular plan. Through WhichVoIP this plan is ONLY $75 for the 1st year of service (or $6.25/mo equivalent) which is an amazing deal. Otherwise it is $99/year (or $8.25/mo equivalent). As mentioned above, this plan has a monthly payment option which is $14.99/mo if you dont want to pay annually.
  • USA/CAN 200 Minutes Plan: The 200 minute plan is $5.99/mo (yearly promotion) or $9.99/mo if you want to pay month to month.
  • Pay As You Go Plan: The Pay as You Go plan is $4.99/mo. This plan includes incoming minutes but outgoing calls are charged at 1.5c/minute. They also have an Outgoing Only plan which is $0/mo and 1.5c/minute for outgoing calling. This is a great plan to replace calling cards.
  • International Calling Plans: Plans start at $199/year (equivalent to $16.58/mo) for the standard Residential International plan, or $24.99/mo on a month to month plan. This plan includes over 45 countries. If the country you are interested in is not on this list then their Plus plan includes over 60 countries at a rate of $29.99/mo.

Overall Thoughts

If you are considering an USA/Canada unlimited calling plan for your home then we would recommend taking a look at the Axvoice annual payment option. This is a very competitive option with a great feature set. Their International plans are also cost competitive with the likes of Vonage.

We recommend you have a read through the Axvoice reviews submitted by users of our site. Click on the tab at the top of this page to view them.

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