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Teleblend Review by WhichVoIP

The VoIP industry is a very competitive place and it should come as no surprise that not all who enter will see success. A VoIP company known as SunRocket failed sometime in late 2007 and TeleBlend picked up the pieces, eventually re-opening doors to existing and new customers in early 2008. Fortunately, the business formula seems to work as the company has been providing low cost residential service to the US and some of Canada, ever since.

The Good

The core services offered by TeleBlend are designed to provide low cost calling options for residential customers. It provides a free, portable phone adapter (known as an ATA) to use with an analog phone and can be used anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available.

Pricing has a simple structure with "month-to-month" rates available or customers may seize the opportunity to purchase service at reduced annual rates. Always make sure to read the details of any pricing structure thoroughly or attempt to contact customer service if unsure.

The two monthly plans differ slightly in price, though each offer the same amount of features. The Standard Residential plan starts at $6.95 per month for the first three months and runs at $15.95 thereafter, for the remainder of the year. This plan includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada, $10 per month calling credit for international calls and a free ATA. The Premium International plan runs at $9.95 per month for the first three months and $17.95 per month for the next 9 months. A huge bonus for this plan is the inclusion of free calling to 70 countries, including Canada, India, China and the UK.

A yearly rate is available for $99.95 per year before taxes and fees. This price relates to the Standard Residential plan though it is not clearly stated. Keep in mind, like most communication companies, taxes and other fees are not included with this price.

Standard, no frill voice features are inherent to all plans. Customers can enjoy benefits such as CNAM (Caller ID), DND (Do Not Disturb), call forwarding and Follow Me features that send a missed call to another destination, 3-way calls and a handful of other useful features.

Teleblend has a support section to help with installation and dial tone related issues, along with troubleshooting tools. There is also a phone number to call and a support ticket system if a higher level of support is necessary.

The Bad

The Teleblend customer service department gets bad reviews from our visitors and indeed across the Internet, which is always a little concerning. Maybe you'll have no issues, in which case this is not a big deal but usually there's a reason to call for help at some point in time.

The BBB is (or should be) a first stop when reviewing a product, service or site. The company is not BBB accredited and maintains an 'F' rating. More than half of the complaints are not addressed and further, only a small percentage is satisfied with the conflict resolution. With that said, considering the several years the company has been on the BBB radar, the volume of complaints is actually quite low.

Although pricing looks reasonable at first glance, if you ignore the 3 month initial special, the cost for unlimited calls for the US and Canada is actually quite expensive when compared to other options that are out there in the market place.

The Bottom Line

  • Low rates for calling to the US and Canada starting at $6.95 per month for the first 3 months and $15.95 thereafter.
  • Calling to most of North America and 70 additional countries starts at $9.95 for the first 3 months and $17.95 for the remainder of the year.
  • Customer service seems to be difficult to contact.
  • International calling is included with both regular plans. The Standard Residential plan includes $10 of international calls per month and the Premium International includes calling to 70 countries.
  • Many standard voice features are included with plans such as 3-way calling, Follow Me/call forwarding, voicemail with the option to send it as an email attachment and several others.

Overall Thoughts

The company has received a few scathing reviews from disappointed customers so anyone considering or selecting this service should be cautious. Yet, despite negative remarks, complaints are few considering the number of years the company has been in business.

The pricing is a little on the high side, when the special deal is taken out of the picture. The standard plan includes $10 of credit towards International calls each month. It would be great if they had a basic plan that excluded this and brought the price down for unlimited calling to the US and Canada only.

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