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The CallCentric Review

Coming from a respectable background in telecommunications, the company CallCentric that was founded in 2001, and this somewhat low-key company is one of the better kept secrets of the VoIP world.

The Good

The CallCentric service has been designed for ease of use and has abundant plans to meet the needs of all customers. The service is compatible with just about all of the most popular SIP Compliant Platforms, including: ATA Adaptors, IP Phones, IPPBX Systems (Asterisk, Trixbox, 3CX, etc). Many third party ATAs are also supported, such as those made by Grandstream, Obihai, Linksys, Cisco and D-Link. There are also mobile applications available for Android and iOS devices which is a great way to make and receive calls on the road using your smart phone. It also enables you to make very low cost International calls from your smart phone, with outgoing caller ID that represents your CallCentric number rather than your cell number.

Crisp and clear, land-line quality service. Allows you the freedom to customize your services based on your actual needs/usage patterns, by independently selling its inbound and outbound calling plans. Products are available under BOTH the Flat-Rate Unlimited and Pay-Per Use service models and the advertised price is what you pay as there are no hidden fees or taxes. Users can also make completely free calls to other CallCentric users who have active accounts, regardless of their location.

Knowledgeable customer support is available 365 days per year and is available to both free and paid Customers

Included value added services such as free NY phone numbers, telemarketer block, IVR (Automated Attendant), SIP URI calling, fax reception feature, T38 support, ability to submit custom CNAM update requests via portal, Callcentric Android/iPhone app, free vanity toll-free number searches and more.

For those wanting to know if they can port their number over from another provider, CallCentric has a neat Local Number Portability (LNP) tool that will test your existing number to see if your number can be transferred over. Extensive footprint for LNP and new DIDs (US50, Canada, Toll-Free, and over 48 international countries).

The Bad

The plans are split by inbound and outbound calling and most customers need both. The plan pricing is reasonable though.

The user is responsible for configuring their own device as there is no remote provisioning option currently available. However, for the standard home service using a telephone, setting up an ATA is not a difficult process. To help make this process easy, there are some good troubleshooting and setup FAQs on the Callcentric website. Also note that you are responsible for purchasing the ATA device independently (i.e. Bring Your Own Device - BYOD) as the company does not sell any hardware or offer it on a "free" lease basis.

No flat-rate annual plans are currently available.

Not the absolute cheapest phone service option currently available.

The Bottom Line

  • IP Freedom: Free calling between Callcentric users.
  • Pay Per Minute (inbound): USA/CAN 1.5c/minute receive calls only. $1.95/month fee.
  • Personal Unlimited (inbound): USA/CAN unlimited incoming calls. $5.95/month fee.
  • International Unlimited (inbound): DIDs with unlimited incoming calls are available in over 48 different international countries. Pricing varies by location.
  • Pay Per Call (outbound): No monthly fee, just pay as you go. Low international rates , US/CAN (under 2c/minute).
  • North America 500 (outbound + E911): 500 minutes/month USA/CAN for $6.95/month.
  • North America 1000 (outbound + E911): 1000 minutes/month USA/CAN for $12.95/month.
  • North America Residential (outbound): Unlimited minutes/month USA/CAN for $19.95/month.
  • World Select Residential (outbound): Unlimited minutes/month 40 countries for $29.95/month.

Overall Thoughts

CallCentric is a great way to inexpensively replace a landline and many different plans are provided in order to meet your calling needs. Overall the services offer a blend of aggressive pricing and good quality of service that has resulted in great reviews from users to date. There is a lot of flexibility in allowing new users to fully customize their services. This could however potentially be a little confusing for some new users.

Note that it is a BYOD service and the amount of configuration required for the softphones or ATAs may be somewhat challenging for some customers, although good supporting documents are provided by CallCentric.

Callcentric does not claim to be cheapest service on the market and it does not offer any annual plan options. The plethora of free value added services and features along with good customer support, excellent voice quality, and good user reviews, does however make Callcentric a strong candidate for anyone that is searching for a new phone service.

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