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Company Overview

VoIP Much, founded in 2012, is a privately held company headquarted in Toronto, Canada. They primarily provide VoIP phone services to both residential and business customers across Canada and the USA. They also offer Conference Calling and IVR Phone System services. VoIP Much acquired Vbuzzer in 2017, including the Vbuzzer trademark and subscriber base. They also own Jail Call, Duck Voice, and Follow Me Forward brands.

The Good

Let's start with the Home Phone Service plan for residential customers. If you are a Canadian resident then this plan is CAD $9.45 plus taxes/fees and if you are a USA resident then it is USD $9.45 plus taxes/fees. Regardless of location this plan includes free calling across Canada and USA, with a few exceptions (excludes Alaska for USA and the NWT, Nunavut and Yukon territories for Canada). The Canada plan has a local calling area including 1000+ cities across Canada providing unlimited calling.

The residential plan price includes one phone number. You can port your existing phone number to them for free or you can pick one from almost any location across Canada, the USA and 50 other countries. There are no contracts ever with this plan and service is month to month providing low risk if you want to test out their service.

The plan includes 30+ features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call hold, call screen, call block, do not disturb, 3-way conference calling, follow me and speed dial. They also provide calling to X11 information service numbers such as 311, 411 (there is a charge of $1.25 per call for 411), 511, 811, as well as 911 for emergency. Customers can also dial 611 to call customer support. A secure web portal is available to access your calling features and account information.

Some features require an additional small fee, such as International dialing with low per minute rates, cloning for $1.45 per month (this allows 2 devices to ring when someone calls you), virtual city numbers starting from $2.45 per month (these are additional phone numbers that can ring your devices), and toll free numbers for $1.99 per month plus $0.04 per minute. They offer their own softphone which you can use by choosing the clone feature, which provides you the ability to have your home phone and your softphone ring at the same time.

You can buy the Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) directly through their website or you can buy it through Amazon. The ATA device allows you to use your existing home phones over your Internet connection. Through the Canadian website you can buy the Grandstream HT801 (which is a 1 line ATA) for $44 plus tax, or the Grandstream HT802 (2 line ATA) for $55 plus tax. They also charge $5 for shipping. If signing up through the USA side the prices are the same but pricing is still in Canadian Dollars and shipping is $10. If you buy through the Canadian Amazon website you get two months free service included, but the pricing and shipping fee varies a little.

A support and knowledgebase section is available on the website. There are various guides available to aid you in setting up the available features and a search option to help you find the information you need quickly. A ticket section allows you to submit questions or technical issues. A toll free number is also available if you need to call support.

If you have a specific region of the world that you call often you can add their "Plus+ Option" to your home phone service. For $10 per month you can select two regions from their three options for local calling. The regions include Americas (North and South America), Europe, and Asia. You can select all 3 regions for $13 per month.

They also offer phone service for businesses at a rate of $17.11 per user (extension) per month. There is a minimum requirement of 2 users for this service. If you have more than 100 users you can call for custom pricing. All the features of the home srevice are included plus you get access to IVR (auto-attendant), ring groups, and time of day routing features.

The Bad

There is a fair usage policy which limits long distance outgoing calls to 3,000 minutes per month for the home phone service plan (although it mentions 2,500 on some web pages). Note that this is only on calls to locations outside of their defined Local Free Zone (which includes over 1,000 cities in Canada). This is a standard practice across VoIP providers with some detailing hard limits and others referencing average of their customers usage as a yardstick. If you exceed this you may be charged additional per minute rates or your plan rate changed.

As part of the fair usage policy calls over 5 hours in duration will also be subject to disconnection. This is more for fraud and security reasons.

The website is reminiscent of the early 2000's, but that does not necessarily mean it reflects on the service itself.

The knowledgebase seems a little limited but it does cover the basics like features.

There are a few places of conflicting data on the website. The fair usage policy is noted as 2,500 minutes on one web page and 3,000 minutes on another. Also, the toll free pricing on the website states $1 per month for the number and $0.03 per minute. But when going through the sign up form it notes $1.99 per month for the number and a $0.04 per minute rate. This can provide an uncertainty to the potential customer.

The Bottom Line

  • Home phone service plan for both Canada residents and USA residents costs $9.45 per month plus taxes, in their respective currencies.
  • Service pricing includes 30+ features. Some additional features like toll free numbers cost extra per month.
  • You can purchase the ATA directly through them or buy it through Amazon. Buying through Amazon includes 2 months free service.
  • A Plus+ Option plan for $10 per month allows you to pick two International regions from Americas, Europe, or Asia to add to your calling plan.
  • They have a business phone service plan for $17.11 plus taxes per month. Minimum requirement of two users for this plan.
  • Business plan includes the home plan features plus IVR, time of day routing, and ring group features.
  • They also offer a conferencing calling plan and an IVR plan (often referred to as virtual phone service).

Overall Thoughts

With coverage across most of Canada the VoIP Much home phone service is a great option for Canadian residents. Within the USA market there are more competitors and some with lower pricing that may be a better option.

If you call internationally often it may be a more compelling option. Paying the additional $10 per month to pick two International regions to call is a great deal.

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