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1-VoIP Review by WhichVoIP

1-VoIP phone service has been around for many years. Originally under the name VoIP Your Life, they rebranded to VYLmedia, before changing the service brand name to 1-VoIP. User submitted reviews on this page include all brands for it's service.

In the Internet telephony market, many providers select a niche to serve with various offerings. Yet some, like 1-VoIP, take an approach of meeting needs from the big business down to residential customers. This company takes customers of any size and offers some additional perks that few others openly promote.

The Good

1-VoIP offers hosted services to accommodate residential users and busines users, from small/home offices up to larger businesses, as well as SIP Trunking services for anyone with a PBX needing to connect to other communication networks.

Residential service is offered in 3 different plans to cover the needs of the casual caller to the world caller. All service packages come with free activation and free hardware to connect a device. Subscribers may connect with an analog phone or a digital VoIP phone with the included SP2102 adapter. It is possible to connect most other BYOD hardware but it would be best to contact customer support to ensure compatibility of existing hardware.

The Value program for residential service runs at $8.97 a month and includes 500 minutes of calling to North American numbers. The US & Canada Unlimited plan offers just as the name implies, unlimited calling between numbers in these locations, and costs $17.97 per month. The World Unlimited plan is $23.97 per month and takes it a step further by offering unlimited calling to 30 countries with reasonable rates for calls outside of the covered regions.

All residential plans include unlimited incoming minutes, all features, hardware adaptor, a $14.95 activation fee, and no term commitment, as well as the option to use Nomorobo (for blocking telemarketers and robocalls). Features include voicemail, internet fax capabilities, music on hold, call filtering, forwarding, waiting, speed dial and more.

Business VoIP services pricing is based on a "per extension" fee which varies based on the number of users (i.e. extensions) configured. The Lite offering pricing is $24.97 per user per month for groups of 1 to 5 users, dropping to $22.97/user/mo for groups of 6 to 19 users, and then dropping to $20.97/user/mo for groups of 20 - 99 users. Beyond 99 users, a customer may call to negotiate a specific price. Note that the company will match any competitor quote for a similar service.

Features are all inclusive with any of the Business VoIP services. Customers may setup call queues, an auto-attendant (i.e. IVR menus), record calls and fax among many other features. Another great add-on is the inclusion of Nomorobo. This 3rd party service is specifically designed to block spam calling such as telemarketers and other well-known, blacklisted numbers.

If you run IP PBX software, SIP Trunking services are available for such systems. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides 99.999% uptime (thats less than 6 minutes of downtime per year) with 3 fully redundant co-located switching facilities. Virtually any mainstream PBX system (such as Asterisk, 3CX, Elastix, FreePBX etc.) can utilize 1-VoIP SIP Trunking to enjoy major cost saving benefits, though a consultation with customer service is necessary for exact pricing.

1-VoIP provides 24/7 customer service and technical support via phone and email with 100% based US support staff.

The Bad

One frustrating aspect of the site is the lookup feature for International calling. Some countries are difficult to find because of the way the input field works. Keep in mind, it is best to contact a customer service representative for more involved setups when distinct details are required.

Little information is provided pertaining to how the configuration process works. Many may want to know if a designated company admin converts settings or if a 1-VoIP representative must alter settings. For clarification, web administration is possible for business phone systems.

Make sure you keep any hardware provided by 1-VoIP for free in good shape as you will need to return it within 14 days of any cancellation of services. Otherwise you will be charged for the equipment.

The Bottom Line

  • Residential Value Plan: This entry level plan costs $8.97/month and includes 500 minutes to North America and unlimited incoming minutes.
  • Residential US & Canada Unlimited Plan: This is their most popular plan and includes unlimited calling to North America for $17.97/month.
  • Residential World Unlimited Plan: For those that need International calling on a regular basis should consider this plan at $23.97 per month with unlimited calling to North America and 30 International countries (including Australia, France, Germany, UK, Mexcio, China, Hong Kong, Israel and more).
  • All residential plans include unlimited incoming minutes, premium features, hardware, free activation and no term commitment.
  • Business Lite Plan: This plan is for businesses with 1 to 5 users and the cost is $24.97 per month per extension.
  • Business Professional Plan: Having 6 to 19 users reduces the cost to $22.97 per month per extension.
  • Business Enterprise Plan: For the medium sized business with 20 to 99 users the cost is $20.97 per month per extension.
  • All business plans include the same feature set, unlimited calling, and a free trial is available. They have a "Match any competitor quote" promise also. Businesses with 100+ users will need to contact them directly for custom pricing.
  • SIP trunking plans start at $29.97 per month.
  • All rates exclude any applicable taxes, regulatory fees and surcharges.

Overall Thoughts

Though a few bits of information are lacking, the company offers straightforward pricing and the standard set of VoIP service features. Residential customers have several options as do businesses, not to mention SIP trunking service is offered for custom systems. Anyone seeking a new communication system should strongly consider contacting this company to see if services are a good fit.

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