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Acanac Review by WhichVoIP

Acanac is a Canadian based company and provides Internet service and home phone service to thousands of Canadians. It was founded in 2004 and is part of the Distributel family of Companies and uses them for all of its wholesale minutes. We will be focusing on the phone service for the purpose of this review but they do offer DSL and Cable Internet service too.

The Good

Acanac offers both Internet and home phone service so if you prefer to have all of your communication needs on one bill, this could be a good option for you in Canada. Use their address lookup tool to see if they can service your address.

There are three plans to choose from for home phone service. The local plan costs $10 per month (or $110 for an annual commitment) and covers all of your local calling needs. Any long distance calls are charged at a per minute rate (1.65c/min for Canada and 2c/min for USA). The Unlimited Canada plan covers all of your local and long distance calls inside Canada and costs $15 per month (or $165 for an annual commitment), calls to the USA cost 2c per minute. Finally the Unlimited North America plan covers all calls inside Canada and the USA and costs $20 per month (or $220 for an annual commitment). You can call International destinations on a per minute basis, rates vary by country.

All plans offer the same set of 11 phone service features. These includes voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, call return, call hunt, do not disturb, call records, call waiting, portal access and free Acanac to Acanac calling.

The free calling between Acanac users could be useful for friends and families that are outside local call areas. If you all use Acanac you may be able to get away with the local plan option and use the free calling capabilities between users to keep your bills low.

There are many guides available on its Website to help you get up to speed with its Internet and phone service. It provides a nice setup guide and diagram for home phone service, showing you clearly how to connect your Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to your network. You can also call or email for additional support. Technical support is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 9pm (ET) and 9am to 5pm (ET) on Saturdays but you can email them anytime and they will get back to you promptly.

The Bad

International calls are supported at additional per minute rates but they do seem a little expensive, especially considering it is using Distributel for wholesale in North America and indeed the rest of the World. For example calls to the UK, Australia and China start at 3.5c/min and India costs 28c/min. For comparison purposes, check out our International rates tool.

The feature set is reasonable but a little limited compared to other home phone service options we see in the market place. For example, many home providers offer free voicemail to email and voicemail transcription services these days.

The terms and conditions clearly state that unlimited plans have fair usage policies tied to them so if you have large call volumes that are greater than typical residential usage you may want to bring this up with them before signing up for service.

The Bottom Line

  • Local Plan: $10/month ($110 annual).
  • Unlimited Canada Plan: $15/month ($165 annual).
  • Unlimited North America Plan: $20/month ($220 annual).
  • International rates vary by country.
  • Internet service offered based on location. Good savings for double play (phone plus Internet).

Overall Thoughts

Acanac provides Internet and phone service to Canadians and offers good pricing points for local and long distance plans inside Canada and to the United States. If you like having all of your phone and Internet fees on one monthly bill use the address look-up tool to see if Acanac can support your location.

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