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Dingtone Review by WhichVoIP

Founded in 2015 and head quartered in Dubai, Dingtone currently has over 30 million users and handles over one billion minutes each year. It offers free calling between users and low cost calls to over 200 countries around the World.

The Good

All communications are performed using the Dingtone App, which is available for smart phones and tablets in the Google and Apple App stores.

Dingtone lets you call or text any other Dingtone user for free using full High Definition audio and you can call any landline or cell number in over 200 countries for a low rate. The rates are stated as credits rather than a currency. For example calls in the USA are 0.9 credits/minute, India is 2 credits/minute, the UK is 1 credit/minute and China is 1.2 credits/minute. As for the credits, you can earn them through things such as downloading specific sponsored Apps, inviting friends to Dingtone and checking into the Dingtone App daily. You can also purchase credits, for example, 500 credits (+50 bonus) for $9.99, 1000 credits (+100 bonus) for $19.99 and 5000 credits (+500 bonus) for $93.99. There is not much of a break in pricing, it equates to approximately 1.8 cents per credit, so in the case of USA calls that is 1.62 cents/minute which is quite expensive in actual fact. All audio, video and text messages between Dingtone users are completely free, no credits are required.

You can choose a phone number from multiple countries and essentially use this as a second line in addition to your main cell phone number. This could be useful to give to family and friends so they can make low cost calls to you, for example choosing a virtual phone number for a different area code or even a different country.

Extensive messaging capabilities between Dingtone users and also to external phone numbers. You can create group chats with up to 1000 participants and send texts, images and videos for free. For numbers outside of the Dingtone environment you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages using your credit balance, including International text messages. Sending a message costs more than receiving one and you can purchase an SMS annual plan which is 6000 SMS messages for 600 Dingtone credits and includes International SMS messaging. This may be a good option if you plan to text a lot to non-Dingtone users. One really nice feature is the ability to recall a message within 5 minutes, in case you ever send someone a text by mistake. SMS has the option of a group SMS message or a broadcast SMS message. The broadcast SMS use case is if you need to send a message out to lots of people but ensure that any replies only go to you and not everyone else on the message.

If you give the App permission to read your phone contacts it can find contacts that are already registered with Dingtone. You can also search for your friends using Dingtone IDs, a phone number or an email address.

There is seamless integration with Facebook so you can send messages and make calls to your friends on Facebook all from the Dingtone App. This also lets you see Facebook friends in the Dingtone App, providing you give permission to access Facebook.

The FAQ area of the Website has a lot of good information and guides on how to get up and running quickly and how to use the vast features available in the App.

You can send faxes from a fax App that is available in the Google and Apple stores. Scan and upload any file or image and send it as a fax. You can also use the sign on the go feature and add a signature to your faxes before transmission.

Dingtone offers a very comprehensive conferencing service which supports up to 1000 participants anywhere in the World. One big advantage of this service is that only the host needs to actually have a Dingtone account, all others can call in using a toll-free phone number which is available in 59 countries. All attendees receive an invitation through either SMS, email, Facebook, or Whatsapp and Dingtone will send an SMS reminder to all attendees 15 minutes before the call begins.

The App has a walkie talkie mode (i.e. Push To Talk or PTT). This, as the name suggests, enables you to push a button and speak like a 2-way radio. If you do not have the App open at the time you will still receive the audio message and a notification.

If you purchased a phone number in the Dingtone App you can actually port that number out of Dingtone at any time, for example to a cellular carrier. This is rather surprising and good to know, especially if you picked a phone number that you like.

The Bad

Keep in mind that if you are not on WiFi and instead you are using your cellular data, all calls through the Dingtone App are using up data bandwidth on your cellular plan. Video calls in particular can use a lot of data so keep this in mind.

There is no Blackberry or Windows support yet. Only Apple and Android devices can be used for the Dingtone App.

No emergency calling is supported at all (eg E911). You must use your native cell phone for 911 emergency calls.

From a pricing standpoint, when you purchase credits there is very little point in getting the large credit plan as there is no real price advantage. Other than convenience, you are as well purchasing the smaller price tiers for credits.

If you want to take advantage of faxing you need a completely separate App on the App store for this, which is a little disappointing. Also faxing appears to be send only and cannot receive faxes, which is surprising.

You cannot port a phone number into Dingtone unfortunately.

The Bottom Line

  • Free audio and video calls and messaging between Dingtone users.
  • For calls to non-Dingtone users across the World (eg landlines and cellular phones) you pay using credits. 500 credits (+50 bonus) for $9.99, 1000 credits (+100 bonus) for $19.99 and 5000 credits (+500 bonus) for $93.99.
  • International SMS annual plan available for 600 Dingtone credits which gets you 6000 SMS messages (including International).
  • Up to 1000 participants for conferencing and also for group chat.

Overall Thoughts

Dingtone provides an impressive service to its users and if you take full advantage of its credit earning service you could potentially make and receive calls anywhere in the World for free. The ability to make and receive audio calls, video calls, text messages, faxing and conferencing, anywhere in the World, all from an App on your tablet or phone makes this a very powerful tool.

If you have had any experience with Dingtone let us know using the review form or comments section on this page.

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