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Phone Power Review by WhichVoIP

Phone Power was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Winnetka, California. The core focus of Phone Power is providing low cost VoIP phone service to homes and small businesses across the USA and Canada.

The Good

The Phone Power flagship service plan includes unlimited calling to USA and Canada plus 60 minutes free international calling per month to over 75 countries. There is also a plan for unlimited International calling which competes very favorably with Vonage. Pricing is highly competitive and there are not many other providers that offer such aggressive pricing.

Included in the unlimited calling plan are 45+ calling features, a free second (cloned) line, free equipment lease (phone adaptor), and free activation when you sign up online. The best features, in our opinion, are Voicemail to email, fax catcher which offers free incoming fax, and simultaneous ring which ensures you never miss an important call.

Phone Power has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing hassle free upgrades, downgrades or cancellation. Customer service, sales and support are 100% USA based and support is available 7 days per week via phone, live chat and email.

The call quality has always been good when we have tested this at However this is true for most providers these days, and often poorer quality calls are a result of setup issues or poor Internet service.

The Bad

If you are not willing to pre-pay for service over 1 year or 2 year terms, the price per month jumps up significantly, over 200% in fact.

Another negative is the cancellation policy if you are outside 30 days and have not completed your contract should you sign up for a 1 year or 2 year plan. The cancellation fee is $99 or the cost of the remaining months left on your contract, whichever is less.

Phone Power does not offer outgoing Internet based fax service (i.e. efax). This is a slight negative in that some other providers do include this service free of charge. However it does support the T.38 protocol meaning you can send and receive faxes using a traditional fax machine.

Most providers have what is called a maximum usage when it comes to unlimited phone plans. Phonepower is no exception, but the maximum usage is 5,000 minutes which is very high. After 5,000 minutes, the price is 2c/min for USA/CAN calls.

Finally, if you choose the 2 year term note that even though the second year of service is free, you are still required to pay the service taxes and regulatory fees for the second year which tend to be in the $3 to $5 range per month. This is fairly standard these days but worth highlighting as sometimes our visitors have been shocked at this when the second year comes along.

The Bottom Line

  • Cost: $5.99/month for the first 2 years of service (pre-paid) for unlimited calling USA/CAN plus 60 minutes per month free International calls. Note this is assuming you use the WhichVoIP special rate. If you go direct, it costs $8.33 per month. If you want month-to-month pricing rather than a contract the price jumps up to $19.95/month.
  • International: Unlimited USA/CAN plans include 60 minutes of free International calls to over 75 countries. If you need more than this you can pay the additional rate for the country you are calling or jump to the World Plus plan. This plan offers unlimited calling to over 75 countries.
  • The ATA adapter that you connect your phone to is free of charge. However, shipping costs $14.95 for the ATA.

Overall Thoughts

Phone Power is a very decent service and if you are willing to pay for the 2 year contract, the pricing is very aggressive. If you must do month-to-month plans there are likely better options for you. The feature set is excellent, and covers all of the main features you would ever want and more.

Take advantage of the WhichVoIP special rate for the 2 year pre-pay plan as it will save you over $50 for a 2 year term.

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