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The company Globalinx is a smaller provider of VoIP services owned by the multi-level marketing company 5LINX, both of which are based in Rochester, New York. Globalinx was first started in 2005 and is run by the same management team of the parent company. They rely on agents to sell services and contractors for customer support of the various products offered by the company such as VoIP, SMS and data services.

The Good

Globalinx offers a platform for making voice calls, with a few added features, and at a fairly low rate. For $14.95 per month, you can purchase the Value service from the company, with a one year contract that allows for free local and long distance calling, as well as calls to Canada and Puerto Rico. At $24.95 per month, the Premium plan grants additional unlimited calling capabilities to 75 countries such as the UK, India, Japan and more.

There are several features included with calling plans at no additional charge. Features such as 3 way calling, call forwarding and voicemail with a programmable greeting, are all included. There is also a mobile application, for both Android and iOS, that integrates with your service at no additional charge and also offers video calling capabilities. Though there may be an additional fee, Globalinx can port your existing number to their service in approximately two weeks.

Other services are offered for businesses, including a Unified Communications (UC) application called Connex that allows instant messaging and offers presence awareness. There is also a service called TextAlertz that enables the user to send mass text messages, which is great for businesses to quickly market a product or promotion.

The Bad

Though Globalinx seems like a decent service provider on the surface, there are many other resources that suggest otherwise. By simply searching for the company name in a search engine, we discovered many sites suggesting that customer have had bad experiences. There are also many discrepancies between claims made by Globalinx and other sources.

The company only has a 15 day money back guarantee which is not enough time to truly assess any service, not to mention shipping times can factor into this time frame as well. The service requires a 12 month commitment which is not common in the VoIP market and may be quite daunting. Globalinx claims to maintain an A ranking with BBB however, the current ranking is a B- and further, they are not accredited at all it would seem.

The fact that 5LINX is a multi-level marketing company should be a big indicator for most to steer clear. Many claim that customer service is almost non-existent and early cancellation fees can be astronomical. The FAQ section of the site mentions that early cancellation fees will run at $99 (some say higher, others say lower) suggesting the fee likely changes on a regular basis. The site does mention a setup fee but does not indicate what this cost is - some Google searches indicate that this fee is approximately $44.99 but fortunately, the analog telephone adapter (ATA) is free.

The Bottom Line

  • Inexpensive for basic calling features - prices range between $14.95 and $24.95 for residential service.
  • The Business local plan costs $24.95 per month but only includes local calls. Long distance calls cost 1.9c/minute. This is an expensive plan.
  • Child company of the multi-level marketing company, 5LINX. This concerns us - do some Google searches!
  • TextAlertz service is a good way to quickly reach a contact base with promotional offers.

Overall Thoughts

We have some concerns about Globalinx, based on our research of this company on the Internet. The fact that it is owned by 5LINX, concerns us even more, perform some searches using Google and you will see why.

Regarding the actual services offered, pricing is reasonable though certainly not cheap. The feature set is a little basic, though the TextAlertz service is intriguing. The business plan is reasonably priced, until closer inspection reveals that it only includes local calling!

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