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Optimum Voice Review by WhichVoIP

Optimum Voice is a home VoIP service offered by Cablevision. Founded in 1973 as a cable television operator with just 1,500 Long Island customers, Cablevision now offers television, phone, and Internet services to millions of households and businesses in the New York metropolitan area. Cablevision also delivers news and information created specifically for the tri-state-area. Their VoIP phone service is offered alongside the TV and Online services.

The Good

Over 20 calling features are offered, including standard services such as caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, E911 support, free usage of 411, and three-way calling.

Every account includes the option to register for a unique homepage, which is essentially a user account manager that enables access to all supported calling features. Voicemail messages can be checked and sorted through the homepage. Users can also choose to receive push notifications regarding new messages via text and email.

Mobile use for iOS devices is supported through their App.

Call quality is considered stable and clear and on par or better than what is to be expected from landlines.

New accounts may keep existing phone numbers or register new ones.

A tutorial website is available with videos and documents pertaining to common questions about their services. 24 hour a day, 7 days a week live customer support is available through live chat via their website and a toll free line.

There are no activation or cancellation charges.

Technicians are available to install and wire the service at time of order and can even connect the service to existing home security systems.

The Bad

Service is only available as a packaged offering to Optimum Online customers. Both the Online and Voice services utilize a single router to access the internet.

The calling features offered are limited in scope and not particularly cost effective when compared to other VoIP providers. Plans also include a lower number of minutes for the price point than what may be found elsewhere.

Payment is required up front. If a user decides to cancel mid cycle, they will not necessarily receive a refund for the remainder of the month or for any unused, but previously paid for, service.

Calls to satellite phones are not supported.

The Bottom Line

Optimum Voice is rather expensive compared to other VoIP providers. The catch being that if purchased within the "Triple Play" package that includes Online and TV, each service will be offered at reduced price. This is typical of cable providers, however, this stipulation can significantly increase the monthly rate a customer may expect to pay when compared to standalone VoIP services.

  • World Call: ($19.95 per month) - Includes 250 minutes per month, which includes up to 30 minutes of calling to Cuba. Customers exceeding those limits will be automatically charged an additional $19.95 and receive a further 250 minutes and 30 minutes to Cuba. Customers who still exceed the second charge will have their international calling billed a per-minute rate that caps at $150 per month. After this $150 limit has been reached service will disconnect until the next billing cycle begins.
  • International Calling: (2 cents per minute) - This calling plan covers local, long distance, and international calls to 50 countries. Users can set personal monthly service limits to monitor call time and be notified when limits are being reached. Expect the price per minute to fluctuate depending on country.
  • International calling service is available to all Optimum Voice residential customers and can be activated via the web portal. Additional access number dialing is required for remote calling. Up to 5 access numbers can be supported.
  • Additional phone lines can be added for $14.95 more per month.
  • Expect to pay standard taxes, hardware rental, and administrative fees.

Overall Thoughts

For what is offered, Optimum Voice is quite expensive. It would be beneficial to browse similar services and compare features, prices, and international rates if looking to place calls beyond long distance. The biggest draw to this service resides in the ability for a single customer to bundle television, Internet, and phone service into a single package, allowing for discounts across all three services. For those who live in supported areas and simply looking for a VoIP service, other providers may be more cost effective.

Though Optimum Voice has limited user reviews, it's important to note that users have welcomed the service for its simplicity and clarity. For some customers the reliability and support inherently provided by a large cable operator may help offset the higher price point.

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