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The Internet is the digital birthing place of many businesses where some will go on to see great success, some will crash and others will simply tread water. Vestalink is one such company that has little to no reputation and seemingly just exists. This is not necessarily a horrible position as many great companies take several years to truly bloom. Keep in mind, major competitors in most markets emerge very quietly.

The Good

Residential voice consumers looking at an inexpensive VoIP service are ultimately seeking simplicity. Plug it in, turn it on and follow a few steps to get the ball rolling. This is exactly what Vestalink provides with their service.

Essentially, the end user connects to the service via an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), accommodating the use of an inexpensive, non-IP telephone. The Vestalink device can be purchased directly from while the company itself stands as the backend merchant for the product. After purchasing the device for a reasonable, average of $39.99, service can be activated from the Vestalink website. Note that before committing to a year of service, a 30-day trial with up to 60 minutes of allotted call time is available.

Different pricing packages are available depending on minutes required for monthly service. The least expensive plan is the Residential Lite plan at $69.99 a year. This includes a total of 500 minutes per month. The next two tiers, known as the Residential Basic and the Residential Plus, are priced at $79.99 and $89.99, respectively. The Basic plan allots a generous 2000 minutes per month while the Plus plan provides unlimited calling. Minutes included with each plan may be used for local or nationwide calling.

Though annual pricing is the main promotion (and may vary), each plan offers different payment options. Monthly, six month and two year options are available for each plan. Pricing varies among these options and as one can probably imagine, month-to-month is pricier compared to lengthier terms like the two-year plan.

Number porting is available to retain a valuable or sentimental phone number for $10 at signup. Keep in mind, for this process to work, an existing service cannot be canceled until this process is complete. The company also offers "Any Minutes" at different price points, depending on the amount required, for the sake of supplementing a plan with limited minutes. These minutes roll over indefinitely until consumed.

Android and iPhone mobile calling apps are available in addition to 25 plus other features.

The Bad

It is very difficult to find any kind of feedback on Vestalink. This is kind of a double-edged sword as it seems a bit like a deserted effort though this is not the case. However, most people are more inclined to leave negative feedback so the lack of feedback is not exactly awful.

The website is limited and seems a little lacking despite a nice, modern presentation. The bulk of the content is found on the main page with some additional information located on the site's few subpages. A decent support section is however available, as well as the few subpages for each plan's additional pricing options. This helps to answer potential questions not addressed on the main page

A lack of engagement on social media is another issue with the company that may weigh heavily on some yet, will not faze others. Vestalink tends to neglect both Twitter and Facebook for long periods and has very few supporters on these mediums. The company blog is much the same yet, it seems be getting more attention from staff in recent times (this review was written late January of 2015).

The Bottom Line

  • Low cost calling options starting at $69.99 a year for 500 nationwide calling minutes a month.
  • Unlimited nationwide calling for $89.99 a year.
  • Free email and chat support Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm
  • Flexible payment options. Anytime Minutes can be purchased a la carte and will not expire.
  • Several additional features such as voicemail transcription, SMS to landline (responses handled via email), a mobile application for Android and iOS plus several more.
  • Device is not free but is fairly inexpensive at $39.99.
  • No credit card is required for a full feature free trial.

Overall Thoughts

At first, the lack of buzz around Vestalink may seem a little daunting to a potential consumer. However, the company offers competitive pricing with transparent terms and conditions. It utilizes a regular analog phone so a hefty hardware investment is not required besides the OBi100 ATA device. Overall, it is great value in the residential VoIP market.

The company has rebranded in the short time it has been in business but overall it seems very solid. Though a few negative reviews can be uncovered after enough snooping, it should not be a concern. If looking for a simple home calling solution, Vestalink could be a great choice.

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