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ViaTalk Review by WhichVoIP

ViaTalk residential is a competitive VoIP service that offers a few unique features. Founded in 2003 as a division of, they are considered a stable and financially secure enterprise. They claim to strive for unparalleled customer service and high quality calls, as made possible by their fiber optic network.

The Good

ViaTalk offers around 40 features for subscribers. Standard features offered with the residential plan include voicemail, caller ID and call waiting. Premium features such as virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, and fax lines are also available.

They claim that their call quality is comparable to or better than traditional landlines.

Two phone lines are provided for the price of one with the standard residential plan, allowing users to receive or place calls on two separate lines simultaneously. The two-line configuration operates via two separate extensions that are universal across all ViaTalk provisioned devices. This is one of the biggest draws of the service compared to other providers.

ViaTalk is also supported on iPhone through their free iPhone app. Most account features can also be accessed through this app. However, it should be noted that the iOSapp has not been updated since 2009.

Technical support is available online and via a toll-free number. Live chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Toll free support is available between 9 am - 10 pm EST, Monday through Friday, and 10 am - 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Having support available at the weekends is great if you work long hours in the week. Not all providers include weekend support.

Adapter installation guides for their supplied adapters are also available through the website.

A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee is applicable to all new accounts. This is a great way to take their service for a test drive to see if it works for you. Note that any activation fees and shipping fees will not be refunded, as well as use of any of their premium services that incur additional charges.

The Bad

If service is cancelled prior to the end of a contract, pre-paid months will be refunded. However, a Disconnect fee of $49.95 will be charged per cancelled phone line. Users may be charged twice, as plans generally include two phone lines. If the provided hardware, such as a phone adapter, is not returned within 30 days of cancellation, a $50 Hardware Return fee will be charged. A range of fees will also be applied based on the condition of the adapter and its components upon return. Make sure you keep all the packaging, cables, power supply and adapter in good condition.

For the unlimited plan, customers are restricted to an expected maximum usage of 5,100 minutes a month. Though the plan is not truly unlimited, it includes more minutes than many other competitors' unlimited plans, which are typically capped at around 3,000 minutes. Overage fees are charged at 1.9c per minute used.

In user reviews the most common complaints are related to the aforementioned charges and a lack of awareness regarding cancellation fees and equipment return fees, as well as inconsistent service performance.

ViaTalk is not currently a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company and holds an F rating.

The Bottom Line

  • VT Unlimited plan - $15.75/mo: This plan offers unlimited minutes within the USA and Canada, and features such as Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting. This plan also comes with 60 international minutes to over 60 countries. A larger international calling package is available (VT World plan). This plan can also be purchased for $189 a year. While the yearly subscription rate equals the cost of the monthly plan (over 12 months), it currently comes with an additional year of free service, effectively halving the service cost over a period of two years.
  • VT World plan: For an additional $8.95 a month the VT World international calling package can be added to plans. This is ideal for customers that expect to exceed 60 international minutes a month. This add-on grants 1200 additional international minutes a month to 70 countries. Outbound calls to cell phones are supported in some countries.
  • VT BYOD plan: More technical savvy users also have the option to use their own hardware (adapter), saving the rental, and the shipping and handling fees of the supplied ViaTalk adapter. This plan is offered at the same rate of $15.75 a month.
  • ViaTalk frequently offers sales usually consisting of longer contracts at a reduced price per month.
  • Additional Fees: Regulatory fees as well as any applicable Federal, State or Local taxes will be added to the base price. These typically are in the region of $5 per month.

Overall Thoughts

In terms of features and minutes ViaTalk is a good provider for those looking for an alternative to their current residential phone plan. Prices are competitive and special promotions can further lower costs. The ability to have two unique phone lines is a major draw for the service, particularly for larger families, and the addition of mobile support is also enticing. However, it seems their service has declined in recent years, as noted by their lack of an updated phone app and declining review scores.

Read through our collection of user reviews to get a better picture of whether this option may be right for you.

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