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VoIP.ms Review by WhichVoIP

After a few years of experience in the Internet phone industry, the founders of VoIP.ms launched its North American wholesale termination service to the public in 2007. It has since grown to become a serious competitor in both the Canada and US markets, primarily due to its highly competitive wholesale pricing.

The Good

In the most basic sense, VoIP.ms sells VoIP phone service at wholesale rates to a large portion of Canada and also serves some locations in the US and South America. They offer flexible service options meaning it is possible to either connect devices to a hosted VoIP service or an entire PBX through SIP Trunking.

The pricing model works much the same as many other SIP providers in this market. Instead of purchasing a plan at a monthly rate, credit is added to an account. This credit applies to calls from any device(s) using the service. This essentially ensures that every dollar spent on service counts towards minutes unlike many phone providers that provide a set amount of minutes per month at a flat rate, regardless if fewer minutes are used. Further, credits never expire and no volume commitment is required.

Truly, only two different kinds of pricing models exist. Both offer by-the-minute pricing based on the destination of the call. The most popular model from VoIP.ms is the Value Plan at $0.0052 per minute for calls to Canadian Provinces and a flat rate of $0.01 to the US. The Premium Plan, which guarantees highest quality routes, runs at $0.01 per minute to anywhere in the US and Canada. International rates vary depending on the country called, though prices appear to be very competitive. If you plan to call a specific country frequently, make sure to check the pricing page for the premium routes.

The company does not resell any specific device but will function with most devices. You can choose any VoIP phone you like, an ATA for older analog phones or use a softphone like Bria or Zoiper. If you are connecting a PBX system such as 3CX, Elastix or any other popular phone system, you will find guides to properly configure the software for the VoIP.ms service within the Wiki found on their website.

Incoming calls are handled via a DID (Direct Inward Dial) or a toll-free number. Either number costs a couple of dollars per month and rates vary slightly per minute, usually between $0.005 and $0.01, depending on where the customer is located.

Several features are included with service and number porting is usually free, though a charge of $10 applies for some numbers or during certain times of the year. Customers simply connecting devices to the service (i.e. not connecting with a PBX) will have access to call forwarding, an IVR menu system, ring groups and a few other select features that a home or business may be interested in.

VoIP.ms has a Wiki dedicated to the support side of its service. In this Wiki you can learn all about device configuration for its service, the feature set, porting numbers and various other guides and documents. A ticket system exists for other forms of support along with a live chat, which has extended hours during week days.

The Bad

The site is a little "lo-fi" and may cause some potential customers to stray away simply because the luster does not match many sites found on the web today. However, the structure is quite sound and information is easy to find.

It may be a little unclear to some customers who are simply looking for a simple home or small business phone service, though the option is available. VoIP.ms is not presented the way many telecom services market their product so to those not well read on VoIP may not see it as a viable calling solution.

Rates are very reasonable but just be aware that if you go with standard rates, you may not be getting the best routes so voice quality could suffer. This is stated up front in its terms of service, and is worth a read. However, you can sign up for an account for free and start with a small credit so you can test the quality first before adding additional funds.

The Bottom Line

  • Powerful communication services - customers can connect multiple PBX systems or a single phone or softphone.
  • Rates to the US and Canada cost between $0.005 to $0.01 per minute.
  • Virtually any device on the market is supported by VoIP.ms including open platform softphones.
  • Most DIDs and Toll Free numbers cost between $1 and $2. Options to pay for DID plus a package of minutes which may be better for higher call volumes.
  • Some of the features include IVR menus, call forwarding, ring groups, free calling to VoIP.ms DIDs and true CNAM (Caller ID Name) pass-through, among others.

Overall Thoughts

If you live in an applicable service area, VoIP.ms is a good option to consider. Literally, every dollar spent counts towards phone calls and the rates for calls throughout the US and Canada are highly competitive. Similarly, if you make International calls, rates are decent and VoIP.ms has wholesale partnerships across the world.

Just be aware that some call routes may be poorer quality, so start with a small credit to test the routes you typically make calls to. If the quality is poor try the premium routes, which are still very reasonable.

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