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VoiPLy Review by WhichVoIP

Founded in 2012 and head quartered in Pittsburgh, PA, VoiPLy has been providing low cost phone service to over ten thousand residential and business customers.

The Good

VoiPLy has very competitive pricing for both residential and business phone service. Pricing on the residential side starts at $8.95 per month but can be reduced to $7.16 per month with their annual pre-pay plan. Its small business plan starts at $13.95 per month per user.

All plans have unlimited calling for the US, Canada and over 50 other countries. Outside the 50 countries, rates are very competitive and you can purchase International phone numbers starting at $4.95 per month.

Support is entirely based in the United States and 24/7. The system reliability is an impressive 99.999% due to its redundant architecture.

When you order your adapter on-line from VoiPLy it is free of charge and will arrive within 2 days. There is no setup fee and number porting is also free. On the business side, the basic work horse phone is also free but upgrade options are available for more advanced phones or WiFi cordless devices. The VoiPLy smart phone App is free to all customers so you can take your service on the road and it also supports SMS.

The residential and business services offer rich feature sets. The residential plan includes voicemail to email, 3 ways conferencing, caller ID and call waiting, in total over 20 included features. The business plans include over 50 features and adds features such as audio and video conferencing, ring groups, Internet fax and much more.

VoiPLy has some add-ons that may be useful such as the Nomorobo App to block nuisance Bot calls. They are continually updating this side of their business. Some noteworthy recent additions include wake-up calls, call queues, paging, upload call recordings, joke integrations as hold music, call queues and many others.

You can find a lot of really good support documentation in the form of articles and videos on their Website. This is always a good sign and allows the more technical customers to find solutions without needing to call VoiPLy each time.

The Bad

There are no Terms and Conditions on the VoiPLy website. Normally the T&Cs state things such as reasonable use policies with respect to unlimited minutes and other items such as preventing Telemarketing type services on their network. It is rather surprising this is not in plain view on their website.

The Bottom Line

  • Residential Plan: $8.95/month but as low as $7.16/month with the annual pre-pay option. Unlimited calling US, CAN and 50+ countries.
  • Business Plan: $13.95/month/user. Unlimited calling US, CAN and 50+ countries.
  • Free adapter (residential) and free phones (basic business phones).
  • Free setup and porting.

Overall Thoughts

VoiPLy offers great plans for both residential and small business customers. Pricing is very competitively priced against other providers in the market place and it has rich features sets. Unlimited calling for the US, Canada and over 50 countries is impressive and all customer support is 24/7 and resides in the United States. It really is a compelling offering.

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Voiply Impressed me with their ordering process

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#1 : JUL 13th, 2019 :

Recommended: Yes

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I ordered Voiply service in January. Phones arrived plug and play ready as I configured them with their online checkout. Our office has POE switches, we plug the phones in got power. The phones rebooted a couple of times. Chatting with a Voiply support specialist they confirmed this was the phones provisioning and all normal. Once the phones were provisioned we saw the names of the users on the phones. We had a simple call scenario with our 4 person office, made test calls, configured our voicemails. All worked as it should. Very impressed with how simple this setup was. Fill out everything online during checkout and your phones will come configured working as they should! Great job Voiply!

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