Internet Phone Service Reviews Comparison

To help you compare user ratings of multiple providers we offer the following two tools. Click on the links below to navigate to your tool of choice or try both by scrolling down.

  1. Home User Reviews Comparison Plot: View user review totals and average ratings for multiple providers in ONE plot.
  2. Side by Side Ratings Table: Compare average user ratings for up to 5 providers side by side.

Comparison Plot Tool

The following plot provides a visual summary of average user ratings versus the total number of user submitted internet phone service reviews for many popular residential providers listed on WhichVoIP. The user selectable options below allow you to customize your comparison. Choose different providers to view and which user rating to display. For more information on the graph and how to use it see the more detailed instructions below the graph.

Plot Tool Selectable Options

  • Option 1: Select user rating to compare (graph will update following selection):

Option 2: Select/deselect providers to compare using checkboxes below (graph will update after each selection). To read the user reviews for a specific provider click on the provider name below and you will be redirected to the appropriate page:

How to use the Internet Phone Service Reviews Comparison Plot Tool

With over 2,500 internet phone service reviews submitted by users on WhichVoIP it can be a little daunting to look through them. This comparison tool was created to help you quickly and easily view some of the more popular providers in our listings and their user ratings. When a user submits a review they select their rating of various aspects of their internet phone service, such as sound quality, reliability, customer service etc. You can select which rating you want to be displayed on the graph. See below for more useful tips:

Side by Side Ratings Comparison Tool

SELECT UP TO 5 PROVIDERS using the checkboxes below. This will update the side by side comparison table below the selection boxes. The ratings shown are averaged across all user ratings for each service aspect. Use the links in the table to access all user reviews for a provider of interest for further reading.

  • 1-VoIP
  • AxVoice
  • Callcentric
  • Comcast
  • iTalkBB
  • ITP
  • Lingo
  • MagicJack
  • Ooma
  • Phone Power
  • Skype
  • Teleblend
  • Viatalk
  • Voicepulse
  • VoIPgo
  • VoIPo
  • Vonage

Description ITP VoIPo
Number of User Reviews 92 102
Features (4.4) (3.9)
Reliability (4.2) (3.2)
Sound Quality (4.2) (3.6)
Customer Service (4.2) (3.5)
Value for Money (4.2) (3.7)
Recommended Percentage 79% 54%
Link to Reviews Page ITP Reviews VoIPo Reviews

Some Provider Comparisons

The below table includes a small selection of companies that we partner with based on their service and history in the VoIP industry.

Provider* Highlights Startup Reviews More Info
  • Save 53%+ on Your Phone Bill
  • Over 40 Included Features
  • Easy Setup & Free Adapter to Use
  • No Contract or Cancellation Fee
30-day Money Back 4.5

Read Reviews
  • Special: Limited Time Offer
  • No setup fees - US Based Support
  • Free Adapter, 50+ features
  • No Annual Prepay
No Cancel Fees 4.2

Read Reviews
  • Special: $149 for 2 Yr's service
  • Free 2nd line + Int'l mins
  • Free setup. No contract
  • 45+ features. US-based support
30-day Money Back 3.6

Read Reviews
  • Special: $75 per year!
  • Free hardware & activation
  • Money back guarantee
  • 30+ features
15-day Money Back 4

Read Reviews

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