Yealink IP Phones Comparison and Reviews

Yealink offers some very cost effective IP Phones. The entry level phones are some of the cheapest available on the market while still offering a full business-grade feature set. Although not as well known as some other vendors such as Cisco or Polycom, Yealink products offer a great value proposition and should be evaluated as part of your phone selection process.

Yealink logo

Instead of drowning you in the details of every single feature of these phones, we have looked at what the key unique features of each model are and how they are different. It is not immediately obvious what the differences are between models when you visit the Yealink site, so the following tables will give you a really good idea of which model you should select.

Display Information and SIP Accounts Comparison

For clarification, the number of SIP accounts that a phone can support refers to the total number of separate phone lines that can be used on the device.

Phone SIP Accounts Display
SIP-T19P IP 1 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T19P E2 1 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T21P E2 2 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T22P IP 3 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T23P IP 3 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T23G IP 3 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T26P IP 3 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T27P IP 6 3.66" 240x120-pixel LCD
SIP-T28P IP 6 320x160-pixel LCD
SIP-T29G IP 16 4.3" 480x272-pixel color
SIP-T32G IP 3 3" TFT-LCD, 262K colors
SIP-T38G IP 6 4.3" TFT-LCD, 480x272 pixel, 16.7M colors
SIP-T40P IP 3 2.3" 132x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T41P/S IP 6 2.7" 192x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T42G/S IP 12 2.7" 192x64-pixel LCD
SIP-T46G/S IP 16 4.3" 480x272-pixel color
SIP-T48G/S IP 16 7" 800x480-pixel color
W60P 8 2.4" 240x320-pixel color
SIP-T52S IP 12 2.8" 320x240-pixel color
SIP-T54S IP 16 4.3" 480x272-pixel color
SIP-T58V IP 16 7" 1024x600-pixel color

Ethernet and Expansion Module Comparison

Model Dual Ethernet Expansion Module
SIP-T19P IP FE No support
SIP-T19P E2 FE No support
SIP-T21P E2 FE No support
SIP-T22P IP FE No support
SIP-T23P IP FE No support
SIP-T23G IP GE No support
SIP-T26P IP FE EXP38/39 (up to 6)
SIP-T27P IP FE EXP20 (up to 6)
SIP-T28P IP FE EXP38/39 (up to 6)
SIP-T29G IP GE EXP20 (up to 6)
SIP-T32G IP GE No support
SIP-T38G IP GE EXP38/39 (up to 6)
SIP-T40P IP FE No support
SIP-T41P/S IP FE No support
SIP-T42G/S IP GE No support
W60P FE (x1) No support

Programmable and Line Key Comparison

Model Programmable Line
SIP-T19P E2 1
SIP-T21P E2 2 2
SIP-T22P IP 3 3
SIP-T23P IP 3 3
SIP-T23G IP 3 3
SIP-T26P IP 13 13
SIP-T27P IP 21 8
SIP-T28P IP 16 16
SIP-T29G IP 27 10
SIP-T32G IP 3 3
SIP-T38G IP 16 16
SIP-T40P IP 4 3
SIP-T41P/S IP 15 6
SIP-T42G/S IP 15 6
SIP-T46G/S IP 27 10
SIP-T48G/S IP 29 0
W60P 0 0
SIP-T52S IP 21 12
SIP-T54S IP 27 16
SIP-T58V IP 27 16

Bluetooth and USB Comparison

Model Bluetooth USB
SIP-T19P E2 No No
SIP-T21P E2 No No
SIP-T27P IP No Yes (mini)
SIP-T29G IP Yes (BT40) Yes
SIP-T46G/S IP Yes (BT40) Yes
SIP-T48G/S IP Yes (BT40) Yes
W60P No Yes
SIP-T52S IP Yes Yes
SIP-T54S IP Yes Yes
SIP-T58V IP Yes Yes

SIP-T1 Series

There is actually only one model available in this series, the SIP-T18P. It is a fairly basic one line phone that has interoperability with leading IP-PBX and soft switch developments and includes PoE and auto provisioning. This model is no longer available or supported by Yealink and is fully EOL (End Of Life). As a result the T1 series no longer exists.

Yealink SIP-T18P

SIP-T2 Series

These are popular models that are used with hosted VoIP solutions. The series consists of seven different models, all with similar features except for the number of lines available and the display type. The model numbers are SIP-T19P (IP and E2 versions), SIP-T20P (EOL), SIP-21P (E2), SIP-T22P, SIP-23G, SIP-23P, SIP-T26P, SIP-T27P, SIP-T28P and SIP-T29G. The available lines range from 2 to 6 depending on the model while the screen resolution ranges from a smaller 2.7" low resolution screen on the T20P to a high resolution, 4.3" inch display on the T29G. Expansion modules (EXP20 and EXP38) are only supported on the T26P, T27P, T28P and T29G.

Above (from left to right): SIP-T19P, SIP-T21P, SIP-T22P

Above (from left to right): SIP-T23P, SIP-T23G, SIP-T26P

Above (from left to right): SIP-T27P, SIP-T28P, SIP-T29G

SIP-T3 Series

The two options that are available in this series (T-32G & T-38G) both offer color displays and gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The higher end T-38G features a 4.3 inch screen and 6 lines while the T-32G features a slightly smaller 3 inch screen and 3 lines. Only the T38G will support an expansion module.

Above (from left to right): SIP-T32G, SIP-T38G

SIP-T4 Series

This series currently consists of five different phone models that are referred to as being Ultra-elegant. Upon closer inspection it is easy to see why as each of the models is highly customizable with an executive look and feel. Model numbers are SIP-T40P, SIP-T41P, SIP-T41S, SIP-T42G, SIP-T46G, SIP-T48G and SIP-T48S with the later three models both having large color displays and have expansion module support.

Above (from left to right): SIP-T40P, SIP-T41P, SIP-T42G

Above (from left to right): SIP-T46G, SIP-T48G/S

To compare all four series of Yealink IP phones, please visit the Comparison Chart on the Yealink website.

SIP-T5 Series

The T5 series currently consists of five different phone models that are referred to as smart media phones. The T5 series are all based on the Android operating system (currently 5.1.1) which provides a really nice user interface and some productivity enhancing Apps such as Email, Web browser, Recorder and more. The current models are as follows: SIP-T52S, SIP-T54S, SIP-T56A, SIP-T58A and SIP-T58V (full HD video phone). The T5 series also has a new Expansion module accessory, the EXP50 complete with a full color display.

Above: SIP-T58V and SIP-T54S

T49G and VP530 Video Phones

Yealink offers two video phones in the form of the recently released T49G and the older VP530. The T49G features a 8" 1280 x 800 capacitive (10 points) touch screen IPS LCD. The VP530 model features a color 800x400, digital LCD, 7 inch, touch-screen display.

Above (from left to right): SIP-T49G, VP530

DECT Phone

Yealink currently has 3 DECT phone system options, the W52P, W56P and W60P. This is a great option if you are looking for the cordless setup. A single base station can handle up to 5 cordless phones, which can be bought seperately to grow your system as needed. For more information on this device read our Yealink W60P review.

The W60P has an impressive indoor range of 50 meters with this range extending up 300 meters when outdoors.

Yealink IP DECT Phone

Conference Phone

There is currently only one IP Conferencing phone available from Yealink, the CP860. The CP860 is an affordable option with an aesthetically pleasing diamond body design that will look stylish in any confrencing room. It is targeted at the small to medum sized room, with the 3-array microphone boasting voice pickup with a 10 feet radius and 360 degree coverage. Optima HD voice quality provides crystal clear making this a solution definately worth considering. Read our Yealink CP860 Review to learn more.

Yealink CP860 Conference Phone

Yealink IP Phone Reviews

The following Yealink IP phone reviews are in chronological order:


Worst experience EVER

Overall rating (1)

#4 : MAR 15th, 2021 : Ashley


We have had Spectrum and AT&T try to set up our phone with no luck and no way to contact Yealink after we spent over $7,000. Never again, we want our money back.


The big screen is awesome

Overall rating (4)

#3 : MAY 12th, 2016 : Jack


The best part of this phone is the screen. I don't use the video at all but the huge touch screen is awesome. Looks great on my desk too!


Very Pleased!

Overall rating (5)

#2 : APR 4th, 2013 : Kevin


We've purchased a whole office of yealink phones and a Yeastar MyPBX phone system. I did a lot of research. The phones are easy to configure and connect to the system. They work very well. Lots of featurs, great operability. Very reliable. I highly recommend Yealink and Yeastar products.


Yealink T-22

Overall rating (5)

#1 : DEC 12th, 2012 : Penn


I am happy with the performance of my Yealink T-22. For me, a relatively active phone user (inbound sales), I found the characters and placement of the information on the LCD screen to be well placed and easy to read. It is easy for me to handle multiple calls, put one on hold, pick up another and transfer...etc. I also like the ability to easily toggle through missed calls. Buttons have good feel and handset has a good weight in my hand.


Disclaimer: The opinions, views and ratings expressed in these reviews are those solely of the reviewer who submitted the review. WhichVoIP does not necessarily agree with any of the expressed opinions, view or ratings.

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