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Snom IP phones are suitable for a number of different use cases ranging from individual home office type environments to larger enterprises. They are compatible with most VoIP service providers that offer hosted VoIP solutions, IP PBX premise solutions and unified communications solutions. There are three main series which are listed as follows:

7xx Series

This series consists of three different models which are the 710, the 720 and the 760. The 710 is the base model in this series and is a 4 line phone with programmable function keys. The next level up is the 12 line, model 720 phone which introduces gigabit Ethernet switching and increases the available programmable function keys from 5 to 18. The highest end model in this series is the 760 which is similar to the 720 but includes a 3.5" color display, adds two USB ports (type A), and reduces the number of programmable function keys to 16.

3xx Series

There are also three options available in this series with these being the 300, 320 and 370 models. These are more basic models than the higher end 7xx series. The 300 is the lower end model and features up to 4 lines while also offering 6 programmable function keys. The display is a comparatively small 2x16 character, 2 line display. The 320 has a slightly larger 2x24 character, 2 line tiltable display and also increases the number of programmable function keys to 12. In addition the 320 adds a full duplex speakerphone and increases the available number of lines to 12 when compared to the 300. The 370 features a much larger 240x128 pixels graphical display. Both the 300 and 370 have unified communications editions that are officially qualified for Microsoft Lync.

8xx Series

The 821 and 870 models are both the newest and highest end phones that Snom currently offers. The 821 features a high resolution, 3.5" TFT color display and can support up to 12 lines with gigabit Ethernet switching. The 870 is the highest end model available and features a 4.3", color, touch screen display.

For more details on the above models, please visit their website directly.

MeetingPoint Conference Phone

Snom offers one model of conference phone that is called the MeetingPoint. You can find out more about this model here.

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