Aastra IP Phones

Aastra offers a number of different phone options. The 6700 and 9000i series are SIP based and can be used with the majority of hosted VoIP solutions while the 7400i and 4400i series are specifically for use with their business phone systems.

6700 Series

These are enterprise-grade SIP phones that offer interoperability with major IP telephony platforms. There are eight different models in the series with each having either six or nine lines. The model numbers are 6730i, 6731i, 6735i, 6737i, 6739i (5.7" color touch screen display), 6753i, 6755i and 6757i. The 3735i, 6737i and 6739i models also offer 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connectivity while the other models offer only 10/100 Mbps speeds.

9000i Series

Lower priced SIP phone options that still offer enterprise grade features. There are two models available (9143i and 9480i) with the main difference being that the 9480i model offers a 3.5" backlit display.

To compare the 6700 series and the 9000i series in detail, please review their specifications link.

7400i Series

This series works with Aastra business phone systems. The series consists of four different models which are the 7433ip, 7434ip, 7444ip and 7446ip

4400i Series Dialog Phones

Also for use with the Aastra business phone systems. Three different models are available ranging from the lower end 4420ip, to the mid range 4422ip and the high end 4425ip.

Aastra IP Phone Reviews

The following Aastra IP phone reviews are in chronological order:


No problems

Overall rating (5)

#2 : SEP 19th, 2012 : Kevin


Nice voice quality. No problems.


Good economical phones

Overall rating (4)

#1 : SEP 19th, 2012 : Keith


Good economical phones and easy to program anmd set up!


Disclaimer: The opinions, views and ratings expressed in these reviews are those solely of the reviewer who submitted the review. WhichVoIP does not necessarily agree with any of the expressed opinions, view or ratings.

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