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Digium IP phones are designed for exclusive use with the Asterisk open source communication software, and the Digium Switchvox business phone system solution. Setup and provisioning of their phone system is easy, along with Asterisk and AsteriskNOW. The phones offer integration with Asterisk features and allow custom phone apps to be built using a simple JavaScript API.

There are three different models to choose from consisting of the D40, D50 and D70. The major differences in these models are that the D40 offers 2 lines and 4 feature keys, the D50 offers 4 lines and 6 feature keys, while the D70 offers 6 lines, 10 features keys, a slightly larger 4.5" display and 1000Mbps Ethernet connectivity.

The three models are targeted at different use cases that range from entry level to executive level, and are also available in bundles. The D40 is considered the entry level phone and is designed for any employee in a company. The D40 is the mid-level model that introduces busy lamp field (BLF) and rapid dial keys. The D70 is the executive level model that is the most feature rich and popular with executives and administrators that need to manage up to 100 contacts.

Digium does not currently offer any conference or video phones.

For more details and to compare the Digium IP Phones in detail, please review this Comparison Chart offered at their website.

Digium IP Phone Reviews

The following Digium IP phone reviews are in chronological order:


Would Buy Again

Overall rating (5)

#2 : NOV 17th, 2013 : Craig


We have a few of these sets - easy to setup, amazing functionality, completely compatible with Switchvox. Love these sets. Can't wait to buy more.


Very good

Overall rating (5)

#1 : SEP 19th, 2012 : Steve


Very good phone system with all features that companies require and very good service.


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