Polycom IP Phones Comparison and Reviews

Polycom offers a wide selection of IP phones at affordable prices to any business. As with other IP phone suppliers, the models typically increase in price based on the number of lines and type of display that a particular model offers. While features remain similar across most models, there is some variance which makes it important to understand what features are critical to your different business functions and which phones offer these features.

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Polycom Phone Comparison

Polycom Soundpoint IP Phone Display and Line Comparison

Phone Model Phone Lines Display
IP321 2 102x33-pixel LCD
IP331 2 102x33-pixel LCD
IP335 2 102x33-pixel LCD
IP450 3 256x116-pixel LCD
IP550 4 320x160-pixel LCD
IP560 6 320x160-pixel LCD
IP650 6 320x160-pixel LCD
IP670 6 320x160-pixel LCD

Polycom VVX Business Media Phone Display and Line Comparison

Phone Model Phone Lines Display
VVX300 6 208x104-pixel Backlit LCD
VVX301 6 208x104-pixel Backlit LCD
VVX310 6 208x104-pixel Backlit LCD
VVX311 6 208x104-pixel Backlit LCD
VVX400 12 3.5" 320x240-pixel color
VVX401 12 3.5" 320x240-pixel color
VVX410 12 3.5" 320x240-pixel color
VVX411 12 3.5" 320x240-pixel color
VVX500 12 3.5" 320x240-pixel color touch screen
VVX501 12 3.5" 320x240-pixel color touch screen
VVX600 16 4.3" 480x272-pixel color touch screen
VVX601 16 4.3" 480x272-pixel color touch screen
VVX1500 24 7" TFT LCD color touch screen
VVX1500 D 24 7" TFT LCD color touch screen

The VVX500, VVX501, VVX600 and VVX610 will support video calling when used in conjuction with the VVX camera accessory.

The VVX1500 and VVX1500 D include built-in video.

Polycom Soundpoint and VVX Ethernet and Expansion Module Comparison

Model Ethernet Ports Expansion Module
IP321 1 x 10/100 No support
IP331 2 x 10/100 No support
IP335 2 x 10/100 No support
IP450 2 x 10/100 No support
IP550 2 x 10/100 No support
IP560 2 x 10/100/1000 No support
IP650 2 x 10/100 IP 650 modules (up to 3)
IP670 2 x 10/100/1000 IP 650 modules (up to 3)
VVX300 2 x 10/100 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX301 2 x 10/100 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX310 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX311 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX400 2 x 10/100 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX401 2 x 10/100 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX410 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX411 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX500 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX501 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX600 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX601 2 x 10/100/1000 VVX Paper or Color modules (up to 3)
VVX1500 2 x 10/100/1000 No support
VVX1500 D 2 x 10/100/1000 No support

Polycom Soundpoint and VVX Bluetooth and USB Comparison

Model Bluetooth USB
IP321 No support No support
IP331 No support No support
IP335 No support No support
IP450 No support No support
IP550 No support No support
IP560 No support No support
IP650 No support Yes (1 Port)
IP670 No support No support
VVX300 No support No support
VVX301 No support No support
VVX310 No support No support
VVX311 No support No support
VVX400 No support No support
VVX401 No support Yes (2 Ports)
VVX410 No support No support
VVX411 No support Yes (2 Ports)
VVX500 No support No support
VVX501 No support No support
VVX600 Yes Yes (2 Ports)
VVX601 Yes Yes (2 Ports)
VVX1500 No support Yes (1 Port)
VVX1500 D No support Yes (1 Port)

SoundPoint IP Series

Every SoundPoint model offers enterprise-grade features. All models support Power over Ethernet (PoE). Some models do not support Microsoft Lync (OCS) and not all have a USB connector. Sidecar expansion models are available to increase the call handling capacity of attendants, but these are only supported with the 650 and 670 models. Any SoundPoint model is a great choice for a hosted VoIP solution. For more details follow this SoundPoint IP series link or check out our Polycom IP335 phone review or IP550 review.

VVX Business Media Phones

The VVX series integrate into a wide range of unified communications environments and offer a high quality audio and video experience. These are effectively video phones with screen sizes up to 7 inches. Some lower end models (500 and 600 models) in this series do however require an additional camera accessory. Broad interoperability with leading hosted and premises-based IP PBX and SIP or H.323 video systems. For more details follow this link.

Check out our Polycom VVX300 phone review.

To compare SoundPoint and VVX series phones please visit this Comparison Chart offered by Polycom.

Conference Phones

Polycom offers a number of different conferencing phone models that are perfect for meeting rooms. The most popular models for a hosted VoIP solution are typically the 5000, 6000 or 7000 models. For more details follow this link.

Polycom IP Phone Reviews

The following Polycom IP phone reviews are in chronological order:


Decent sound quality

Overall rating (4)

#11 : OCT 1st, 2015 : Jim


The sound quality for this phone is very good. Also like that for a low price I have access to 6 sip lines.


Everything you need and more

Overall rating (5)

#10 : FEB 7th, 2014 : Darren


Everything about this phone is amazing. The HD voice is so clear it is almost clearer than an in person conversation. Love the 12 programmable lines. Works excellent with FreePBX.


Really terrific phone. Clarity is crystal clear.

Overall rating (5)

#9 : NOV 1st, 2013 : Mike


This phone handles all of our day to day needs. Speakerphone quality is as good as a corded phone call. Very flexible unit. Has a great LCD screen to display lots of information.


Good, but limited

Overall rating (4)

#8 : SEP 21st, 2013 : Alex


Sound and voice quality is very good. Options and some functions are limited, i.e. few ring tones available, saving/ labeling contacts is somewhat complicated.


Cheap phone that works well

Overall rating (5)

#7 : MAR 22nd, 2013 : Jose


No complaints with this phone. It has all the features you would expect from a phone that costs under $100. Really don't see much difference between this model and others that cost a lot more so if only need one or two lines this phone is as good as any other and I also like the look and feel of the Polycom phones.


Polycom does not deserve its reputation

Overall rating (2)

#6 : MAR 12th, 2013 : Doug


Not able to test-drive a VOIP phone, I chose Polycom on basis of features, price, and reputation. 9 months later, I'm fed up with the call-handling features, and the inability to see phone numbers dialing in or phone numbers for messages (I get those anyway from my online PBX or the downloadable desktop manager from my IP carrier--Jive). The IP335 is presented as a 3-line display but only 2 lines carry call data; the 3rd line is soft buttons. The display problem is call data being presented overruns the display window with the phone number being the last digits on the right--and cut off from view. Call handling features are just nuts. All the Polycom VOIP phones have tiny displays except for top-of-line. I plan to switch to Panasonic.


Video Calling is a Plus!! HD is Fantastic

Overall rating (5)

#5 : SEP 20th, 2012 : Harry


Have had 3 different VoIP Phones all on a Broadsoft Platform. HD Voice was the first feature which was a major improvement over former Analog, Digital and VoIP phones I have used over last 20 years. The Video Phone i have used for two years and I love it. Setting up the proper time zones ia a pain but now AOK


Easy set-up, Great HD voice quality, and Clear function cont

Overall rating (4)

#4 : SEP 19th, 2012 : Drew


Pro: The Polycom IP series of phones are the industry standard using the open SIP protocols. The IP450-HD is easily configured & supported from remote locations. Plus the fact it is integrated with all of Broadsoft' features & functions such as enterprise directories, BLF, and SCA registration. For my money there are no "Cons" for this solid everyday work phone.


Good phone with good sound quality and features

Overall rating (4)

#3 : SEP 19th, 2012 : Dale


The phone has the ability to provide 4 lines although I use only one. The other features of the phone exceed what I need but those I have used are easy to access and to use. Sound quality is good however the one "con" I can think of is that the hand receiver needs to be held just right for best sound quality, i.e. holding on your shoulder puts the microphone in a less the optimum sound position. As I use the speaker phone generally this is not a problem for me.


This model fails often.

Overall rating (2)

#2 : SEP 19th, 2012 : Derek


We have had to initiate RMAs on multiple phones under 6 months old. Out of 13 phones, 6 have been sent back because they were either DOA, or have had power issues. These phones are used in a clean, office environment and fail like no other manufacturers' phones we have ever used (Toshiba, Panasonic, Nortel, Cisco).


IP550 setup

Overall rating (4)

#1 : SEP 12th, 2012 : John


Just switched over to this new IP550 from Polycom. Was using ATA before that. Very simple to get this setup and running. A quick update of the MAC address in our VoIP provider config menu followed by a reboot and it was up and running perfectly. The phone has fairly basic features but does make using the full complement of available features (offered by our VoIP provider) a lot easier. The Cisco phones that I have used in the past are a bit fancier with more features but they were also more expensive and more higher end than this one so not really a fair comparison. Overall pretty happy and most importantly, hands-free speaker is very clear and loud.


Disclaimer: The opinions, views and ratings expressed in these reviews are those solely of the reviewer who submitted the review. WhichVoIP does not necessarily agree with any of the expressed opinions, view or ratings.

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