Panasonic IP Phones

Panasonic offers a number of different phone series and models as part of their unified communications portfolio. This overview will focus on the models that are compatible with some hosted VoIP services.

Phones for Hosted Business VoIP

Panasonic offers two series of phones that can be used with hosted VoIP solutions.

Phones for Panasonic Cloud Services

The KX-TGP551 consists of a corded handset base unit and one cordless handset similar to the KX-TGP550. The major difference is that this phone solution will only work with the Panasonic Cloud Phone Service which requires a monthly subscription fee.

Panasonic also offers the NT series of IP phones that are compatible with Panasonic business phone systems.

Panasonic Business Phone Systems

The NT series of IP phones are compatible with Panasonic business phone systems. This series can be summarized as follows:

Most models are available in either black of white.

Panasonic IP Phone Reviews

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