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WhichVoIP.com Ringcentral Review

Ringcentral is located in San Mateo, California and is a publicly traded company on the NYSE (ticker symbol RNG). Founded in 2003, the core focus is on providing professional cloud based business communication. At this time of writing, Ringcentral has over 300,000 customers.

The Good

Ringcentral owns its own hardware and software platform, rather than licensing from another company, and handles over 10 billion minutes per year. It also has architected its system for N+1 redundancy and geographic diversity. This has helped achieve 5-nines availability (i.e. 99.999% up-time). Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are provided to customers, which highlights the confidence levels it has for its service.

Continuous Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring is provided through the RingQuality Active Assurance toolset. This tests QoS parameters such as packet loss, jitter and MOS scores on an ongoing basis, so it can pro-actively find any issues that customers may be experiencing.

Plans are aggressively priced, especially for larger businesses, and a 30 day trial is available for up to 4 lines. All Office plans have unlimited calling and rather surprisingly they do not set an upper limit, though the terms and conditions do stipulate that this is monitored for irregular use and is at risk of termination should it be abused.

There are also Professional plans available aimed at smaller businesses and entrepreneurs with minimal calling needs. These plans are metered (e.g. 1000 minutes) and include a few phone extensions along with a main number.

The feature set is rich, with additional features being added regularly. Some standout features are as follows:

  • HD video meetings for the enterprise plan (up to 25 attendees).
  • Web and audio conferencing (up to 1000 attendees).
  • Business grade SMS.
  • Automatic call recording which is great for monitoring and training new staff. Only for premium and enterprise plans.
  • Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Take your business phone system on the road.
  • Outlook and SFDC integration for premium and enterprise plans. For example, automatically show a customer's details on your screen when they call.
  • Presence. Determine the status of a person (e.g. available, busy or hold) before calling them.
  • Internet fax.

Customer support is available 24/7 for all customers that have two or more users. For single user customers, support hours are less but still extensive. A large section on its website is dedicated to support, covering the most common support related topics.

IP phones from leading vendors are available at subsidized rates and can also be rented, which may be of interest to those that like to always keep up to date with the latest technology.

Number porting seems to be very reasonable and if you leave Ringcentral you can port your local or toll free numbers from them free of charge.

The Bad

The pricing, as indicated, is very competitive but this assumes a one year contract and pre-paid in advance. If you instead sign up on a month-to-month basis the price jump can be significant (e.g. over 20%), depending on the number of users. All plans, both annual and monthly, must be paid for in advance rather than arrears and delinquent accounts can be charged up to 18% interest per annum.

If you need to use a regular fax machine instead of relying on Internet fax service, you need to pay for a dedicated line for fax service and use an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).

Ringcentral makes no obligation to store voicemails, faxes or calling logs for extended periods of time so make sure you perform backups if this is needed.

When you sign up for service, you will automatically receive promotional material, though you can unsubscribe. Also, your company may be identified in marketing material as being a user of its service.

Finally, there are some interesting notes in the legal terms and conditions regarding disparaging remarks against Ringcentral. It is basically prohibited to do this via social media or elsewhere on the Internet, and service termination could occur. We have not come across this before, so it is worth noting.

Industry Awards

  • American Business Awards Bronze Stevie Award winner for Customer Service Team of the Year (2015)
  • Internet Telephony TMC Labs Innovation Award (2014).
  • TMC customer magazine CRM excellence award (2014).
  • TMC Unified Communications Product of the Year Award (2014).
  • TMC Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award (2014).
  • Global Business Excellence Award.
  • The Big Idea Award 2014 (from the International Business Forum's Venture Capital Investing Conference).
  • The Cloud Innovation World Cup Award for ICT Business Services.

The Bottom Line

  • Office Standard (2-19 users) under contract : From $24.99/month/user. Jumps to $29.99 when no contract in place.
  • Office Premium (2-19 users) under contract : From $34.99/month/user. Jumps to $39.99 when no contract in place. Adds on Salesforce integration and automatic call recording.
  • Office Enterprise (20-99 users) under contract : From $44.99/month/user. Jumps to $49.99 when no contract in place. Adds on HD video conferencing and online meetings.
  • Professional Pro : $9.99/month. 300 minutes, 2 extensions.
  • Professional ProPlus : $19.99/month. 1000 minutes, 5 extensions.
  • Professional ProPower : $24.99/month. 2000 minutes, 10 extensions.

Overall Thoughts

The Ringcentral service really is impressive. It caters for businesses of all sizes, and is reasonably priced. Just be careful when you look at pricing as the really low pricing usually requires a one year contract to be signed.

The feature set is rich, especially for the more advanced plans where full HD video conferencing is included, along with productivity enhancing plugins such as Outlook and Salesforce.

It really sets itself apart when it comes to QoS and SLAs. This is because of the way the platform has been designed, with built-in redundancy ensuring a 5-nines uptime, meaning less frustration for its customers.

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Author: Andy Forgrieve


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