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Global VoIP Trends in 2014

VoIP is the Future of Global Telecommunications

The capabilities and cost saving advantages of VoIP over traditional telecom are driving its rapid acceptance as the new standard for voice communications. However, unlike past technological advancements, VoIP is seeing growth not only in advanced economies or specific sectors, but on an international scale. In fact, some of the fastest growing regions are those that traditionally have had less developed infrastructures. So where is this hot industry growing the fastest, and where is it facing resistance? We have crunched the numbers to get a truly global picture of the bright future of VoIP.

Global VoIP trends

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Current Trends and Forecasts

Here are some high level global VoIP trends in 2013 and forecasts of where VoIP is going in 2014:

VoIP Trends and Profiles by Country

United States







Resistance to VoIP Growth

The following countries have debated, or have implemented, bans on VoIP or OTT in order to curtail free speech or protect native telecom industries:


The future of VoIP is international. As growth continues the acceptance and promotion of VoIP technologies by both governments and telecom companies, will play a major role in determining which countries and regions will lead the revolution, reaping the benefits of advanced telecom networks, and which will be left in the digital dust.

Author: Mike Bragg

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WhichVoIP Visitor Comments

#1 : Posted by Seb on September 1st, 2014:

Excellent article and info-graphics. However, I have two questions. Firstly, I would like to know how do you measure the number of users, is it only subscribers, subscribers per household, unique users or number of devices connected. Secondly, I was wondering if there is a website that I can visit to obtain the latest information about number of subscribers and the largest markets for VOIP.

-> Response: I tend to look at subscribers as anyone that has subscribed to a VoIP service. So if I have VoIP at home with a provider and also use my mobile voip app with that same provider that is still 1 subscriber as 1 service and 1 account. Likewise if my wife uses it, it is still subscribed to the same provider. However, people have different opinions on this so it is tough to give a right or wrong answer here, in all honesty.
Regarding research, there are many places but we tend to take note of PRs released from companies such as Infonetics.


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