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VoIP Service Providers - Find the Best with Comparisons and Reviews

The following are a small sample of the over 200+ service providers that are featured on WhichVoIP that either focus on home and/or business markets:

What is VoIP and Why Use it?

  • VoIP phone service is a method of making phone calls over a high-speed internet connection (such as DSL/cable) instead of a regular telephone line.
  • VoIP service providers are the companies that route your phone calls resulting in savings of up to 80% when compared to a regular phone line.
  • Start saving today and take advantage of all the great service features that VoIP offers such as unlimited calling within the U.S and Canada, and voicemail to email.

Business Phone Service - VoIP Service Providers Comparison - Everything You Need to Make the Right Choice

Business Providers Comparison Table Ads (USA) Full Feature Comparison >>
Provider $/month Provider Highlights FREE Setup Minutes * User Reviews Details
  • 40+ Built-in Features
  • In-house Customer and Tech Support
  • Reliability of the Vonage Cloud
YES Unlimited (4.3)
109 Reviews
  • Trusted by 300,000+ businesses
  • Unlimited Voice, Fax, Text, Conferencing
  • Risk Free - 30-Days Free Trial!
YES Unlimited (4.3)
175 Reviews
  • #1 VoIP Provider by Frost & Sullivan
  • Includes online softphone & mobile app
YES Unlimited (4.1)
74 Reviews
  • 40+ Features, Including Free Video CRM
  • Use any Bandwidth and Phones
  • Salesforce AppExchange Partner
YES 2.9c/min (4.9)
3 Reviews
  • Amazing service
  • A top rated provider
  • #1 in customer satisfaction
YES Unlimited (4.5)
184 Reviews
  • Free Phones with sign-up
  • No Contract, No Commitment
  • USA Based Customer Support
YES Unlimited (4.9)
11 Reviews

* Most providers include an upper limit on minutes for their unlimited plans as part of a reasonable usage policy in their T&Cs.

Follow our 5 Step Guide to Finding the Right VoIP Phone Service for your Business

  1. Knowledge Base: Satisfy any questions you might have with our comprehensive FAQ's, guides and articles. Learn more about the many business phone features that can help increase business productivity. Access the business articles section for additional reading.
  2. Feature Comparison: One great advantage of VoIP phone service is the abundant features included. Use our comprehensive feature comparison tool to compare VoIP service providers and ensure you get the features you need at the cheapest price.
  3. User Reviews: Browse over 1,100 user submitted business service reviews. Easily compare reviews in one easy to read graph with our review comparison tool. You can also view a graphical history of user submitted reviews for each provider in our database.
  4. Pricing and Provider Comparison: Use our comparison tables to quickly match up popular providers. Use our price tool to get a real-time estimated price for the number of lines you require. To get pricing information that is customized to your needs and to compare quotes from multiple providers, complete our simple quote request form on the right.
  5. VoIP Equipment: Businesses may also want to purchase phones, routers or other VoIP equipment to get the best out of their VoIP phone service. These are often available at discounted rates directly from VoIP service providers.

Other Popular Services - If an Internet Fax service is not included with your phone service plan, or if the package rates are too high, review our Internet Fax service section.

VoIP for your Business: Set-Up Example

Setting up your phone system with VoIP for your business is very straight forward. The diagram opposite illustrates a typical business set-up. The IP phones are connected directly to your existing high-speed internet connection using Ethernet cables. If you do not have IP phones the provider typically offers them at a discount. The next step is to configure your phone service via the VoIP service providers web portal, allowing you to instantly get set-up and using your service.

For additional information on VoIP phone service for your business, please continue reading at our main business section.

Typical business VoIP service providers set-up

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Recent Business User Reviews

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  • MAY 21st, 2015 by Scott

  • SOUNDCURVE : (5)
  • MAY 19th, 2015 by Dan

  • SOUNDCURVE : (5)
  • MAY 18th, 2015 by Brian

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Recent Testimonial

Within minutes of filling out the submission form I was being contacted by 3 providers. By 24 hours later we were close to choosing a winner. The process was quick and easy and we found a solution that works for our business. I would absolutely use WhichVOIP again.
Dorota (Partner), Confluence

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Home Phone Service - VoIP Service Providers Comparison - Everything you Need to Make the Right Choice

Residential Providers Comparison Table Ads (USA) Home Phone Rates Tool >>
Provider $/month Provider Highlights FREE Setup Minutes * User Reviews Details
  • No setup fees
  • Free equipment
  • No prepay or contracts
YES Unlimited (4.4)
83 Reviews
  • Free 2nd line + Int'l mins
  • Free setup. No contract
  • 45+ features. US-based support
YES Unlimited (4)
82 Reviews
per min
  • Simple pay per call option
  • No setup or activation fees
  • No long term contract
  • Plans start at $0 between members
YES Pay per call or Unlimited (4.5)
40 Reviews
  • Free hardware & activation
  • Money back guarantee
  • 30+ features
YES Unlimited (4.4)
27 Reviews
  • Over 40 Included Features
  • Easy Setup & Free Adapter to Use
  • No Contract or Cancellation Fee
YES Unlimited (4.4)
129 Reviews
  • Free 2nd line & 60 Int'l min/mo
  • No setup fees, free activation
  • Feature rich, no contract
YES Unlimited (4.3)
239 Reviews
  • WhichVoIP users: BONUS Offer!
  • Free: Transfer Your Existing Number
  • #1 - Award Winning Service & Quality
YES Unlimited (3.1)
345 Reviews

* Most providers include an upper limit on minutes for their unlimited plans as part of a reasonable usage policy in their T&Cs.

A Buyer's Guide to VoIP Phone Service for your Home

This is a step-by-step guide to help interested parties understand voice over IP, identify the best solution and ultimately get started:

  1. Get Educated: Internet calling service is somewhat self explanatory as to how it works, and primarily having a stable high speed internet connection is enough to ensure a good quality of service resulting in crisp and clear phone calls. For those that want to understand more details, start by reading the what is VoIP guide. If more information is then required, we suggest searching our FAQ, Features guide, and Dictionary pages.
  2. Check your Internet Connection: If you already have a high speed connection to the internet, it is highly likely that your network can already support voice calls. There are however instances where a poor connection exists and it is necessary to upgrade. As such, it is critical that a VoIP speed test is run to confirm that the necessary support exists. Taking a minute or two to run the WhichVoIP.com speed test is time well spent as most complaints occur as a result of a poor internet connection.
  3. Read User Opinions: Our review directory contains thousands of user submitted reviews for residential providers. There are hundreds of different VoIP phone service providers listed including popular options such as Phonepower, Vonage, MagicJack and Ooma. Read comparisons, user opinions and ratings for different service providers to assist in finding the best solution.
  4. Compare Options: There are hundreds of VoIP service providers to choose from making the selection process difficult. The comparison tables shown on this page compare some of the most popular options for cheap VoIP home phone service. These tables allow you to quickly access pricing information, user submitted opinions of services, and what are often special discounted rates.

VoIP for your Home: Set-Up Example

Setting up VoIP phone service in your home is as easy as A-B-C. See the typical home set-up example below. Connect your existing phone (A) to the telephone adapter (B) using your regular phone cable. Note that the adapter is often provided free (leased) by VoIP providers. Then connect the adapter (B) to your internet connection (C). An Ethernet cable is used for this connection as typically plugs into your router or modem, depending on your internet set-up. View our set-up page for more detailed options.

Typical VoIP phone service set-up in the home

For additional information on VoIP phone service for your home, please continue reading at our main home phone service section.

International and Mobile Information

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Home VoIP Resources

Recent Home User Reviews

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  • MAY 21st, 2015 by Lisa

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  • MAY 8th, 2015 by John

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  • APR 30th, 2015 by Kjn

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Recent Testimonials

Very good website that was VERY helpful. Ability to compare many options and clear explanations.
Bruce, Washington

Having everything in one place made it little effort for me to choose a provider.
Richard, Pennsylvania

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