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WildBlue Communications is an Internet service provider that uses satellite based communications to deliver its service. It was actually acquired by ViaSat in 2009, primarily as a means of going after the residential market. Available in all 50 states, this type of satellite based communication can be great for people in remote areas where Internet options are limited. The actual brand name for the Wildblue service is called Exede. The ViaSat-1 satellite was launched in October 2011. The ViaSat-2 is due to launch in 2016.

For additional background information on satellite service take a look at our article on VoIP over satellite service.

The Good

It is estimated that less than 25% of people in remote areas of the United States have access to the Internet. Satellite Internet from Wildblue helps address this problem. Pricing is reasonable, and really not too much higher than other technologies such as Cable and DSL, at least for the lower-end plans ($49.99/month).

WildBlue offers three tiers, the Liberty12 (12GB of data), Liberty18 (18GB of data) and the Freedom package (150GB of data). Each has a speed of up to 12 Mbps although for $10 more per month this jumps to 25 Mbps. Upload speeds for all packages are 3 Mbps. If you reach your data limit, the speed drops significantly (1 to 5 Mbps) but at least your Internet access continues.

Every account offers up to 10 email addresses, each providing up to 10GB of data storage for emails.

The Bad

When you sign up for service, you are locking yourself into a 24 month term. This is worth noting as many companies offer month to month contracts these days, although to be fair to WildBlue, the installation can often take up to 3 hours so some financial protection must be made.

The data allowance resets every month so no data is carried over. On the plus side, when you reach your allowance, no additional charges occur. Your speed of service is greatly reduced but your bill will not change, unless you add additional data of course.

Exede Voice is WildBlue's VoIP offering. We always have concerns with VoIP over satellite, as detailed in the article at the top of this review. However, WildBlue stands by its voice offering. Unfortunately it is expensive when compared with other VoIP providers you may see on our site. On the plus side, the voice traffic is not used against your data allowance.

The Bottom Line

  • Liberty12: $49.99/month. 12 Mb/s downlink, 3 Mb/s uplink. 12GB data allowance.
  • Liberty18: $69.99/month. 12 Mb/s downlink, 3 Mb/s uplink. 18GB data allowance.
  • Liberty Freedom: $99.99/month. 12 Mb/s downlink, 3 Mb/s uplink. 150GB data allowance.
  • Boost25: $10/month to boost to 25 Mbps for any plan.
  • Exede Voice: $29.99/month unlimited minutes USA/CAN. Note, not counted towards data allowance.
  • Fees: $199.99 pre-pay equipment fee or $9.99/month equipment lease fee over 24 months. $149.99 setup fee but look for special promotion of $100 off the setup fee.

Overall Thoughts

WildBlue is a decent solution for residential users in remote areas that need a basic Internet service. Downlink and uplink speeds are actually impressive for a satellite service and it is nice that all plans offer the same high speeds, as other competing providers typically vary the speed and the data allowance.

Depending on your timing, good deals can be obtained regarding setup and installation fees, often times it can be completely waived.

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