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AT&T is one of the biggest brands in the world, known for their communications expertise, in particular phone service. AT&T now offers broadband Internet to homes in 22 states of the USA, this service is called U-verse. The technology behind this is fiber optic to your neighborhood through either Fiber to the Node (FTTN) or Fiber to the Premise (FTTP). From there DSL is used as the communication method of getting the signal into your home over your phone lines. Higher speeds can go over your phone lines with U-verse compared to traditional DSL because it travels a much shorter distance (traditional has to go all the way to the Central Office).

The Good

Various plans are offered based on speed. Higher speed plans have a higher monthly fee. This allows you to pick a speed plan that best suits your usage needs as well as your budget. Upload speeds are available up to 1Mbps and download speed plans are available from 3Mbps up to 45Mbps.

Various bundling options are available (including TV and phone service). By bundling services you typically get a reduced monthly rate.

A self installation kit is available on request. Professional installation is available and can take up to 4 hours, at a cost of $99 for standard installation. This is typically waived if you are bundling this service with TV service.

The supplied modem includes Wi-Fi wireless capabilities so you can connect your devices wirelessly at home. The modem allows up to 10 devices to be connected at any one time (includes wired connections also). It also includes a battery backup that can sustain service for several hours during a power cut.

Each Internet service plan includes access to the entire AT&T national Wi-Fi network of hot spots. A connection software app is available to download to your laptops, which scans for their Wi-Fi hot spots when you are on the go. This is not required to connect to their hot spots but helps improve the experience.

You also get up to 11 email accounts and virtually unlimited storage, POP access and spam guard. There are also other Yahoo! Services that are included (like Messenger, Chat, Music Launchcast, games etc.).

An Internet security suite is an option and includes anti-virus/spyware and other security protections. This suite is powered by McAfee.

The technical support line is available 24/7, with a customer service line also available Monday through Saturday during day time hours. A live chat option is available through their website, as well as a useful knowledgebase of setup, troubleshooting and help guides. Store locations can also be found on their website.

The Bad

U-verse Internet services are only currently available in 22 states of the USA, mainly in the mid-west, southeast, southern plains, Nevada, California, and Connecticut.

Installation will cost you $99 if you don't want to do a self install. This fee is typically waived if you bundle other services. An activation fee of $49 may also be required.

Plans are not unlimited and have a monthly data usage limit of 250GB. Exceeding this limit can lead to additional charges (currently $10/50GB). This is a decent amount of data usage but with movie/TV streaming becoming more popular the chances of reaching this become higher.

You could be subject to termination fees of up to $180 for early cancellation (new customers) as introductory pricing requires 1 year term.

The Wi-Fi hot spot connection software is not available for Macintosh users currently.

If you terminate your service you will need to send back any equipment provided to you by them, undamaged, within 21 days. After this they may charge you for the equipment.

The Bottom Line

The following AT&T U-verse plans are Internet only and all require a 1 year term minimum. Prices increase after the first year by $16.05/mo. Pricing noted is for new customers only.

  • Pro: Their lowest cost plan includes download speeds of up to 3Mbps for $29.95/mo for the first 12 months (then $46/mo after that).
  • Elite: Up to 6Mbps download speeds starting at $34.95/mo for the first 12 months (then $51/mo after that).
  • Max Plus: Up to 18Mbps download speeds for $44.95/mo for the first 12 months (then $61/mo after that).
  • Power: This is their highest speed plan with up to 45Mbps download speeds. This plan is $64.95/mo for the first 12 months (then $81/mo after that).

Overall Thoughts

If you live in one of the current 22 states that service is offered then this service is worth comparing with other options available. The best deals will be available through bundling with TV service. This will also save you on installation fees. You can also bundle in home phone service (VoIP), although we generally recommend going with a 3rd party provider due to cost savings.

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