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#12 : Posted by Marty Krammer on May 26th, 2020:

If one has the US Canada Unlimited plan, can one still make an international call If ever needed and just be charged an additional fee?

-> Response: Yes that is correct. If you go to the 1VoIP website and look for the International rates page you can see what the per minute rates are for the countries of interest.


#11 : Posted by J. Flannery on December 11th, 2018:

I live in a rural area in case of emergency 911 could locate my home orienting on my land line. Would emergency services still be able to locate me if I was using 1 VOIP?

-> Response: Yes E911 works slightly differently but so long as you have an up-to-date address in the portal for 1VoIP, it will work as expected. This assumes you have power and Internet service at the time of course (requirements for VoIP).


#10 : Posted by Jo Avery on August 7th, 2018:

Does this work with an actual fax machine?

-> Response: Internet fax is the main service supported (you should try it as it makes things easy) but I believe they also can support fax machines by using an ATA adapter. You may need to talk to them specifically about this though.


#9 : Posted by Shawn on February 15th, 2018:

Do you have a VoIP device that plugs into the entire phone system? Or do you have to connect the phone directly to the device?

-> Response: You can connect it directly to the ATA device or you could use a cordless phone system to expand your phones across your home. Alternatively, if you disconnect the landline at point of demarcation on the side of your house you could use the internal wiring of your home and connect the ATA device to that so you can use phones in other rooms. We tend to recommend the cordless path though.


#8 : Posted by Martin on February 10th, 2018:

I currently have landline service with two numbers (that both ring to the same line) can I port both numbers to a single account?

-> Response: Yes that is not an issue, the provider will simply port both numbers and route to your phone.


#7 : Posted by Steven Lester Novy on February 3rd, 2018:

Can I keep my existing landline number

-> Response: You should have no issue keeping your current landline number. There are occasional corner cases but they are rare. Check with 1VoIP to be sure.


#6 : Posted by Tony on November 29th, 2017:

I have a Uniden Dect 6.0 phone and some remote handsets. Will this work?

-> Response: Yes there should be no issues with this. The ATA the provider sends you will support the cordless phones.


#5 : Posted by Jim Fuhlbrugge on September 28th, 2017:

If I put in 1 VOIP service now and change internet providers later, how does that impact phone service?

-> Response: Changing Internet provider should not affect your VoIP service, providing it's still a good Internet connection.


#4 : Posted by Charles Luebke on April 26th, 2017:

Can the VOIP adapter be used with a Panasonic Model: KX-TG764 phone set?

-> Response: Yes that should be fine, in fact any cordless (or corded) phone that has a standard RJ-11 type connector should work with a VoIP adapter.


#3 : Posted by Myrna Highlander on September 14th, 2016:

Do you we use our regular home phone when with VoIP? Do we have caller ID with 1 VoIP? Does the 1VoIP need to be plugged in to the computer and the computer be turned on for it to work correctly? Do we pay a year in advance when we start?

-> Response: Yes you can just use your existing phone. 1-VoIP will send you an adapter (ATA). Basically you connect your regular phone to the adapter and also connect the adapter to your Internet modem and that's it.
You will indeed get caller ID with 1-VoIP. They also have some neat features for blocking those annoying Telemarketing call (e.g. Nomorobo and anonymous call rejection).
No need for the computer, but you do need Internet.
You pay monthly for service.


#2 : Posted by Wayne on July 29th, 2016:

Does 1-VoIP have an Android or IPhone app.

-> Response: Yes they can support most apps in the market place. One app to consider is the Bria app which can be used by most providers.


#1 : Posted by Mark on December 23rd, 2015:

Can I forward calls to my tablet on the same phone number? If so can I set rules for forwarding so that it doesn't forward at certain times.

-> Response: 1-VoIP, and indeed many providers, have the ability to download a soft-phone for your smartphone/tablet which can be used to make and receive phone calls (providing you have an Internet connection).
You can also forward calls to any phone number of your choosing. However, in the case of the tablet, this would likely just be configured as a simultaneous ring where both your home phone and soft-phone ring at the same time.
Regarding call forwarding at certain times, this would usually be considered a business class feature where you can set time conditions accordingly.



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