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Vonage Business Review by WhichVoIP

Vonage Business provides reliable business VoIP phone service for small to mid-size businesses in the U.S. The system's 40+ built-in features are easily managed within an online admin portal, and customers are supported by a large and experienced in-house support team. The company maintains its own technology and proprietary cloud platform and frequently rolls out new system features and functionality. It's a robust and time-tested system that is among the best values in the industry.

The Good

Three plans are offered by Vonage in order to cater for businesses of all sizes: the metered plan, unlimited extensions and virtual extensions. The metered plan covers those with minimal calling needs and is effectively a pay per minute plan. The unlimited plan covers unlimited inbound and outbound minutes. Finally the virtual extensions plan is aimed at remote workers and others that do not have a requirement for an actual office phone, instead relying on a cell phone to forward calls to.

We like that the unlimited plan has no reasonable usage limit. Often providers will state in their terms and conditions that a reasonable usage applies to unlimited plans. Normally this is between 3,000 and 5,000 minutes depending on the provider.

No contract exists so you can cancel at any time. All that is required is a form to be submitted online, cancellation will occur three days from submission. By not locking customers in to contracts, it tends to suggest confidence in the service they provide.

The feature set offered is impressive. A basic feature set meets the needs of most small businesses such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail and the likes. Additional features are offered to support remote working, such as cell phone integration, voicemail to email and iPhone/Android apps. Other features are provided to enhance productivity such as conference bridges, paging groups and desktop plugins for outlook and CRM integration. You can view all of their features using our feature comparison tool.

Finally, we really like how transparent this company is. On the rare occasion of a network outage, it will broadcast the issue and provide status updates through its social media channels and on their website system status page. Some other providers choose to cover up outages and keep customers in the dark. The support section on their website has lots of useful resources to help troubleshoot problems and configure features and plugins. You can submit tickets for support or call them directly for help.

The Bad

For the unlimited plan there is no reasonable usage limit stated and this is rare these days. However, this also leads to some confusion as the terms and conditions clearly state that the unlimited plans are monitored for abuse and can result in termination of service. The expectation is that your company falls in line with the average usage for a small business. Sometimes it is better to just remove ambiguity, either say it is truly unlimited or state what the upper limit is.

For those businesses that still like to be invoiced through the mail and pay by check, this could lead to some frustration. All invoices are sent via email only and if paying by check there is an additional $10 per month processing fee. Also, if paying by check, there is a requirement to always have at least one month credit in your account.

Additional usage charges are incurred for calls to Alaska, Hawaii and of course International destinations. This is often the case for U.S mainland providers but worth stating.

Voicemails are securely kept in the cloud for a maximum period of 3 months and are then deleted. Likely not a huge deal for most customers.

Finally, a note on fax numbers. New fax numbers that Vonage assigns for your business cannot be ported out of Vonage should you move to another provider. Also, if porting a fax number in to Vonage from another provider there is a fee of $100 per number to perform the port.

The Bottom Line

  • Metered Plan Cost: $14.99/month/extension plus 3c/min for U.S and Canada calls.
  • Unlimited Extensions Cost: $39.99/month/extension for unlimited calls in the U.S/Canada. This price drops to $19.99 if you need more than 10 lines.
  • Virtual Extension Cost: $14.99/month/extension. Unlimited inbound calls which are forwarded to a number of your choice e.g. your cell-phone.
  • Low cost International calls: For example, calls to the UK are 1c/min.
  • Hardware: Buy IP phones such as those from Cisco, Polycom, Yealink and Panasonic direct from Vonage. Prices start at $70 and all phones have been tested and certified to work with its service.

Overall Thoughts

Vonage Business is a well known brand for phone service. Pricing is competitive for its hosted service and very feature rich, with productivity enhancing features such as outlook and CRM integration. A strong emphasis is placed on customer service and transparency, going back all the way to the early days when this service was owned by Vocalocity.

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