Canada VoIP Providers for Business and Home

If you have spent time searching for Canada VoIP Providers for your business or home phone service needs, then you will know that many have vague information on their service availability in Canada. There are also a lot of options out there at different price points. WhichVoIP has performed the research for you and created comparison tables below of providers offering low cost and quality service in the Canadian VoIP market, for both businesses and homes.

Canada VoIP Providers for Business

Canadian businesses are switching over to VoIP and reducing their phone bills by up to 80%, as well as enjoying a vast array of features included for free. If your business has a high speed Internet connection then you can start enjoying these benefits also. Compare providers below or use our FREE quote request form to save time.

Provider* Highlights Startup Reviews More Info
  • Cloud Communications Leader
  • Includes 100+ Premium Features
  • Unlimited Calls/Fax/SMS/Conferencing
  • Trusted by 350,000+ Businesses
Free Trial 4.5

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  • Powerful Communication Features
  • Fast, Easy, Free Setup & Install
  • Trusted by 50,000+ Customers
  • Unlimited Calls. Flexible Pricing.
30-day Money Back 4.6

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  • Phones included on sign-up
  • Month to month options
  • In-house, regional support staff
Free Trial 4.6

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  • Fully bilingual, Canadian-based Support
  • Free Polycom VVX300 Phones
  • SaaS Tools Integrations, Open API
Free Demo 4.7

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Canadian VoIP Business Market

WhichVoIP has partnerships with many Canada VoIP service providers that focus on the business segment. Our comparison table above provides information on just some of the ones that we recommend. If you prefer to save time and get FREE pricing quotes from providers directly then complete the simple form above to get started (takes less than 90 seconds!). This often produces the lowest prices also as the providers know they are competing for your business. Save yourself hours of searching multiple websites to get pricing information and quotes.

If you have questions or comments you can access the visitor questions and answers section at the end of this page.

Residential VoIP Providers Canada

Use the following table to compare the best VoIP Canada providers, access editor and user reviews, and get pricing to help you find the right option for your needs.

Provider* Highlights Startup Reviews More Info
  • Save 53%+ on Your Phone Bill
  • Over 40 Included Features
  • Easy Setup & Free Adapter to Use
  • No Contract or Cancellation Fee
30-day Money Back 4.6

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  • Special: Limited Time Offer
  • No setup fees - US Based Support
  • Free Adapter, 50+ features
  • No Annual Prepay
No Cancel Fees 4.4

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  • Special: $149 for 2 Yr's service
  • Free 2nd line + Int'l mins
  • Free setup. No contract
  • 45+ features. US-based support
30-day Money Back 3.9

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  • Simple pay per call option
  • No setup or activation fees
  • No long term contract
  • Plans start at $0 between members
Free Options 4.4

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VoIP in Canada

Canadian VoIP providers are becoming an increasingly popular option for home phone services throughout Canada. With the massive adoption of high speed Internet connections in homes, people are switching their phone service to VoIP to take advantages of it's many benefits. The main benefits to enjoy are saving over $500 per year on your home phone bill and the incredible 30+ features that typically come free and included in the low monthly fixed rate plan. Check out our How VoIP Works guide if you want to understand more about this technology.

I Dont See Vonage Above, Are There More Providers to Choose From?

There are indeed more VoIP providers in the Canadian market place than we have listed in the table above. The providers in the comparison table above are some popular and low cost choices. Some of these providers also have a long service history in the United States and are considered well established. This is an important consideration with so many new providers entering the market each year. They also have a good selection of user submitted reviews with a good overall rating. Other well-known providers that service the Canadian home phone market include Vonage, MagicJack and Ooma.

Canadian VoIP Market Growth

The residential Canada VoIP market has been slower to take off when compared to the US market. This is changing rapidly however as more and more Canadians are now enjoying the amazing cost savings and the vast features available with this modern technology. This is fuelling the growth of the Canadian VoIP market as more providers start to offer their services to consumers and businesses. This in turn helps create healthy competition and maintains low pricing for the consumer. Although there are still not currently as many options available as there are in the United States, there are still some great choices and deals available today.

Have questions or comments about anything related to Canada VoIP service? Access the visitor questions and answers section below.

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WhichVoIP Visitor Comments

#69 : Posted by N. M. Sleidrecht

I have a landline phone paying around $35.00 a month for that. I have internet. Could I get a VoIP system and still use my regular phones and number. How much would that cost approximately? Can I set it up myself?

-> Response: Yes you should be able to save a lot going to VoIP, maybe as much as $25/month saving.
On our Canada page above look at the residential providers. They can ship you an ATA that enables you to connect your current phone to the Internet. Porting your number should not be an issue either. Connecting it up is as simple as plugging the phone into the ATA and the Ethernet cable supplied from the ATA to your Internet modem and powering up the ATA device so no issues doing it yourself.


#68 : Posted by Jesse Hamilton

I need some help. My current cell phone is 14 years old and costs about $11 per month. Can you tell me a couple of things. How much does the phone cost to purchase for this set up on VoIP. Being from northern Ontario, Elliot Lake, what is the service when we are out of the town or does it only work in town? Does it work anywhere I go? What type of phone would be recommended for this? Could I use it on my motorcycle rides?

-> Response: You can get a plan for under $10/month, often less for the initial year or 2 year plans.
For your home, the provider will usually send you an ATA adapter that your analog phone plugs into - sometimes this costs $10 or so plus shipping.
For the motor bike, use your cell and get the provider's app or a third party app such as Bria (Canadian company) and use that for making and receiving calls - it works pretty well.


#67 : Posted by Tony

Can you have more than one phone ( extension) on the one voip line?

-> Response: Yes you can. For home service your best bet is to use cordless phones and connect the base into the ATA box the voip provider gives you. Typically you will be limited to one call at any given time for home service.
For businesses, usually you have multiple phones/extensions throughout the office, each with their own unique extension number for making and receiving calls simultaneously.
The limitation on the number of calls tends to be your Internet bandwidth.


#66 : Posted by Johnny Pap

I spend winter time at Haiti. Can my incoming calls by redirected to my call phone over there?

-> Response: Do you have Internet in Haiti? If so you should be able to bring the adapter with you and connect to the Internet in Haiti and receive incoming calls just like you would at home (also make calls).


#65 : Posted by Bill Mccrae

Can I get free calling to phone numbers in England and France on an unlimited basis? Is north America and mexico included with the above on any of the plans. Do I keep my own home number and also my cell number?

-> Response: Most providers have the ability to make International calls but are usually either extra in terms of per minute pricing or some offer International plans that cover a certain number of minutes for International calls.
Typically the standard plans cover US and Canada only.
Yes you can keep your own number in 99% of cases. Some rural areas can be problematic for number porting but it is rare.
Your cell number is not affected.


#64 : Posted by David Bulley

Is VOIP OK on FIBE? What about TV that we have tied to our business? Thank you.

-> Response: I have not tried it but it should be fine and fiber tends to be a dedicated connection direct to the central office so in many ways fiber is optimal for VoIP.


#63 : Posted by Rick

I get internet through my phone line. If I get VoIP what happens to my internet, does it still come through the phone line?

-> Response: Yes that will not change at all, your Internet will still come through your phone lines. Your phone service will connect to the Internet (DSL) modem though rather than the phone lines.


#62 : Posted by Paul

I do not have a home phone. Will the phone number that I get be long distance for my local callers?

-> Response: With VoIP you get to pick your area code so unless there are inventory issues with phone numbers for your area code you should be able to choose a local number (thus local calls for your callers).


#61 : Posted by Brad

I frequent Costa Rica in the winter and would like to know if I go with voip can I use a cell phone with a wifi address in costa rica and make and receive calls.

-> Response: Yes you can do this with most VoIP providers. All you need is a VoIP app for your phone that connects to your chosen provider. If the provider doesn't have their own apps they often partner with a third party (e.g. Bria app from Counterpath) for the iphone (also Android). You just need to check with your provider that you can take their settings and plug it into the app.


#60 : Posted by Ruby Wepruk

Is it possible from Canada to Panama, Central America?

-> Response: It is indeed possible. How many minutes do you think you will be calling to Panama each month?
I am asking this because if not too many minutes you may be better with a pay as you go type plan rather than an International plan with unlimited minutes.
By the way the rate is typically around 3.8c/min for calling Panama. An international plan with unlimited minutes to Panama is around $25 + taxes. So you can see why the number of minutes you use each month is a determining factor in deciding which plan to go with.



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