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Ziply Fiber Internet Review

Ziply Fiber, headquarted in Kirkland, Washington, was founded in 2020 when it completed the acquisition of Frontiers operations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. It is a subsidiary of WaveDivision Capital LLC, a private investment company with former executives from telecom giants such as AT&T, Centurylink and Wave Broadband. Following the acquisition, Ziply inherited around 500,000 customers and an employee count of approximately 1,000.

The Good

Ziply Fiber provide Internet and phone services to residential homes, small business and enterprise. They also have wholesale offerings but the focus of this review will be on their residential Internet services.

Even though the new name implies Fiber they do still offer two types of Internet service, DSL and Fiber. The DSL service is provided over existing telephone lines and the fiber service is provided over their extensive fiber network. They have committed to building out the existing fiber network footprint by a factor of 3 and to provide fiber access to over 1 million homes and business across Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. This shows their commitment to the fiber market and hence the focus of their business name.

Like most other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) pricing for the first year is discounted. The DSL Internet package, with speeds up to 115Mbps (speed will depend on yor location), starts at $35 per month plus taxes and fees. Fiber Internet starts at $20 per month for the 30/30Mbps plan, $40 per month for the 100/100Mbps plan and $60 per month for the 1/1Gbps plan. All pricing is before taxes and fees. Pricing also is based on paperless billing and autopay setup. If you opt out of those options it will add another $6 per month to your bill ($3 per option).

Signing up for service is very straight forward through their website, or alternatively you can call them. Once you select the Internet plan of your choice you get the option to use their WiFi router device for an additional $10 per month. You can also select to use your own device. At the time of writing they offer free contactless installation (due to COVID-19) so they take the relevant precautions like wearing masks, gloves, and shoe coverings during installation. You also get the option to add home phone service for $10 per month. Home phone service includes unlimited local and nationwide calling, plus 20+ features included.

You can download the myZiply Mobile App from the Google or Apple App stores. This gives you the ability to manage your account directly from your smartphone, including things like updating your contact information, viewing and paying bills, and contacting support.

The website has an easy to use support section split into their main market segments, which are home, small business, enterprise, and wholesale. The home section is nicely split into sections such as account, billing, Internet, phone, TV, and troubleshooting so you can quickly narrow down your search. They do have an automated troubleshooting tool if you are having issues with your Internet. This is a nice option if you don't want to contact support directly. They also have a support wizard tool to help you troubleshoot issues with any of your services. Customer service is available via phone if needed.

Additional services available to home users include the Ziply Password Manager and Ziply Device Safety plans. These options allow you to safely store your passwords and to protect your devices from scams and online threats. You can protect up to 10 devices with their privacy tools.

For completeness, here is the current pricing for small business Internet service. DSL starts at $70 per month, fiber plans start with a 50/50Mbps option at $75 per month, a 300/300Mbps option at $129 per month and the 1/1Gbps option starting at $375 per month. This pricing does not include taxes and fees and is the pricing for the first 12 months of service. Standard rates apply after the discounted rate is up.

The Bad

The pricing is very clear for new customers signing up and for the first 12 months of service. After that it states standard pricing applies but these rates do not seem to be available on their website currently. It may be worth contacting them directly to find out what you will be paying once the discounted timeframe is up.

Like any acquisition there will likley be some initial teething problems. Taking over 500,000 customers is no easy feat. We would expect there to be some issues as they transition customers to their new processes.

From their usage policies it is noted that you cannot use a static IP address with their service. It is uncommon for someone to need this feature but if you do we would recommend checking before signup.

The Bottom Line

  • Ziply Fiber provides Internet and phone services to Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana homes and businesses.
  • Home DSL Internet pricing starts at $35 per month for new users and states speeds up to 115Mbps available. The speed will depend on your location.
  • Home Fiber Internet services start at just $20 per month for the 30/30Mbps speed plan, $40 for the 100/100Mbps plan, and $60 per month for the 1/1Gbps plan.
  • All pricing is for the first 12 months and is before taxes and fees. Standard pricing applies after the first 12 months but it is unclear what that is currently.
  • You can add on unlimited home phone service to your home Internet service for an additional $10 per month.
  • When you sign up you have the option to select the Ziply WiFi modem/router device for an additional $10 per month or to use your own device.
  • Business Internet services start at $70 per month for DSL, and range between $75 per month and $375 per month for the 50/50Mbps plan to the 1/1Gbps plan.

Overall Thoughts

Ziply Fiber is driven by an experienced group of telecom veterans who know the broadband business. This provides us some confidence in them taking the existing Frontier business in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana and improving it. They have committed to tripling their network footprint and investing $500 million into this business.

Based on our experience of many VoIP provider acquisitions over the years we fully expect some teething problems as they move customers from existing Frontier processes to their own. Hopefully these will be minimal and they can push forward and provide a great Internet service option to homes and businesses in the Pacific Northwest region.

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