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High speed Internet prevails as one of the most important commodities for residential and business consumers. Most competition occurs between large national providers yet, many smaller companies find a comfortable niche when offering a solid service. Exede is one such company offering satellite Internet service as well as other adjacent products. In this Exede review we will focus on the pros and cons of this Internet provider.

The flagship product of Exede is based on satellite Internet technology and is available for both residential and business class consumers. Whether utilizing this service at home or in an office, it includes different pricing tiers correlating to Exede data usage, Internet speed and in some cases, geographic location.

The Good

Residential service is broken into three different pricing structures, depending on data requirements and geographic location. This is good because it potentially ensures service is available for all budgets. The base plan, referred to as Liberty 10, grants 10 GB (GigaBytes) of data, starting at $49.99 per month. Next is the Liberty 18 plan, offering 18 GB of data at $69.99 per month. Finally, Liberty Freedom is the highest residential plan in terms of available data and cost with 150 GB of data for $99.99 per month. Each tier comes with a condition known as the Liberty Pass, which removes additional fees related to data caps if beyond the Exede data usage policy. Although it is worth noting that under these conditions speeds dwindle from a maximum of 12 Mbps download (or 25 Mbps for an extra $10 per month) to anywhere between 1 and 5 Mbps. Upload speeds are up to 3 Mbps.

All pricing for the previously mentioned plans is relative to service location. As the service is truly satellite based, service restrictions typically relate to major topographical barriers. Areas eligible for service outside of core locations usually price at roughly $10 per month more. The exception to the rule is the highest tier, which becomes the Liberty 30 plan, running at $149.99 per month for 30 GB of data. However, despite the price variations, the beauty of satellite Internet service is that even if you are in a rural area you can still get online. This can not be said for some of Exede's competitors.

Exede Business plans structure differently and have a broader array of pricing options where the most basic plan starts at $99.99 per month for 20 GB of data. Here, various tiers of service are available up to a 200 GB plan for $499.99 per month. Additional data usage will run at $10 per month for each GigaByte used over the plan term. The company also offers a supplemental service, Exede Redundancy which is essentially a backup service that costs $59.99 per month for one GB where each additional GigaByte will cost $15. All price points come with a persistent IP address (more commonly referred to as a static IP) and equipment leasing fees factor into the stated plan price. A static address is a very useful feature for businesses, for example the ability to whitelist IP addresses.

Optionally, customers may add VoIP-based voice service to either a residential or business plan. This is known as Exede Voice. Pricing averages $19.99 per month as this counts as a bundle with Internet where $10 is discounted against the whole package. Calling is unlimited to all 50 US states as well as Canada and call time does not count against Exede Internet usage, which is definitely an advantage over choosing a VoIP service from another provider, which would eat up data.

The company partners with DIRECTV for television service, providing the Exede customer is not a current subscriber. The base package starts at $29.99 per month for the first year and couples with a $10 monthly savings on any Internet service.

In terms of Exede customer service there are mixed opinions if you search for this on the Internet. In fairness, one thing we do like is that the Exede support section on its website offers you numerous ways to interact with their team. It also indicates typical wait times, ranging from 60 seconds on live chat, 2 minutes using the phone and 24 hour response times via email. There is also an online community and help center to get answers to common questions.

The Bad

The biggest Exede complaint is the price. Compared to most national providers, the cost for service is significantly more, offers less data capacity and lower speeds on par with an upper echelon DSL or cable service. However, as noted above, it may be the only option for those living in rural areas.

Almost every plan requires a 24-month commitment, whether residential or business. So long as the service works, this is not a major problem (and with residential, a 3-year price lock is included.) However, for business service and certain bundles, like DIRECTV, pricing increases after the first year. The amount will vary but in the case of the DIRECTV bundle, the average increase across the US currently averages around 40% more than promotional pricing.

Business service installation requires a one-time fee of $299.99. Unlike residential service, data usage caps at the amount denoted by the plan and each additional gig costs $10. Though the installation fee is quite high, equipment fees are included in the pricing.

Speed reduction. Nobody is happy when their Internet speed drops in half and this is what happens when you reach your data limit. However, in fairness, this is at least better than losing your Internet completely.

The Bottom Line

  • Satellite-based Internet service for a myriad of locations in the US.
  • Residential service begins at $49.99 per month for 10 GB of data and up to 12 Mbps (3 Mbps upload speeds). After exceeding the usage limits the download speed is reduced (to 1 to 5 Mbps).
  • Business plans range from $99.99 per month for 20 GB of included data up to $499.99 per month for 200 GB with various pricing layers in between. Download speeds are up to 15 Mbps and 4 Mbps upload.
  • Exede voice service accompanies Internet service for $19.99 to $29.99 per month and data used by voice does not count against the Internet data usage allowance.
  • Costs are somewhat high compared to national providers offering cable or DSL based service.

Overall Thoughts

Remote homes or businesses, and sometimes those subjected to strange zoning restrictions, often face frustrating dilemmas. Exede is a great option for these types of locations as their satellite-based Internet service has few restrictions, granting information access and communication capabilities to sites where others cannot go.

Pricing appears higher than most major competitors and data usage limits sit on the lower end of the spectrum. However, the company provides great value with bundles such as their voice service, especially since minutes utilized do not count against Internet data usage. If your home or business resides in a remote location, Exede could very well be the best possible choice for Internet, phone and even television.

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