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WhichVoIP.com Jive Review

Jive Communications was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Orem, Utah. Jive provides a robust, proprietary hosted VoIP service to all businesses, from small companies to enterprises, education establishments and even local Governments.

The Good

Jive only offers one option to its customers for its hosted PBX service, and it is an unlimited plan. There is no metered option for businesses that are looking for reduced minutes, likely because the pricing is so competitive for the unlimited option. Depending on the number of lines, the monthly cost can get as low as $19.95 per line, per month.

The Jive system is completely proprietary, designed by the Jive development team. This is an interesting point to note as often providers resell Asterisk or Broadsoft systems. There are pros and cons with this but one big advantage is it can potentially act faster on bugs and feature improvements since it is their own system.

There is no contract that needs to be signed so you are free to move at any time and billing occurs on a month to month basis. There is also a 45 day money back guarantee. Jive definitely stands by their service. In fact the latest survey that they sent to customers indicated that 97% of them would recommend the Jive service to a friend. At the risk of laboring this point, it also provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to customers that states 99.99% uptime. It has multiple data centers spread across the United States which likely helps them meet this SLA.

Another important point to note about its service is that all customer support is located in Utah and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Jive offers an impressive feature set to customers and the list is growing fast, likely due to the proprietary PBX it has developed. All features are included in the service with the exception of call recording. For this it recommends Amazon AWS, which offers a 5GB free package per year. On the mobility side, it offers Jive Mobility for Androis and iOS smartphones. This enables you to take advantage of the Jive service on the road. If you are most familiar with third party Apps, you can download Bria, which supports the Jive PBX. For a list of all the features, you can view them using our feature comparison tool.

Number porting is available for only $15 per number when porting in to Jive. If you need to port out of Jive to another provider there are no hidden terms, the number is yours to keep. We like it when providers do this, rather than wrapping legal jargon around terms and conditions to force a customer to stay due to number porting issues.

Jive offers many leading IP phones and conference phones at subsidized levels, starting at $75. These phones are all provisioned to work with the Jive service "out of the box".

Finally, we like the FAQ that Jive has on its website. It has some great information on router recommendations and common issues and solutions for specific router brands. This is important in order to get optimal Quality of Service (QoS) which ultimately leads to trouble free calling. It tends to recommend Adtran for routers because of the support for QoS.

The Bad

The unlimited plan does not note any limit which at first glance sounds great. However, the terms and conditions state that the plan is based on fair usage, which essentially is an average usage for a business when adding up the incoming and outgoing minutes. Sometimes it is better just to be upfront and specify the limits.

If you have any need to cancel the service or cancel a hardware order be aware of the terms when it comes to restocking fees. The restocking fees are 30% which can be a significant hit if you are buying some of the latest IP phones.

You have 30 days to pay your bill for a given month. This is reasonable and fairly standard but if you do miss it for some reason, be aware that it adds 12% interest per year for delinquent accounts.

We stated above that the feature set is impressive, and it is. However there is not much when it comes to desktop plugins. Some providers offer impressive desktop plugins such as CRM and email integration but Jive does not.

Be aware that the terms and conditions indicate that Jive can use your Company's name and logo in promotional material. This may not be a big deal but worth keeping in mind.

Finally, our old friend the fax machine. Jive offers an eFax service for free which essentially gives you fax capabilities using email and a scanner. This works for many companies but others still rely on their fax machine. Jive is a little conservative here and indicates that if your business has mission critical fax needs, you may want to keep an analog line just for faxing.

The Bottom Line

  • Jive PBX Cost: Starts at $29.95/month/line for unlimited calling but this drops to $19.95 if you have a need for more than 50 lines.

Overall Thoughts

Jive offers an impressive service at a low cost and includes unlimited minutes within the U.S and Canada. The customer service department is based entirely in the U.S and is open 24/7 to answer any questions. Quality is a key care about for Jive and it stands by its 99.99% uptime SLA and its customers certainly seem to appreciate the service that is offered.

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