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Globalphone Corporation (also known as Gphone) is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia and was founded in 1995. It is a privately held company and is debt free.

Globalphone provides VoIP related services to businesses in a few different forms, including a hosted solution, SIP trunks, fax, conferencing and a variety of phone card services. It uses Broadsoft platforms to handle all of its switching needs and has relationships with many of the world's largest carriers such as Level3, for origination and termination.

The Good

The hosted PBX service promises to deliver 99.99% uptime availability and has mirrored geographical displacement and redundancy for its PBX servers with automatic failover, in the case of a disaster.

Service is offered on a month-by-month basis so customers are not locked in to expensive contracts. A 30-day money back guarantee provides additional re-assurance for customers.

Globalphone has a number of guides on its website for customer support but also has email and phone support, with the latter providing a 12 hour window Monday through Friday and also a 9 hour window on Saturdays.

The Gphone hosted service offers a wide selection of features and most are free of charge. For a full comprehensive list of the PBX features offered, we recommend you visit our feature comparison tool.

The SIP trunk service supports the G.711 and G.729 codecs and is compatible with a wide variety of PBX equipment from vendors such as Cisco, Mitel, Shoretel, NEC, Fonality and many more. Gphone can provide SIP gateways from Cisco and Adtran for those with legacy PBX equipment (i.e. based on POTs and T1s).

Conferencing is offered for low rates per minute and there is support for basic audio conferencing up to 2,000 participants. There are also more advanced web conferencing services where you can share presentation slides and other multimedia. You can also chat and record and play back meetings.

Basic eFax service is offered, removing the need for antiquated fax machines in your office.

Phone cards of the PIN and PIN-less varieties are available for low rates to over 80 countries. The PIN-less option utilizes your existing cell phone, which is great for those needing to call friends and family overseas.

The Bad

There is no price break as you increase the number of phone lines. Many providers offer tiered pricing based on the number of phone lines.

Only third party support is provided for softphones and mobile applications for the Gphone service. The computer based softphone is through Eyebeam and iOS and Android Apps are through the popular Bria application.

The auto attendant feature costs $30 per month. This is a very important feature for most businesses and tends to be offered free of charge with most competitor plans. Also, on the subject of features, there are no plug-ins such as CRM and Outlook integration. Many providers are offering these for free these days, and they can really help productivity for businesses. For example, when someone calls in, the CRM entry associated with the caller ID can appear on your computer screen.

A basic eFax service is offered (i.e. fax to email) but it is quite expensive and many providers offer this for free.

The Bottom Line


  • Business seat : $19.75 for 500 minutes (overage 1.5c/min).
  • Unlimited Seat : $34.75 for unlimited minutes
  • Phone numbers : $2.50/month and $10 porting fee.
  • Auto Attendant : $30.00/month.


SIP Trunks

  • Cost : $14.75/month for 1,000 minutes of inbound/outbound, local or long distance.



  • Cost : $12.50/month, 350 pages/month
  • Cost : $20.00/month, 500 pages/month
  • Cost : $40.00/month, 1000 pages/month
  • Cost : $60.00/month, 1500 pages/month
  • Cost : $80.00/month, 2000 pages/month
  • Cost : $100.00/month, 2500 pages/month



  • Audio Conferencing : 0.08c/min/user audio conferencing.
  • Web Conferencing : 0.10c/min/user web conferencing.


Calling Cards

  • Cost : low rates starting at 4.4c/min to over 80 countries around the world. Can use traditional PIN codes or PIN-less direct from your cell phone.

Overall Thoughts

Globalphone has been in the VoIP business for almost 20 years and has an impressive list of customers. It offers a wide variety of phone services that cover the needs of most businesses.

The hosted service is not the cheapest in the market but certainly is not expensive either. Strangely there is no break in pricing as you increase the number of phone lines, though no doubt this could be negotiated if you request formal quotes.

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