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WhichVoIP.com eVoice Review

Originally founded in 2000, eVoice is a hosted VoIP service provider that operates in a somewhat unique manner, compared to traditional VoIP companies that require specific hardware. They are powered by the cloud company j2 Global that hosts many other Unified Communications companies such as Fax over IP (FoIP) solutions, eFax and others like the hosted backup company, KeepItSafe.

The Good

The company eVoice is an inexpensive way for small businesses to gain a rich communication feature set commonly used by today's larger companies. The system is essentially a hosted PBX that is accessed through a web portal for configuration and for users to utilize select features. From here, many features such as their main service, call forwarding, can be configured. Additional features can be setup via this console such as voicemail transcription, auto attendant as well as "premium" features which may be added a la carte.

Pricing starts at $12.99 per month for the most basic plan. At this price point, eVoice provides 300 minutes, 2 extensions and 6 numbers as well as 46 features. As plans increase in price, the number of available minutes and phone numbers increase accordingly. According to eVoice, the most popular plan is the $29.99 monthly plan that includes 1000 minutes, 5 extensions and 15 numbers.

Before signing up for service, eVoice offers a 30 day trial period that gives full access to all basic features as well as 6 toll free or local numbers. There are no long term contracts so no need to worry about getting locked into a one or two year commitment. If the decision is made to cancel the account, no additional fees are added but the remaining balance on the account will be due at the time of termination.

For mobile business users, apps are offered for both Android and iOS devices. The app can be used to make and receive calls as well as text, for an additional fee. The company does not offer a softphone but within the web portal, a user can "click-to-call" contacts which is arguably easier than using a softphone. Inside the portal, other features like web conferencing can be utilized by selected users for an additional fee.

The Bad

One of the biggest issues with eVoice is that it is not a true, end-to-end VoIP service. An existing mobile service or landline must be active in order for eVoice to work. You cannot simply connect a phone to your network and expect to have a complete phone system. Essentially, eVoice is a call forwarding type service that provides you with a toll free or local number and when it is called, it answers and forwards to a number of your choosing. This is good for some business models but is not for everyone.

Features such as web conferencing, texting, call recording and faxing are classed as premium features and therefore cost additional money each month. These features tend to be free of charge when you go with a regular hosted VoIP company.

The Bottom Line

  • eVoice is a simple and effective number forwarding service. It is great for start-ups and small businesses.
  • $12.99/month for 300 minutes, 2 extensions and 6 numbers.
  • $29.99/month for 1000 minutes, 5 extensions and 15 numbers.
  • $49.99/month for 2000 minutes, 10 extensions and 30 numbers.
  • $79.99/month for 4000 minutes, 15 extensions and 45 numbers.
  • Overage charges of 3.9c/minute.
  • Must have an active phone system or mobile service active for eVoice - not a full calling solution.
  • A total of 46 features included with service. Additional premium features are available for additional fees.
  • Customer service is easily accessible by phone or live chat (we tried it and customer service was great).
  • Free mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Overall Thoughts

The service from eVoice is fairly inexpensive which is great for smaller businesses with little budget for communications. The eVoice hosted platform is simple and accessible which is good for those that do not want to spend an immense amount of time dealing with configuring phones for associates - simply set up forwarding numbers in your web console and tweak the settings you want to use.

The company does not offer any sort of revolutionary feature but for what it is, the service is a great value. Customer service is very helpful which is nice considering the website is a little vague in some areas. Despite some negative commentary found during Web searches, eVoice appears to be a good service and great for small operations that want a professional appearance.


Author: Andrew

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Read our user review submissions for eVoice below. eVoice is a low cost business VoIP phone service that is hosted in the cloud.

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Hands down the worst service provider I've ever experienced in my 20+ year career. I'm currently trying to port my number away to save the headaches and the new service provider is pulling out their hair trying to deal with eVoice's incompetence. Beyond all of the nuisances, the reliability is horrible if you rely on a functional phone system for your business to generate revenue. Please save yourself the headaches. They have all the features, but they don't do you any good when they're off-line.

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