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Cox Communications is a provider of cable television, High Speed Internet, and digital voice packages to consumers and small businesses. They also provide home security and tech support. J. D. Power & Associates ranked them first amongst small and midsize data providers in 2012, and in 2010 honored their Internet service as being the "Fastest Cable Internet Service Provider in the Country". Service is available in 15 states, including Arkansas, Arizona, California (south), Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

The Good

Cox offers a range of high speed Internet plans at competitive prices to suit different usage and budget needs. Plans are frequently offered at reduced prices and longtime customers can sometimes partake in promotional offerings and opt for reduced monthly fees.

They also offer a Price Lock Guarantee for 24 months on all new subscriptions, which guarantees that customers will not receive spontaneous price hikes during the duration of their active agreement.

Tech Solutions 24/7 Help Desk subscription is available toll free and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service charges an annual subscription fee. Price of the service varies by location.

General support is available on their website, and detailed through step-by-step solutions, articles, and forums. The website is also explicit in detailing fees, which tend to be hidden on the sites of other ISP competitors.

A specific support line for modem and Wi-Fi troubleshooting is provided toll free from 8 a.m. until midnight, 7 days a week. This support is available for all customers who rent a modem from them.

Cloud storage, digital security software and email hosting are standard features included with subscription.

The Bad

When not bundled with phone or television services, you end up paying a higher fee for their Internet service.

An additional fee is required to use one of their modems. You can rent one at a small monthly fee or buy it from them. Alternatively you can purchase your own, although they recommend using their version for best results. Tech support only covers their modem.

Installation, either professional or self-install, requires a onetime fee.

Service is only available in 15 states across the USA so you will need to check for availability at your location. The Ultimate plan is not available at all locations.

As with most ISP's a maximum monthly data usage allowance limit is placed on each plan. This limit varies with plan selection. Most users wont have an issue with these limits but heavy data users should be aware of these.

Customers have complained of rising costs and rapid price hikes in recent years.

Early termination fees of up to $240.00 based on type of contract and time of termination, may apply.

Additional fees may be applied to accounts when laterally shifting to faster or slower plans. Some users have stated on the Cox forums that they have accrued Early Termination Fees when altering their contract-bound plans simply because they weren't clear about the terms of their service.

The Bottom Line

Each plan comes with up to 10 email accounts with 2 GB of email storage each. With the Ultimate plan, email storage increases to 10 GB. For households with very light Internet use, other packages not included here that are more suited to light usage may be available upon request.

Higher tier plans also include PowerBoost, which temporarily increases your download speeds for the first 18-22 MB of a file when extra bandwidth is available.

Prices may vary between states and customer distance from major cities. Some regions are eligible for promotional rates for the first 1-6 months of subscription.

Each plan requires a 2-year contract.

High Speed Internet Plans:

  • Essential: Up to 5Mbps (megabits per second) download speed, up to 1Mbps upload speed, and up to 2GB (GigaByte) cloud storage for $48.99/mo ($34.99/mo at signup). Monthly data usage allowance currently set to 100GB.
  • Preferred: Up to 25Mbps download speed, up to 5Mbps upload speed, up to 5GB cloud storage, and PowerBoost for $62.99/mo ($49.99/mo at signup). Monthly data usage allowance currently set to 250GB.
  • Premier: Up to 50Mbps download speed, up to 10Mbps upload speed, up to 25GB cloud storage, and PowerBoost for $73.99/mo ($60.99/mo at signup). Monthly data usage allowance currently set to 300GB.
  • Ultimate: Up to 150Mbps download speed, up to 20Mbps upload speed, PowerBoost, and unlimited cloud storage for $99.99/mo ($85.99/mo at signup). Monthly data usage allowance currently set to 400GB.

Equipment Fees:

  • Wi-Fi Modem - Single Band: $6.99 per month or $129.99 one-time charge.
  • Wi-Fi Modem - Dual Band: $9.99 per month or $149.99 one-time charge.
  • Wireless-N USB Network Adapter (optional): $59.99 one-time charge.

Installation Fees:

  • Professional Installation: $60.00 one-time charge.
  • Self-Installation: $30.00 one-time charge.
  • Home Network Professional Installation (up to 3 additional computers): $40.00 one-time charge.

Overall Thoughts

Cox offers comparatively high speeds and includes a welcome collection of premier features, such as cloud storage. Like other cable providers, they offer incentives to bundle with phone and television services and the best values can be found via bundling. For those seeking only Internet service, prices may be higher than other competitors (ex: Fiber Optic or DSL).

Service features such as dedicated Wi-Fi support may appeal to the less tech savvy customers. This consistent support, coupled with overall high speeds, makes Cox one of the more appealing options for cable Internet service. If available in your area, Cox is an ISP worth seriously considering. As always, take the time to familiarize yourself with competing services in your area, as prices, terms, and services offered can vary between regions.

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