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VoIP.com Overview

This company was originally focused on providing residential phone service until it was acquired by PhonePower in 2010, and became more focused on proving high quality business VoIP and SIP trunking solutions. This goes some way towards explaining why there are a limited number of VoIP.com reviews currently listed on WhichVoIP.com, when compared to some of the other popular business VoIP services.

If you are a current or past VoIP.com customer, we would like to hear your thoughts on the service. Please take a minute to write a short review of VoIP.com and help others decide if this service is a good fit for their business phone solution.

VoIP.com is an affordable option for business phone service and it structures its service plans as either one or two year contract options. Selecting a two year contract reduces the price per month by $2 per user. The pricing is flat rate and not tiered so does not change based on how many lines a business requires. There is an additional option that provides premium onsite installation and support for an additional $5 per user per month. All the plans come with unlimited calling and a wide selection of features which makes VoIP.com one of the cheapest options available to small businesses.

For businesses that have an on-premise PBX and are in need of some SIP trunks, VoIP.com also offers competitive rates with bundles starting at 5 ports per trunk.

To find out more about these services, visit the website by the selecting the VoIP.com logo below.

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Cloud PBX a great choice for small business

Overall rating (4.4)

#1 : : DEC 4th, 2012

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We switched over to the VoIP.com cloud PBX service about 3 months ago now and it has been great so far. We are a small company with less than 10 employees and I was the one responsible for dealing with the phone service. It felt like there was always little things going wrong or changes were a pain. With this cloud PBX service it has made my life so much easier. I have also been impressed with the level of service and the quality of the calls. After one month I polled the employees with a short survey. All of them said they loved the new system and did not notice any difference in call quality. The portability and mobile app integration were big favorites of most. Overall its been a winning decision for our company, my job is easier, the employees love the features and the company is saving money.

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