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#12 : Posted by Howard on November 28th, 2017:

I have been using Basictalk for a few years now with no problems. You must have a GOOD internet connection. I also fax with my unit with no problems using an Epson workforce all in one printer. Caller ID has name and number and call quality has been great.


#11 : Posted by Charles Schneider on January 7th, 2016:

All incoming calls go straight to voice mail and my phone never rings at all!

-> Response: Have you talked to BasicTalk about this? If it goes straight to voicemail I would look at a couple of things.
1. Your device likely is not registering successfully with the BasicTalk servers.
2. Your home router/firewall is blocking incoming calls from getting through.
Both of these items can be fixed by BasicTalk if you call them.


#10 : Posted by Mike on September 9th, 2015:

Does basic talk block 900 numbers from being called?

-> Response: According to their terms of service, at this point in time, Basictalk does NOT allow calls to premium numbers such as 900 numbers.


#9 : Posted by Bob on September 2nd, 2015:

Will BasicTalk support my 5 landline phones I have in various parts of my house?

-> Response: Are the landlines phones cordless? That tends to be the best way to handle multiple phones in a house using VoIP. There are other ways though, this article on using multiple phones will hopefully help.


#8 : Posted by Mary L Henderson on April 11th, 2015:

Just purchased the Basic Talk at Walmart. Noticed in reading up this website that I could expect a connecting charge! No mention of this on the box. Please let me know about this.

-> Response: At times they waive this fee so maybe you were lucky with your timing.


#7 : Posted by Joanne Brannan on January 2nd, 2015:

I do not have WFI. After Wallmart pointed to and sold me what was supposed to be a WIFI router and it was not, I had to go back and return the incorrect item and the two phones. Since then I have been trying and trying to cancel my account. On-line just seemed to have NO way of cancelling! When I would click that I wanted to cancel, it would take me to more adds instead of cancelling my account. By phone I had two holidays to contend with plus a death in the family on Dec. 20th. I finally accepted that I would have to pay the charges for 1 month. The phone number for cancellations would never ring but hang up! Today it would say, "Thank you, good bye" without even finding out who I was! Jan. 5 you will charge me for another month and I REFUSE to accept that since I have never connected at all! Please, please, cancel without charging me again! I am so busy with funeral plans, and end-of-year stress and I cannot reach anyone!!

-> Response: First of all I am sorry to hear about your troubles with BasicTalk, Joanne.
However, unfortunately you will need to contact BasicTalk directly to ensure cancellation. WhichVoIP.com is a free VoIP information website is not partnered with BasicTalk.
Here is what I would do, this is taken from their Terms and Conditions:
...you may cancel your service within seven (7) days of your Order Date. There are no penalties for cancellation in this timeframe....To cancel your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call 1-866-382-3770. This number is for cancellation purpose only.
If this is the same number you have been using, try their live chat on their website (goto their site and then click on activate my service and you will see a live chat button on the right hand side).
Hope this helps and sorry to hear about your troubles on a personal level.


#6 : Posted by Tony Alvarado on November 17th, 2014:

The phone is breaking up and noise on the other end of the line.

-> Response: Sorry to hear you are having issues with your BasicTalk service Tony. If this is your first experience with VoIP you may want to check out our VoIP test tool (go to the tab labeled Graphs/Tools above) and our troubleshooting guide (linked from the Residential tab in the main navigation at top of page). Hope this helps.


#5 : Posted by Isabel on September 17th, 2014:

I got the adapter from basic talk today and I'm trying to activate the box but when I enter the MAC number it keeps telling me it is invalid.

-> Response: My assumption is you bought it from a retail store. Make sure you only enter numbers and letters in the activation area on the BasicTalk website (12 characters). e.g. 000F12AB3CDE
If this still fails you will need to contact Basic Talk directly.


#4 : Posted by Bernadette Stengel on June 2nd, 2014:

Nothing I did could get my Basic Talk unit to activate. In addition, I was pestered by unwanted promotions so that I had to go back into my downloads to delete them. I am disappointed. I will need to try something else to save money. Any time a product does not interface well with one's home technology, they blame the user or the equipment. After at least 30 years of fooling around and earning my money with computers, I really don't think it's my fault. Too bad.

-> Response: Sorry to hear about your troubles. Regardless of where you look next, here are some things to look at when you have time just to make sure your Internet connection is good enough for VoIP and to examine some common troubleshooting tips.
- VoIP Test (to analyze Internet connection to your home - requires Java but really recommend running this to get a MOS score at the end)
- Troubleshooting tips


#3 : Posted by Don Hanrahan on May 23rd, 2014:

Does the Basic Talk caller id display a name, or just a number? I'm using Straight Talk home phone now and its caller id displays only a phone number. Prior to that switch, my caller id use to display a name.

-> Response: Yes, the Basic Talk service displays both the name and telephone number (if available) for incoming calls. Your phone must be able to support this feature. For outgoing calls only your phone number is sent, it does not send your name.


#2 : Posted by Mike on March 29th, 2014:

How does the service work with a fax machine?

-> Response: This is actually a very good question. I would really recommend reading our article on fax and VoIP. It can be quite a confusing topic but this will help teach you the pros and cons and your options for faxing with VoIP in general.
Regarding BasicTalk, they do not really support fax at all by the looks of things.


#1 : Posted by Debbie on March 11th, 2014:

Can anyone tell me for sure if I will be able to use my extensions on my phone? I have the type of phone that has one main phone plugged into the main line and then the four extensions you just plug into a regular power outlet. I believe they communicate with the main phone by Bluetooth or something. Anyway will these extensions work with the basic talk system?

-> Response: I am assuming you are referring to cordless phones, yes? In other words 1 base phone and then the rest are just cordless phones with power stations. That being the case, yes this should not be an issue at all, I have this setup in my home. The cordless phones work the same as they would do with a regular landline. The Basic Talk service should have no issues here as the ATA adapter makes the VoIP service look like a regular phone line to the cordless phone system you have.



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