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#26 : Posted by Frank on February 20th, 2021:

Can I transfer my VOIP number managed now by Callcentric to Google Voice?

-> Response: I think you can only port in wireless numbers to Google Voice. Also it is tough to find an adapter that works with GV now i.e. Obihai was acquired by Polycom and GV doesn't seem to be a priority anymore.


#25 : Posted by Steven on November 4th, 2020:

Can you tell me some other phone adapters that work with Google Voice besides OBI200 or OBI202?

-> Response: Sorry we're not aware of any other adapters that work with Google Voice.


#24 : Posted by Mike on September 17th, 2020:

The OBi100 is No Longer compatible with Google Voice. It is no longer recognized by the OBiTalk portal. It is also unclear what the status of OBi200 device sales are as that device is not on the Poly product page.

-> Response: Still some of them supported (eg Obi300). Polycom/Obi ATAs


#23 : Posted by Robert on September 17th, 2020:

When you link an Obi device, do you lose your Google Voice number? As I understand it, Obi does not give you a phone number whereas Magic Jack does. When a call is made with with GV linked to Obi, is the GV number reported for the outgoing call? With E911 service, do you dial an E before 911 to use it or just 911?

-> Response: No you actually use your Google voice number. In other words, the Obi device is just providing you a way to use a regular telephone with your Google voice phone number. It is the GV number that is used for outbound caller ID.
For 911 you still just dial 911 to get through to emergency services BUT you need to add this feature, for a fee, to your Obihai account as it does not get handled by Google Voice, it's through another provider.


#22 : Posted by Bob on August 14th, 2020:

My Obi 200 worked great with Google Voice until last week when there was a lightning strike. I need to replace it so I can connect my analog phone to GV. Is the Obi 200 the only remaining analog phone adapter left that will work with GV? If there are others, please recommend some. Seems Obi 200 was discontinued. Do you think that means it will likely soon stop working with GV? Help, not sure what to buy to replace my blown out Obi 200.

-> Response: Obihai was acquired by Polycom so it may be worth looking there for replacement devices - the new devices actually have Polycom written on them now rather than Obihai. They should still work fine with Google Voice.


#21 : Posted by Joseph Hiller on January 15th, 2020:

If I port my cell # to Obi, will my cell phone function as before? My cell phone is registered with E911 through T- Mobile. Would I still need to use the Anveo service?

-> Response: If you ported your cell number to Google voice (and use Obi device for this number) you would lose the Tmobile cellular side. The phone would still work but over WiFi only.
Yes you would need a provider such as Anveo for E911.


#20 : Posted by David on January 6th, 2020:

Can I keep my existing phone number?

-> Response: Google voice allows you to port wireless (cellular) numbers only.


#19 : Posted by Faizan on November 26th, 2019:

Is it possible to connect my google hangouts account to obihai?

-> Response: Good question but unfortunately, to my knowledge, that is not possible. Only Google voice can go through Obihai.


#18 : Posted by Joan Palmer on November 8th, 2019:

The press 1 to answer calls is not working

-> Response: Are you using the Obihai device? If so it may be the DTMF setting that needs to be altered.


#17 : Posted by Vince on August 24th, 2019:

I have an OBI200. I get a dial tone, but no incoming and outgoing calls from the google voice SP1. It shows connected. The Anveo SP2 works fine. Does google voice still work without forwarding it to my Anveo number?

-> Response: Just to make sure, can you make/receive calls direct from Google voice (i.e. web browser)?
If Anveo is working fine for inbound and outbound calls it sounds like a Google voice issue. If it works fine then it sounds like an issue with the configuration on the Obi device.


#16 : Posted by Nancy B on August 10th, 2019:

I have a Google voice number that I don't use. I would like to try OBi with Google Voice. If it works, can I then port my Verizon phone number into Google Voice? I'm afraid that if I port my Verizon number and it doesn't work, I'll lose my Verizon number.

-> Response: That's a great plan. Test it out first and then port your number over once happy. Should be no issues doing that.


#15 : Posted by Sheri on January 22nd, 2019:

Is it possible to use Anveo with Obihai adapter, without google voice?

-> Response: Yes you can use the Obi adapters with Anveo.


#14 : Posted by Tom Miller on November 16th, 2018:

I have a google number that is linked to my cable phone service. My intent is to cancel cable phone service and use obi200 with google voice. Must I link my google voice number to another working number or will the obi200 suffice?

-> Response: If you are going to use your Obi200 device you can just connect that to Google voice, no need to link to another working number. The Obi200 will connect to your phone so you can make and receive calls.


#13 : Posted by Tim Golian on August 31st, 2018:

Thank you for this helpful information. I am close to deciding to go with the OBi200 and Google Voice. You mentioned E911 service through Obihai partnered with Anveo. How is this done?

-> Response: You can sign up for E911 through a provider such as Anveo and then configure it in the Obi portal to tell it you are using them. This is the best way as it will ensure the dial plan for E911 is set correctly. By the way you can usually test 911 service by calling 933 once you set up your address with the 911 provider. Note that Callcentric also does E911.


#12 : Posted by John Pasia on August 13th, 2018:

Hello. I did all the steps for the set-up. Initially I had 10 cents on my Google Voice account and I was able to make a couple of outbound calls. The next day when I make an outbound call it's saying "You do not have enough credit to make this call." I thought it's supposed to be free. Is there something I missed?

-> Response: Was it an International number you called? Those have costs associated with them.


#11 : Posted by Jerry Griffith on July 10th, 2018:

Can I turn off the answering machine part of Google Voice and use my own answering machine?

-> Response: The only way I think you could do that would be to link a new number in Google voice so all calls go to that number, which would need to be attached to the answerphone.


#10 : Posted by Dave Roberge on June 2nd, 2018:

Good information and worked like a charm, all went well and without a hitch. I have been attempting to find information regarding the following: if you are talking on your home cordless phone that is hooked up to the OBi200 can you switch the call over, without interruption, to the computer and continue the call conversation?

-> Response: Glad to hear it.
Regarding your question, I don't think that is possible. You could try it when logged into Google voice and see if any option appears but I don't recall ever seeing such an option during the call.


#9 : Posted by Mike F on May 26th, 2018:

I currently have a Google Voice phone number and am using Google Voice to make phone calls from my computer. I get my internet in my home by WiFi Hotspot only. If I buy an OBi200 will it allow me to make and receive free domestic phone calls with my wired desktop phone set, Google voice account and my WiFi internet connection at home?

-> Response: Yes that is the advantage of using Obi with Google voice, you can use a regular wired (or wireless phone) with your Google voice account. Just make sure it is the Obi2xx series as the old Obi1xx series will have issues with the latest Google voice platform.


#8 : Posted by Jim on October 19th, 2017:

I have Google Home. Can Google Home interact with Google Voice for any additional benefits? Can I port over my phone number to Google Voice?

-> Response: Indeed it can. In fact in many ways it works better than Amazon Alexa as it allows you to call anyone that is in your Google contacts list.
Yes you can port your number over to Google voice, the cost is $20 at this current time. However there are restrictions on the type of numbers than can be ported. For example, cell phone numbers are fine but may be issues with landline numbers. See this url on the subject of google voice and porting numbers.


#7 : Posted by J Hartis on October 10th, 2017:

I have an Obi100 from years ago, is it still usable? I have read elsewhere that it would not be after May 2017 (End of Life). I am having difficulty getting set up and wondering if it is that explanation or just errors I am making.

-> Response: It is indeed EOL. Have you verified that you have the latest firmware on there?
I would expect this device to still work in all honesty so it may either need a firmware update to the latest before it went EOL or perhaps you have an incorrect setting for your phone service.


#6 : Posted by Frank on July 18th, 2017:

What is the cost per month for Obitalk? I live out in the country and have had Magic Jack for years. Service was choppy most of the time so I have chosen not to renew. Is Obitalk any better?

-> Response: It may save you some money if you use the Obi adapter with Google voice but this assumes you can get a phone number from Google voice that works for you (few available now). However, if you had issues with MJ it may be due to your Internet in your location, in which case I'm not sure the Obi will help much to be honest. It may be worth running our VoIP test first.


#5 : Posted by Ron on May 31st, 2017:

I have a Netgear router and I do not see anywhere about setting up the ports. So I tried removing the firewall and I still can not receive calls. The tech people at OBI keep referring back to the old version of Google Voice which does not apply to the current Google Voice. This what they suggest:
1. Sign in to your Google Voice account
2. Go to "Settings" located on the top right (cog wheel)
3. On the Phone tab, you will see a "Delete" option under Google Chat
4. Click "Delete" Google Chat
I see other people having the same problem since Google changed the setup for Google Voice.

-> Response: When I login to Google voice I can access settings by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the left hand side and then clicking on settings. I still do not see Google chat option though.
I would break the problem down and first try and get google voice to work from a PC (i.e. login to google voice and make a call) as that will prove that your router setup is working fine.
Which Netgear router do you have?


#4 : Posted by Earl on June 1st, 2016:

The problem begins with what I just found out about the ObiHai. Obi 100. Activated in Jan of 2015. As soon as support ended, your ability to USE GV ended. You have to pay up to continue to use it. So much for pay once.


#3 : Posted by Olek on May 13th, 2016:

Hi, I am in Canada, I've set up Obi200 and can make a call through Google Voice, but I don't receive incoming calls. How do I set up incoming calls?

-> Response: It is likely an issue on your router/firewall. You need to forward ports to get past firewall related issues. More of this can be found on our Obihai review page.


#2 : Posted by Dave on January 17th, 2016:

Live in the boonies so DSL speed is capped at 1.5mbs down & 0.250mbs up. Is that sufficient for good communication on the OBi202 ? Thanks

-> Response: I am a little worried about the uplink speed. Technically you only need about 100Kb/s or less for VoIP and you have 250Kb/s so it is possible but you could see some issues if also doing other things on the Internet at the same time.
Have you run our VoIP test yet? I would recommend running it.


#1 : Posted by Jack Sarig on January 14th, 2016:

Any fee for services, besides purchasing the device? What is the cost for porting my tel number

-> Response: No monthly or yearly fee and calls inside the US/CAN are free (calling outside US/CAN there are charges from 1c/min).
There is a $20 fee to port your number to Google, at this time of writing.



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