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#63 : Posted by Ds on November 25th, 2020:

Like mentioned in some previous posts, VoIP call quality always sounds good to me, but I'm told by the person on the other end that my voice breaks up occasionally. In your internet speed test I get download=31 Mbps, upload=3.8 Mbps, ping=52.5 ms, jitter=7.11 ms. The speed test on the Ooma website gives ping=13 ms and jitter=3 ms, although just re-ran it and got ping=12 ms and jitter=6 ms. Their tech support told me I need to have jitter and ping less than 5 ms and packet loss = 0%, and that I should contact my ISP. Is my internet connection really not stable enough to support VoIP? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

-> Response: I don't think the ping is too bad (ping packets don't get high priority so not surprising it's higher latency). As for jitter, 7ms is fine, anything under about 30ms should not be noticeable. Packet loss of 0% is perfect, in reality it can handle 1 or 2%.
So then the question is why your uplink is having issues. Although you have relatively slow uplink speeds, a VoIP call is under 100Kbps typically so it should be fine unless you are uploading photos or the likes at the same time. I'm wondering if this is more related to your setup. Are you using 2 routers in your setup perhaps? Is SIP ALG enabled in your router(s)?


#62 : Posted by Linda Latto on November 18th, 2020:

My jitter shows 51ms. Is that really bad?

-> Response: It's not too bad, should be fine.


#61 : Posted by Kenn on November 10th, 2020:

How can I reduce the ping, my online phone service is very fuzzy

-> Response: That is a function of how good your Internet connection is so I'm guessing your ISP may be having issues if this was good previously.


#60 : Posted by Jonathan Scarpelli on August 2nd, 2020:

Why would would download and upload jitter stats be radically different, e.g., 2ms download and 120 upload?

-> Response: Does it consistently say this and what speeds are you seeing for uplink and downlink?
It is not unusual for cable and DSL to be asymmetric with speeds, though I'm a little surprised the jitter numbers vary by that much.


#59 : Posted by Tony Taylor on June 26th, 2020:

Our voip phones keep dropping calls or fading out. I cannot get a definitve answer from our internet or service provider.

-> Response: Looking at the logs for the test results it seems you have SIP ALG enabled in your router. I would recommend disabling SIP ALG.


#58 : Posted by Howard Eads on June 6th, 2020:

The test had all green lights. We run a POS system on this Internet too. Will it also handle VoIP?

-> Response: If all green you should be good. If you have good Internet then there should be no issues running POS and VoIP.


#57 : Posted by Gordon Webb on April 13th, 2020:

Your test software worked fine for me with windows 10 and chrome Version - good website but your SIP ALG advice did not work - test shows it is off but router shows it is on - switching it off on the router stopped VoIP! Otherwise all good advice and very useful website

-> Response: That is unusual but I think it implies that your VoIP provider requires ALG to handle the Network Address Translation for the SIP traffic. In other words it is doing ALG correctly (unusual for most routers!) and that is why the test is seeing it as off. Most routers are terrible when it comes to ALG and that is why VoIP providers tend to prefer it off and they handle NAT for the SIP traffic at the server side.


#56 : Posted by Christopher Wroten on February 7th, 2020:

Like comments 51 & 55, I was unable to get this work on my W10 laptop with either FF 72.0.2 or Chrome 79.0.3945.130. Reinstalled BCS twice and verified it was started and running as a service (manual interaction with console window worked fine.) Refreshed voip-test.htm window multiple times from both browsers without ever seeing the "Click to start test" button.

-> Response: Please try again, we updated servers and there may have been a firewall issue preventing the test from running.


#55 : Posted by Jj on December 17th, 2019:

I installed the software but I could never get it to work. Win 10 with FF 71.0. Any ideas/clues?

-> Response: I tested this on Windows 10 and FF 71.0 and it worked fine for me. Can you try deleting your cache and bringing up a new Web browser? Failing that try re-installing the software again.


#54 : Posted by John Anthony on February 23rd, 2019:

Is it possible to use VOIP telephone if my internet is by wifi hot spot only?

-> Response: I would run our VoIP test to see how well it scores. You could also try using Skype or Google voice as a quick test. We have seen this work fine in the past but also others have issues so test to be sure.


#53 : Posted by Lh on February 22nd, 2019:

My consistency of service is 47% and shows red. All of the other ratings are green I currently have DSL with AT&T of 5 Mbps. If I upgrade to 100 Mbps will it help the consistency or do I need to switch to cable?

-> Response: If all the other metrics are green you should be fine with 5Mbps.


#52 : Posted by Ik on December 17th, 2018:

I've been using Ooma for a few years without any problems. For the past two months when I call one particular phone number, I hear an ongoing echo of my voice (the person on the other end does not hear it). This does not happen when I call other numbers, or when the person with the problematic phone number calls me instead. Any thoughts?

-> Response: That is a strange one. I assume the person is not using a speakerphone when you are calling them right? I would contact Ooma as it sounds like a route issue for that number you are calling. On the other direction that provider is likely using a different carrier which is why it is okay in that direction.


#51 : Posted by Stevan E Iungerich on November 5th, 2018:

I refreshed the browser page three times. Where is the Start Test button located?

-> Response: Did you install the software referenced on the page? That's the usual issue if the start button is not being displayed. I just tried it and it works on my Firefox and Chrome browsers.


#50 : Posted by Bill on September 18th, 2018:

We have a Viasat/Excede satellite network using a combination modem and router, the only option we were given for connecting to the internet. We bought an Ooma box, and we have terrible voice quality. Viasat said the Ooma box is incompatible. The Voip test showed Consistency of Service at 17%. What are our options as Ooma says it should work fine, it is the Viasat", Viasat says it's the Ooma box. Help...

-> Response: We usually do not recommend VoIP over satellite due to the latencies involved. I am surprised Ooma says it should be fine. The numbers you are seeing in the test do not surprise me and certainly explain the poor voice quality.


#49 : Posted by Robert L George on June 23rd, 2018:

I need to find out why outgoing calls cannot be clear without breaking up.

-> Response: Sounds like it could be sip alg in your router. Did the test indicate alg was enabled?


#48 : Posted by Jeff on April 29th, 2018:

I have found this tool very credible. I test with 5 green circles. My iphone 6 works great over our Viasat plan. I use facetime video and voice to connect with other iphones. Looking forward to disconnecting landline.


#47 : Posted by Raymond on April 5th, 2018:

Will an internet phone adapter help with the CoS and packet loss?

-> Response: Unfortunately no it will not. Packet loss and Consistency of Service (CoS) are usually related to the quality of your Internet service and/or home network.


#46 : Posted by Arjan on March 7th, 2018:

The most important part of the test for me is the detection of SIP ALG. Unfortunately it is not a Yes or No answer but SIP ALG Firewall : Err Hardware : Fortigate FGT-51E

-> Response: It normally is a YES/NO response, must be issues detecting it with Fortigate unfortunately. Best bet is to go into your Fortigate modem/router and disable SIP ALG to be sure.


#45 : Posted by Arlene on December 19th, 2017:

My phone quality breaks up. Saw in Ooma brochure it could be an internet issue. Want to be sure I don't mess up more than I fix. I am using the Ubee DDW36C device.

-> Response: If you run the test on this page it now has a SIP ALG test, at the end does it say Y or N?
If it says Y next step is to look in the users guide for the Ubee DDW36C, section 6, you will see an option to disable SIP ALG (Advanced > Options). I would disable that and save the settings and re-test. Section 3 shows you how to login to the device to do this. ALG often causes issues such as this and may be the issue.


#44 : Posted by Ian Thompson on December 12th, 2017:

I've been using your wonderful product for some months simply to measure the quality of my line. Nowadays the "Voice over IP Simulation Progress" bar proceeds to the end of the bar but then goes back to the beginning of the bar and so on ad infinitum. Is this a bug?

-> Response: We just tested it in Chrome and Firefox and it all worked fine. Which browser and operating system are you using?
Did you download the latest software on that page just to be sure?


#43 : Posted by Jben on September 11th, 2017:

Excellent testing function, and write-up on meanings. Any chance that you have plans on making this available for Android connectivity testing?

-> Response: At this time it is not available for Android or iOS devices. There are some technical issues trying to get this running as an App on a smart phone but it is something we hope to have in the future.


#42 : Posted by Jben on July 27th, 2017:

Are there any plans to extend this to the Android community as there is probably a very large user base for VoIP there.

-> Response: Hopefully we will have something for Android soon. There is now support for Linux so progress is being made.


#41 : Posted by Dawn on July 18th, 2017:

Can you try out voip before getting rid of regular phone service landline ? To see if it's right for us ?

-> Response: Most providers have money back guarantees. A good option is to try it out but with a new phone number first and then when happy port over any existing numbers. Could save a lot of hassle.


#40 : Posted by Nancy on June 28th, 2017:

Hi, I ran the test and have all green circles. The problem is that I have an Ooma VOIP system and have terrible call quality. So, could it then be the quality of my phone or the fact that I don't have a router that specifically designates bandwidth to the phone? The calls sound fine on my end (but are extremely loud), however clicks, echoes and static observed on the other end. My router is the Spectrum business supplied router which is a Ubee DDW36c.

-> Response: If you have all green circles your Internet should have no issues with VoIP.
Is the call quality always bad? For example if you only have Ooma running on your network and everything else is off, still bad?
It sounds like this is an uplink issue. It may be the router you use and specifically SIP ALG. Often this is enabled by default on routers and causes all sorts of problems. I would ask Spectrum to disable SIP ALG, or do it yourself if you are tech savvy.


#39 : Posted by Jason on June 6th, 2017:

What does consistency of service mean and how do I fix that? I am receiving 52.7% and probably receiving poor sound quality because of it.

-> Response: Who do you use for your internet and is it wireless?
This is a measure of how consistent the speed is over time. For example, if your speed is 5Mbit/s but every few seconds it drops to 100kbits/s for 1 second that would be poor for VoIP but the overall average speed would be decent. Likely you would experience audio issues during a VoIP call due to lost packets. MBR /> There is normally not much you can do about this as it is a reflection on how good your Internet service is. You could ensure everything else is shut off on your local Internet at home and plug a laptop straight into your modem and try again just to make sure nothing else running on your network at the same time.


#38 : Posted by Ruben Nieves on June 4th, 2017:

Do you have a test tool, that can test the origin and destination of the VOIP path. At the present time, it is very hard to know if it is my network or the actual VOIP provider.

-> Response: Unfortunately there is no way for us to do that, that sort of test would need to come from your provider.
Our test is a good test for your Internet and local network though so if you are seeing good results then worth mentioning this to your provider.


#37 : Posted by Brian Moore on November 11th, 2016:

I did not see any results for sip alg. I know I it is now enabled so shouldn't I see results when I run this test

-> Response: You need to run our Java version of the test to see SIP ALG results.


#36 : Posted by Blaine Byers on October 25th, 2016:

I ran the HTML5 test 3 times. Each time I got 6 green circles and 1 Red circle. The red was Consistency of Service = 30%, sound is likely to be broken. You do not address COS in your technical terms definitions. I also did not get any SIP/ALG value. Does the COS value mean I would not have good service with VOIP?

-> Response: You need to run the non-html5 test (java test) to get sip alg test results. It is not 100% accurate but if you let me know your modem/router I may be able to help.
Regarding Consistency of Service (CoS), who do you use for your internet and is it wireless by chance? This is a measure of how consistent the speed is over time e.g. if your speed is 3Mbit/s but every 3 seconds it drops to 50kbits/s for 1 second that would be poor for VoIP but the overall average speed would be reasonable. Likely you would experience audio issues during a VoIP call due to lost packets.


#35 : Posted by Paula Lisciotto on August 21st, 2016:

My test shows red for Jitter at 123.78 and red for MOS at 1.29. Yellow for Consistency of Service at 80%. The balance were green. I currently have Hughes Net service but I have not yet upgraded to their Gen 3. Do these scores mean that VOIP service would translate to constant voice break-ups during calls?

-> Response: Unfortunately, yes you could experience audio issues using VoIP. Your MOS score and jitter results are quite poor. Is that HughesNet satellite you are using? I assume so. VoIP over satellite tends to be unreliable I am sorry to say.


#34 : Posted by Fred Stephens on August 14th, 2016:

Hello, on the voip test I received 4 greens, a yellow on consistency of service 66% and a red on MOS 2.4 while the internet is playing a ROKU video. If no roku all is green. Does this mean that I can not use the phone while a ROKU video is playing? I have a cable 10mbs plan.

-> Response: Not necessarily, it just means you need to be aware of this if you start to hear audio issues.
A way around this would be to implement Quality of Service (QoS) on your router to ensure your audio always has highest priority on your bandwidth.


#33 : Posted by Alan Autrand on July 31st, 2016:

I currently have AT&T U-Verse for my land line service. I would like to switch to one of the lower cost VoIP providers to save money. I don't pass your test (3 greens) but have a clear (no static) with only occasional cut out service with U-Verse. Does this mean I might be OK with another VoIP provider or should I upgrade my speed with AT&T?

-> Response: It should be fine, just be aware that any Internet related outages will leave you without a working phone service.
One thing to consider is choosing a provider that has an app for your smart phone (if you have one). That way if you have Internet issues and have good cell service at home, you can still make and receive calls using your home number.


#32 : Posted by Norman Haigh on April 20th, 2016:

I currently have what is apparently called the FWC or Canopy internet service. I am thinking of upgrading to LTE service. My ISP claims that there will be much less packet loss and jitter. Is this likely to be true and will it improve the consistency of service? I would also like to know what settings would be reasonable in configuring quality of service on my wireless routers. I have a Linksys and a Tenda router. I know this isn't much to go on but if you require further info, let me know and I will try to supply it.

-> Response: I don't think the LTE will have a huge impact on the jitter and packet loss numbers but the improved throughput certainly helps. Consistency of service may be better too but latencies through the air and through the cellular providers network are still evident. I frequently use a SIP client running on my iphone and when it is over LTE the quality is excellent.
Regarding router settings check out this article on configuring a router for VoIP.


#31 : Posted by Norman Haigh on March 11th, 2016:

Will increased download and upload speed improve consistency of service, jitter or packet loss?

-> Response: No this would be unlikely, in all honesty.
Consistency of service, jitter and packet loss are parameters that define quality. In fact I would go as far as to say if the speed went up you would likely see more packet loss errors if the quality was already bad.
If you are having issues, try stripping your setup back to a bare minimum and test. In other words, hard wire a laptop direct to the Internet modem and have nothing else connected. Make sure nothing else is running on your laptop but the browser that is running the test. Also if you can repeat this with another device such as a pc I would recommend it in case the laptop has a virus.
Try the same test with your laptop at a friend's house on their Internet service. Hopefully this will narrow down the problem for you. It's a pain but the only way an Internet provider will actually take it serious.
Also try running the tests late at night. It's on a good server but we get hundreds of people testing it each day so you want to rule that out by running it late at night or very early in the morning.
Hope this gives you some ideas.


#30 : Posted by Carol Vollmer on February 23rd, 2016:

Test shows all green except for consistency of service which varies from 25% to 76% from red to yellow. I have set up an Arris SB6141 connected to the OOma Telo and that is connected to the Apple Time Capsule (router storage device) Model A1409. Voice Quality problems mainly at the end I have called. Suggestions to improve appreciated.

-> Response: Can you try connecting your laptop/pc direct to the cable modem and run the test. Disconnect all other devices so nothing else is stealing bandwidth. Same results?
Also what speeds are you seeing? I ask because it sounds more like an uplink issue which typically has less bandwidth than downlink for most cable internet service.
Are you seeing any jitter or packet loss when you run the test?


#29 : Posted by David Sackett on January 4th, 2016:

We hear incoming calls very well. When we speak the other person always tells it is very garbled, hearing 1 out of 3 words. Any suggestions?

-> Response: What results do you see when you run our VoIP test?
This sounds like it may be a bandwidth issue on the uplink direction, which often is lower speed than the downlink direction (i.e. outgoing bandwidth lower than incoming bandwidth).


#28 : Posted by John Plosila on November 5th, 2015:

Why does my voice break up when speaking. I hear others Okay.

-> Response: When this happens it normally means you have either low bandwidth on your uplink Internet link or inconsistency of service (or extensive jitter on uplink).
Do you have a decent Internet service? What results did you get when running our VoIP test?


#27 : Posted by Phil on October 21st, 2015:

Can you please tell us where is your server location? Any way I can force a destination to the Voip Test?

-> Response: This server is in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately there is no way to change this location, as it runs on a dedicated server in Southern California.


#26 : Posted by David Ferrarini on September 14th, 2015:

I have run the test multiple times. I get 4 green balls and 1 red ball for consistency of service (10%). Is this a problem from my VoIP provider, ISP provider, or home network?

-> Response: It may be related to your setup or your ISP. If you are running the test on a PC or laptop that is connected wirelessly to your Internet connection then I would suggest running the test again with a hard wired connection (Ethernet cable) to your Internet modem (from your test device, laptop, PC etc.). If you are already hard wired to your Internet modem from your test device then it may be worth calling your ISP provider and ask them about this consistency of service issue.


#25 : Posted by Glen Cottenden on September 9th, 2015:

I have downloaded JAVA V 8 Update 60 Aug 18 for Windows 7 home premium several times and I never seem to display your Click to start test button. The Java site indicates that I have the latest version and I have closed my Windows browser after the update as instructed. I am running Windows Security software. Any thoughts?

-> Response: I just updated my Win7 professional pc for the same version of java. I did have to restart the browser and do a refresh but it worked.
One thing to note is that there is often a java popup to say do you want to activate it and run our test. If you have popups disabled then this could cause problems.
Does it work on Firefox for you (if you installed it on your pc)? It tends to be more reliable on FF than IE.


#24 : Posted by Bob Lasher on September 9th, 2015:

Upgraded to windows 10 and there is no way to test anything. I tried to upgrade the Java but it just didn't look right.

-> Response: I have not yet tried it on Windows 10 which I believe uses a new browser so potentially there could be an issue. Does it work if you install Firefox on Windows 10?


#23 : Posted by David Beck on June 13th, 2015:

Just an FYI. Speed test results for Hughes Jupiter 4G Satellite system in Portland OR, Prime Plus plan (10Mbps/1Mbps):
Download speed 14.9 Mbps
Upload speed 2.01 Mbps
Consistency 38%
Jitter 163.1 ms
Packet loss 0%
MOS score 1.1

-> Response: Thanks David. Interesting results. Decent speed but consistency and jitter poor which likely is the reason for the poor MOS score. Not overly surprising since it is a satellite system.


#22 : Posted by Jean on February 26th, 2015:

My test show all green except the consistency of service which runs from 8% to 60% changing by the minute. I have Internet through a cable modem and via a wireless router. I've already purchased the VoIP system (Ooma) which is attached to the router as it doesn't work attached directly to the modem. I'm guessing my voice quality problems and delays are due to the Consistency of Service - any suggestions as to how I can fix this? My ISP naturally doesn't have any solution for me - my VoIP provider blames the ISP.

-> Response: Unfortunately this happens a lot between ISP and VoIP provider, pointing fingers at each other. Which ISP are you using by the way?
When you run the test, can you click Advanced, and click on view text and then copy/paste into an email that you can send to me (I sent you an email with my address). Is the consistency problem downlink or uplink or both?
A little concerned why you can't directly attach to modem. Also are you running wirelessly or hard connection to the router with CAT5 cable?
We have a troubleshooting guide that may help you too.


#21 : Posted by Chris Bayliss on January 10th, 2015:

I am trying to make up my mind, VoIP or not? I am making good use of your on-line test. So far a dozen or so runs and I consistently get green results for speed, jitter and packet loss, but only once for consistency. Otherwise it gets an orange "doubtful" score. Is there anything I can do at my end to improve consistency? I get my internet through a wireless Bell Turbo Hub -- aka Netgear modem/router MBR1210.

-> Response: First of all, I am delighted to hear you are taking advantage of our VoIP test. It's a great first step before choosing VoIP.
It seems the Bell Turbo Hub is a cellular 3G/4G Internet router - is that correct?
I could see that causing some issues for consistency of service due to the nature of cellular technology. It is unlikely you can do much to fix this. However, I believe it should be good enough for VoIP. After all, I can run my VoIP apps (e.g. Viber, Skype etc) on my smart phone over an LTE connection and the quality is decent.


#20 : Posted by Larry on October 30th, 2014:

I have been working on this for about 10 months with little progress. When I run the VoIP test, my download consistency of service (20- 40%), my Jitter from me to server (80ms+) and my MOS Score (1.2-1.8) are always poor. My other numbers are fine (speed, upload consistency (95%+, Jitter server to me - 1ms, packet loss 0%). I have had my ISP out 5 or 6 times and they cannot find an issue. What can I do to reduce this jitter?

-> Response: When you run the test are you connecting directly to the Internet modem? Worth trying this and removing everything else from the equation as that is quite a difference between uplink and downlink.
Which provider are you using for Internet? Is it DSL, Cable, FiOS?
Assume you haven't chosen a VoIP service yet because of this. Have you tried using something such as Skype just to see if the quality is good enough. Remember the test is just that, a test, though the consistency of service is not very good! The jitter isn't too bad and sometimes VoIP providers let you tweak jitter buffers which can help.


#19 : Posted by Justin on August 21st, 2014:

Just ran the VoIP test here and my results show a VoIP jitter of 13.8ms jitter from me to server and only 0.1ms from server to me. I am connected directly to my Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway Modem (running a cable modem service with Rogers in Canada) to my MacBook Pro (no routers or LAN with a good quality cable connecting the modem to my MacBook). My MOS score was 3.8. Question: 1) What's the cause of my jitter? 2) What does it mean when me to the server jitter is larger (is it my fault or a fault with my equipment - i.e. bad modem) or is it still my ISP's problem?

-> Response: Good questions Justin.
That's still not too bad and your MOS score, although a subjective number, is pretty decent so I think you will be fine.
Often the uplink path is slightly worse than the downlink path (from the ISP). Some fine tuning on the cable modem may help (i.e. often they have a router built in and QoS can be configured so voice traffic has the highest priority and flows straight through).

Keep in mind that our test is simulated and although it is using UDP ports for simulating voice traffic, there are a number of variables - but it exists to give you some confidence that your Internet service is good enough for VoIP. Not seeing anything in the data sheet for this modem on QoS so it may not be something that can be modified (and it is not something the ISP typically wants to touch, in all honesty!). Often people place external routers after the cable modem (this is what I usually do) and in there you can handle QoS thus ensuring that if your network is large you can prioritize voice traffic. Our setup article provides some setup options to consider.

However, to be honest I would not delve into this until you try VoIP, rather than basing it all on the VoIP test. Most providers have 30 day cancellation policies so I would recommend trying one and getting a new phone number initially to "kick the tires". Then once happy with the service in your home, look at porting your number over (if required). If you have difficulties with the quality then you can try some things such as QoS or just cancel the service. Most people have no issues with the quality and most likely you will be the same - though I am in your corner here when it comes to testing it, in preparation for VoIP.


#18 : Posted by Chaim on August 14th, 2014:

Hi, I didnt have a problem using this speed tool until now, when I get a new error message that it cannot allow this site www.whichvoip.com:82. I added this site to the exeption list in java, but still I get an error message.

-> Response: We have been having some issues the last few days but it should be resolved now. Please remove all security exceptions from the Java exception list and also delete the cache/temporary files in the Java control panel. Also make sure you delete all cache from your browser and download the latest Java software. The issues should be just because you have used the tool before and have an old cached version.


#17 : Posted by Mark on March 17th, 2014:

I've got Comcast 25mbps down 5mbps up. I'm using a Verizon network extender which is VOIP. My router is a Netgear AC 1450. I test both wired and wireless, it seems that the results are very inconsistent. MOS ranges from very low to 99% Jitter and it is all over the range too. I have QoS set to highest for my device and ports forwarded specific to the device. I have also disabled the SIP/ALG. What I experience is broken voice on my end, sometimes to the point of no reason to stay on the call. Anything else I can do?

-> Response: When you run the test, are you using your Verizon mobile device or a PC that is connected to the wired Netgear device? Try connecting your PC directly to your Comcast modem and running the test. Also see our Troubleshooting page.


#16 : Posted by Jan Ragan on January 10th, 2014:

I have been using Magic Jack for several years. Switched to Dish Net satellite yesterday and MJ no longer works. I have the MJ Plus which does not plug directly into the computer. Is there anything I can add/do to get this working again? Calls come in but caller can't hear me answer. I am using the Dish Net HT1000 and a D-Link WBR1310 router for laptop. Can you recommend an inexpensive home service that will work with this satellite?

-> Response: I am sorry to say that this is not very surprising to us. VoIP does not work great over satellite due to the latencies. We actually wrote an article on this very subject that may be of interest to you.


#15 : Posted by Stephanie Feldpausch on December 27th, 2013:

I got three green lights when running this test, but jitter is too high. Is there anything we can do to decrease jitter? Our internet is wi-max, or fixed wireless, so we have a radio on our roof that transmits to a tower (not a satellite). Our computers are all laptops, and we do use a router, which says Buffalo Air Station Turbo G on the front, if that helps.

-> Response: We emailed you for some more things to try Stephanie but it sounds like this may be due to the fixed wireless backhaul as this often is responsible for jitter. VoIP still works with jitter so if your audio quality is good then don't worry about this. Unlikely to be much your ISP can do here due to the technology you have. Regarding the Buffalo device make sure you enable QoS as that could help ensure audio gets highest priority.


#14 : Posted by Philip B. on December 14th, 2013:

I received an error message saying This plugin disabled in Mozilla Firefox when I tried the VOIP speed test. Which plugin do I need?

-> Response: You need Java and if Firefox asks you, make sure you set to always activate.


#13 : Posted by Jd Stewart on November 22nd, 2013:

I have had Ooma telo for several months, with pretty good quality. But of late it's been very poor - voices garbled and calls sometimes dropped. I just did your tests and I had all green lights except on jitters which is 38.0 ms and my score was 1.0 which I know is also bad. Is there any way I can improve this? Why was my Ooma working ok initially? Any help would be very appreciated.

-> Response: Did anything else change in your setup such as your Internet Service Provider? Also did you change any hardware in your home network such as your router? Was the jitter in both directions or just one?


#12 : Posted by Ron Oswald on November 8th, 2013:

I am assuming that the term downstream jitter/packet loss is referring to my computer and the upstream jitter/Packet loss is the network is this correct or do I have it backwards??

-> Response: Downstream is from our servers to your computer and upstream is from your computer to our servers on the Internet.


#11 : Posted by George Bannel on November 6th, 2013:

Unfortunately, the test requires Flash, which I have disabled for security reasons. Bummer. My advice? Make a test that doesn't require flash.

-> Response: George, it runs on Java - did you download the latest version of Java?


#10 : Posted by Jim on October 14th, 2013:

I have satellite Internet with Hughes and the results from this test are not very good, especially for jitter and the mos score.

-> Response: Jim we moved your full comments over to our satellite page and sent you an email to get a snapshot of your results.


#9 : Posted by Bruce on September 24th, 2013:

MOS score is 1.8. I have HughesNet Gen4. Using basictalk voip and have significant voice delays & sound breakups - any suggestions? Wife is not happy! Cable/DSL is not available at my home and cell service is also out of the question (only reliable 1 bar signal is on my neighbor's deck). Please HELP!!

-> Response: We usually do not see much success with VoIP over a satellite Internet connection we are sorry to say Bruce. HughesNet Gen4 does indicate it can support Skype/VoIP so it may be worth looking at your setup first.


#8 : Posted by Gin on August 28th, 2013:

In review of my results (which indicate good voip connectivity), I have fixed wireless (microwave) provider. Do you think I would be successful with a unit such as Ooma. Do you have other provider recommendations.

-> Response: Gin, if the results are good then you should be fine with any provider. Start by taking a look at our residential home page (tab at top). From there you can find articles, user reviews and more for lots of providers including Ooma, MJ, Vonage etc. It really depends on your requirements as to which provider to go for, for example, do you need to make International calls, do you need a feature rich service, incoming fax etc. If you are driven by price only then take a look at our price tool.


#7 : Posted by Elizabeth on August 16th, 2013:

Just ran your test on my VONAGE setup. Score was 4.1. Can't complain about the excellent service I've received from VONAGE since 2007. No contract, free LD, etc. for $21 per month. Think I'll keep it! Elizabeth

-> Response: Hi Elizabeth, glad VoIP is working out for you. Please keep in mind that the test is really testing your Internet connection not your VoIP provider. It is a great test to ensure your Internet is good enough for VoIP. 4.1 is a really good score so you must have a decent broadband connection.


#6 : Posted by Gary on July 23rd, 2013:

How do I print the results from the VoIP test?

-> Response: There are two ways Gary, first just do a print screen to capture an image from the screen or even just print from your browser. If you want to grab the info in text format, when the test finishes and the summary is shown, click on the "Test audit report" link. You will then have a lot of test data you can copy and paste or print. Also in that screen you can then click on "Analyze this test" to get some more data such as the MOS score and jitter that you can print or copy/paste.


#5 : Posted by Ben Bennett on July 1st, 2013:

After running the test (which is great), I select the 'View Text' and get a popup with all the pertinent data. Why can this popup data not be copied onto my clipboard for subsequent pasting?

-> Response: Good feedback. There is actually a way to get it. Once the summary is displayed click on the "test audit report" link. On the summary that appears click on the "analyze this test" link. Now you are presented with the important VoIP test summary info for packet loss, MOS, jitter etc and can copy and paste this.


#4 : Posted by Cheryl on April 29th, 2013:

What does MOS Score mean? Mine was estimated to be 4.2. Is that good or bad?

-> Response: Cheryl MOS stands for Mean Opinion Score. It is a telephony measurement that is meant to show a human view of the quality of a given network. 1.0 would be bad, 3.0 would be fair and 5.0 would be excellent. 4.2 is very good so I would say you were in good shape. Good question.


#3 : Posted by Scooter on March 10th, 2013:

Where is Vonage in your service providers?

-> Response: We used to have them in our table but they tend to be a lot more expensive than the providers you currently see so were not a popular choice. They are still in our site though and we have articles on them and user reviews.


#2 : Posted by John on March 7th, 2013:

Thanks! This helped me find some issues I am having with Comcast Internet and the reason my VoIP quality has gotten worse.


#1 : Posted by Janice on March 5th, 2013:

The speed test is not working for me!

-> Response: You need Java running for our speed test, you can get this by following the link at the top of this page.



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