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#85 : Posted by Mary Anne Azevedo on June 26th, 2020:

Can you fax with magic jack?

-> Response: Yes just connect your fax machine to your Magicjack and it should work fine. Likely not as reliable as a landline but should be fine if just for occasional faxing.


#84 : Posted by Danny Czapski on July 12th, 2019:

My MagicJack Plus device has worked well for over 3+ years. For the last few months voice mail has been a problem. MJ records incoming calls but won't let me retrieve them. No matter what number on my cordless phone I press there is no response, just continuing MJ message to "press 1 for messages, or 2 to change folders, or 3 for advanced options, etc, etc, etc" for other numbers. We recently moved and changed internet providers. MJ cust service told me to disconnect everything from modem, cell phone and MJ USB adapter and power supply, wait 10 minutes and then reboot modem and reconnect MJ device and cordless phone: Still no fix. Can you help?

-> Response: Just to be clear, all calls work yes? It's just answering accessing voicemails that are problematic?
Two things that come to mind:
1) Can you use voicemail to email so you get every voicemail in your inbox?
2) It sounds like the issue is the DTMF tones when trying to access voicemail. Make sure MJ has your adapter configured for RFC2833 as this is the most popular standard for DTMF (i.e. for understanding your key presses).


#83 : Posted by Robert Frank on April 28th, 2019:

Will magic jack come with a phone number?

-> Response: Yes you can pick a new phone number in your designated area code (assuming they have inventory for that area code).


#82 : Posted by Louise Getts on February 6th, 2019:

I have been a residential and office MagicJack subscriber (2 sets) since 2007 and have been well-served the entire time. We found sound quality/clearness superior to our previous AT&T land line and have never regretted the change. For a single person office or residential line, Magic Jack has provided every service needed. My only disappointment is that they have discontinued the 5-year block purchase. The maximum is now 3 years. I have used Ring Central and it truly offers an amazing array of features, but is extremely cumbersome, in my opinion.


#81 : Posted by Nena on September 8th, 2018:

I've been using MagicJack for a full 6 years and now I want to renew for the 7th time but at same time I want to get Magic Jack GO. Can I use it on computer and mobile too or just a mobile? Can I send text messages with GO? I have to renew in 7 days I think - will MJGO arrive before old one expire? And thank you again... you helped me a lot for the last 6 years.

-> Response: Yes you can use it on a PC and use the app on a mobile and yes text messaging is available too but only from the mobile App. I can't answer regarding shipping time, maybe if through Amazon.


#80 : Posted by Sandra Finlin on July 13th, 2017:

I read that Magic Jack does not have to be connected to a computer. Is this true?

-> Response: Yes that is true. The old MagicJack device had to be connected to a PC but the newer ones can be connected to a PC or used standalone.


#79 : Posted by Gary Hart on July 12th, 2017:

Installed magicjack 3 months ago, and have sporadic "breaking up" of conversations. Have purchased new cordless phone set with all new handsets, and upload bandwith is 782 kbps, which is 5 times required. All connections are secure and snug fitting, and device is hooked directly to wireless modem. Please help.

-> Response: When it breaks up is it both directions or just 1 way e.g. uplink to the other person? Please run our voip test and let us know the results. Also ensure nothing else is running on your Internet at the time, as a test. Limited bandwidth by the sounds of things which may be causing issues if other devices using your Internet at the same time.


#78 : Posted by Pat on June 3rd, 2017:

I want to use the Magic Jack for incoming Fax. Fax is currently on a LAN line. Can I just plug in the Magic Jack into the Router and Fax into the Magic Jack?

-> Response: You should be able to connect the MJ to your fax machine instead of your analog phone and it will receive your fax. Faxing over the Internet is not as reliable as landlines and MJ does not officially support this but usually it is successful.


#77 : Posted by Marty on April 8th, 2016:

Do I have connect my router and answering machine to the Magic Jack?

-> Response: You need to connect the MagicJack to your Internet (could be direct to a modem or through a switch or router). Magic Jack has voicemail and voicemail to email so no need to use your answering machine.


#76 : Posted by Marty on April 8th, 2016:

If I purchase the newest MagicJack, can I use multiple phones?

-> Response: Yes you can. The easiest way is to use cordless phones. Alternatively connect to your home internal phone wiring and use phones throughout the house. You just have to be careful with the landline coming into the house in the second case as it is powered by the old landline provider so really should be disconnected at the side of the house.


#75 : Posted by Renee Sigley on March 7th, 2016:

i currently have a MAGIC JACK device and the quality is TERRIBLE!!!! The people on the other end ALWAYS tell me there is a beeping sound like I am pressing the buttons. Also they tell me the calls fade in and out. So as you can see I am VERY leary in purchasing another VOIP service but I can not stand to use this MAGIC JACK one more day!!! I am on a limited budget and sometimes it will be days before my phone rings. I also don't use it much to make outgoing calls either nut I still want piece of mind in having a land line phone. Please advise me as to what plan would be best for me. Also, if it ends up being the quality of the MAGIC JACK I now have will I be able to return it if I am not satisfied?

-> Response: Try running our VoIP test to see if there is an issue with your Internet connection. This may be the issue rather than MagicJack so worth trying this before looking at any other provider. Many providers offer 30 day cancellation. We normally advise running the VoIP test, then choose a provider that has the option to cancel and when you order, choose a new phone number. Test the service and if happy port any existing numbers over. This tends to ensure a hassle-free approach.


#74 : Posted by Mike H on June 6th, 2015:

Can I get my existing CenturyTel number transferred to Magic Jack?

-> Response: You should be able to. There are a few corner cases but it is usually fine to port your number over. A word of warning though, don't cancel CenturyTel until the port has been done as otherwise you could lose the number. Also I would recommend testing the MJ service first to make sure you are happy with it before doing the number transfer.


#73 : Posted by Dan Nielsen on May 23rd, 2015:

I recently signed up with MagicJack and am totally satisfied with their service and support. Setup may be complicated for some, but their online support will talk you through any problems you encounter. My son, who recommended MagicJack to me has been using them for 3 years with no problems.


#72 : Posted by Robert Thomas on March 16th, 2015:

I've had both Magic Jack and the Plus version. The regular one was not dependable but when they came out with MJ Plus I got it and can't tell the difference from Verizon. I bought the 5 year plan after seeing how good it was, feeling like I was stealing it, for $99.00. That was about 3 months of phone service with Verizon if I didn't make long distance calls. When my 5 years are up I'll renew it even though I've got Viber on my cell phone & PC and Skype on my PC.


#71 : Posted by George A on January 20th, 2015:

I have had magic Jack for years, And want to renew my service for 2015, however, I have been having some major problems with this service. About 30% to 40% of the time when there is an incoming phone call, they can hear us, but we cannot hear them. Please let me know how this can be fixed before I sign up again?

-> Response: George, take a look at our troubleshooting guide for some ideas.
If it wasn't an intermittent issue (i.e. 100% problem) I would suggest your firewall is not letting the right ports through.
Often this kind of issue is with your Internet connection, so it may be worth running our VoIP test.
Have you tried using the MagicJack app on a smartphone? Interested to know if it works in WiFi mode and in cell mode.


#70 : Posted by John Marsh on January 18th, 2015:

We are experiencing static on our magic jack phone. The level of static will not allow us to talk to the other party. What can we do or who should we contact? Thanks, JM

-> Response: This could be a more general issue with your setup.
I would recommend reading our troubleshooting guide. It has some ideas in there that you may not have considered.
Regarding contacting them, see the customer support tab for contact details for MagicJack.


#69 : Posted by I.h. Woods on October 30th, 2014:

I have been a Magic Jack user for some time, and have paid Magic Jack accordingly, yet Bell Canada charges me for calls to the U.S. Is there a correct plan to get to avoid this?

-> Response: Have you called Bell to ask why they are doing this? MagicJack (MJ) runs independently of Bell. Are you using Bell for Internet service? MJ runs VoIP which means calls are sent across the Internet but if you use Bell for Internet it should just be a flat fee each month for their service and they should not be charging you for calls.
Unless you are actually using Bell for phone service without realizing it i.e. MJ is service not being used for calls. Unlikely but worth double checking your setup. Is your phone plugged into the MJ adapter?

-> UPDATE: MagicJack iPhone app was being used for calls but also calls being made from landline - which was Bell. Need MagicJack+ adapter to make calls using a regular phone at home.


#68 : Posted by Julie on August 21st, 2014:

Can I use MagicJack with NetZero broadband? If so would I have to carry a regular phone to use it?

-> Response: Is it wireless or DSL service you have with NetZero? I would recommend running our VoIP test as this will help determine if NetZero is good enough for a VoIP service, such as MagicJack.
Yes you can use a regular phone with the MagicJack+ device, you don't have to use a computer.


#67 : Posted by Mike Scott on August 4th, 2014:

I have virtually no cellphone service in my home due to it being in a remote location. Could I use Magic Jack to receive and place calls when at home using my cellphone number. I have comcast cable basic internet. Would my laptop have to be turned on to facilitate this?

-> Response: You can use MJ by connecting it to your Internet service and assuming you buy a MJ+, no you would not need your laptop on to make and receive calls.
However, you would not be able to use the same number as your cell phone. It sounds like your real issue is the poor cell service at home. If I were you I would look at a new smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the simple reason it can make and receive calls via WiFi. This means you could use your smartphone at home even without good cellular service. If you also need a home phone service you could use MJ or another provider you can find on our site.


#66 : Posted by Dan Davidson on July 3rd, 2014:

I also have had BAD reception with Magic Jack. I like the cost but the headache that occurs when I receive a call and the person hears a lot of static and/or garble is frustrating to him/her and to me. I am looking for another option.

-> Response: Sorry to hear you have had issues with MagicJack service. You can find alternatives via our residential VoIP section (use Nav bar at top of page).


#65 : Posted by Linda Slocum on June 23rd, 2014:

I want to cancel my Magic Jack service. How is that done?

-> Response: Just disable auto renewal and they cannot charge you again. Alternatively, contact MJ and let them know you wish to cancel.


#64 : Posted by Irene Hanna on June 18th, 2014:

My MagicJack quit working, if I switch to a different voip service, can I use my same number, or can I get a new number with my area code, but have calls forwarded from old number?

-> Response: This should be possible, sometimes there are problems when the number is Canadian or a vanity number. There may be a fee associated with the port by the way. Worth checking with MagicJack first. Magic Jack does have a call forwarding feature so at a minimum you could forward to a new service.


#63 : Posted by Phil Eddings on May 9th, 2014:

The voicemail setup doesn't work. I dial my number plus #, 1234 and I get a machine saying at first I have to dial the area code to complete my call. I can't set up a voice mail.

-> Response: My assumption is you are calling from an alternate phone line (i.e. not your own magicJack phone). If so, you need to dial your 10-digit number and then press the star (*) key and then password (1234 initially until you change it). So it is the * key not the # key.
If dialing from your own magicJack phone you can dial your 10 digit number and then press 0 to configure e.g. change password etc.


#62 : Posted by James on March 20th, 2014:

We have a magic jack and at least 3 times a week it doesn't work at all. Ready for a new provider!


#61 : Posted by Joseph on February 13th, 2014:

Can I use Magic Jack on my cell phone?

-> Response: Yes there is a MagicJack app for the iphone and Android based cell phones.


#60 : Posted by Walter on January 20th, 2014:

Having problems both ways, computer and wall outlet. Cannot get a dial tone, only a message that says error-contact support. Cannot get to support as they are not accepting any more calls. Have been trying to resolve the problem for three days to no avail.


#59 : Posted by Jon on January 19th, 2014:

I have used magicJack VOIP for a few years. I bought and used 3 different phone lines. I caution anyone who uses MJ to buy and pay for ONLY 12 months service at a time. I bought the original 12 month service plan for each of 3 lines and then stupidly paid for 5 additional years service on each line. Near the end of first 12 months on each of the 3 service plans my prepaid service was "erased" from the magicJack server computer record. I have spent hours every 30 days to get magicJack to reinstate my prepaid service. I even printed a copy of each MasterCard account statement with the 3 different records identified and the amount paid and snail-mailed it to the magicJack CEO. I have been without a telephone for 4 months and each time I contact magicJack I get customer service technicians that are dumber than rocks. They tell me to wait for the proper people to resolve my issue. I think customer service should be able to resolve their errors in 4 months but magicJack is so inept they have done nothing but steal my money. Don't ever buy more than a 12 month service plan because I can assure you that magicJack will steal your money. It has happened to me 3 times.


#58 : Posted by Charles Loudon on January 11th, 2014:

I printed something off the magicjack site today that seems to say that I can use my majicjack to send text messages. How does this work?

-> Response: I think this is only when you use the MJ app.


#57 : Posted by Rick on January 9th, 2014:

I use MagicJack Plus and have not had the problems with quality. I had the original MagicJack and it would click, have low volume issues and even drop calls but have not experienced any problems yet with MagicJack Plus. I paid approximately $50 for the Ethernet dongle and $100 for 5 years service. I am able to call anywhere in the US with my service and International rates are significantly lower than other phone services.
I would report, I am satisfied with their service and see no reason to pay someone else monthly charges. Aside from the $50 for the equipment cost, my average cost for the 66 months is only $1.52 per month and for that small amount I can live with an occasional click in the earpiece.
Color me a Happy MagicJack user!


#56 : Posted by Ury on January 8th, 2014:

I have MJ+ 2014 newly installed. Caller tells me that they hear repeated beeps during the call.

-> Response: This could be due to a number of things, for example:
1. Call waiting. It beeps to indicate another call is waiting for you to finish.
2. Battery low on other persons phone.
3. Poor voice quality and decoding. The receiving end decodes the voice and incorrectly decodes it as DTMF tones i.e. the tones that your touch tone phone makes when you press the keys. Also if only the other caller hears the beeps it must be an uplink issue. Check your uplink quality with our VoIP test as often ISPs provide asymmetric speeds where uplink speed is much lower than downlink so likely worth checking this.

Worth contacting MJ to see if they can tweak some settings for you. By the way when this happens, is it a cell phone on the other end?

-> UPDATE: Thanks, contacted MJ and they changed some settings on my router. I connected my device back up and did an upgrade and all now working without beeps.


#55 : Posted by Cathy Mceneny on January 4th, 2014:

There are no words to describe how bad MagicJack is. One of their support staff members told me they are not ready for wifi yet, which is what i have, i did not get a router cable. Went out and bought one - fits perfectly into the router but is very loose on the magic jack input. They suggested I put duct tape on it to secure it or return it to Canada best buy. I live in the US, did not buy it there. I am looking for another phone service, the people at magic jack do not know anything about the product or how to help you.


#54 : Posted by Ury Priel on January 1st, 2014:

I have the MagicJack plus, 2014. Using the router (ATT), power adapter and phone line to all the wall plugs via a Head Board. So the MJ+ has to drive lots of wires to 7 plugs and 6 phones. There is a problem with some of the ringers, and one phone causes the line to go dead. Is there a power limitation with the MJ? How many phones can it ring?

-> Response: Did you disconnect the old landline at the demarcation point on the side of your house? This is often an issue for people as otherwise contention on the line as your old landline is still being powered even if there is no service anymore. Regarding the number of phones it can ring, it really depends and there are no hard specs on the MJ+ for this. There is of course a limit on how much current the MJ can source. In fact this is limited to not only thermal constraints inside the MJ (it is pretty small) but also I am pretty sure it is based on USB specs for power which is around 5V at 100mA so 500mW maximum power. After all it is designed to plug into a USB port on your PC. Now the MJ itself needs to use some of that power for its own circuitry, maybe 100mW so that leaves us with 400mW for powering the external phones. Depending on the technology of your phone it will likely take between 6 and 12V and 30mA per phone. Lets call it 200mW, so you could power 2 phones. In reality there are many variables so perhaps you could power more if newer phones but it is problematic. My recommendation is to use a cordless phone system with extra handsets.


#53 : Posted by Richard Utt on December 31st, 2013:

Does MagicJack support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? Also I do not see where I can PORT my current number ?

-> Response: I believe you need to use the MJ adapter, no BYOD option. You can port your number over though.


#52 : Posted by Lyle Raymond on December 28th, 2013:

I have MagicJack+. Works fine for a few weeks then goes out. Now MJ has limited their chat help hours so I am looking for an alternative. With MJ my calls to Mexico are approx $40/ 1200 min or so. What alternatives for high MX calling do I have?

-> Response: I am assuming you live in North America and this is for residential usage - if so then a great option could be Phone Power. We have a great online special for them right now for their unlimited plan which includes unlimited calling in USA/CAN plus 60 minutes free calling internationally. After that rates to Mexico start at less than 1c/min. More details on our residential page.


#51 : Posted by Cyril on December 24th, 2013:

I paid for international calls and for continued magic jack plus subscription , about 10 days ago. But up to today, I have not been accredited with the payments, as I discovered when I make international calls. What do I need to do to be able to make calls and also get my subscriptions for my magic jack plus subscription acknowledged.

-> Response: Best to use their live chat for this. Here are some ways to contact MagicJack.


#50 : Posted by Linda Gentry on December 14th, 2013:

I bought a new plan and paid for the next five years. Since my 1st year was to expire soon, I contacted them the day after to tell them my account still needed to be updated and did not want the phone to shut off. I was then informed after charging me $107.53 that I would have to pay an additional $9.95 per year in order to activate my account. This was never mentioned before and I did pay $19.95 last year to port phone over to them, yet they want the port money each year. I can afford the money but I will not play the games that so many companies are pulling on so many elderly folk that do not know what else to do, so they pay. I won't have phone service unless I find another option with cell phone for unlimited reasonably priced monthly fees, but will have to first use up the large balance unused on my prepaid phone, that I just added to. I just do not use the phone that much, but it is needed. Basically, I try to stand up against them for the many who do not. Seems to me that everything is becoming so crooked these days. There are many ways that we can try to help others, but no one dares to take a chance on even our own family or neighbor, as I believe all are learning from our government. IF THEY CAN DO IT, WHY NOT ME, is what so many are thinking; instead of putting their smarts to good use for all. Thank you for this outlet, as I do not know how to voice my opinion otherwise, online.


#49 : Posted by James on December 9th, 2013:

I have a magicjack plus and when i plug it into usb i don't get a dial tone from the phone? I have a new phone cord and just don't get a dial tone.

-> Response: Did you register the MJ+ via the computer? This is needed in order to register the device and get a phone number. If you are having issues here it may be an issue with the USB driver. Does it work when not plugged into a computer? In other words connect it to your Internet modem and try it. This will help us determine if this is an issue with the device or the computer.


#48 : Posted by Roland Beaulne on November 7th, 2013:

I have been a mostly happy MagicJack user for 3 years, both in Canada and while wintering in the US. Of note is that most complaints, such as dropped calls etc are due to a customer's low speed internet line. You need high speed or turbo and not a basic low speed line. My question is why can companies like Comwave can port existing Canadian phone numbers and MagicJack cannot?

-> Response: I believe MJ can port numbers these days.


#47 : Posted by Lloyd Rushing on November 5th, 2013:

I have 2 Magic Jack modules. The first one was a regular Magic Jack, I had to have the computer on to use the phone. The second one, is Magic Jack Plus, and once installed, you can turn off the computer and continue to use it. I bought an ATT set of 3 phones, an answering machine w/charger, and two extra chargers, a router, a Magic Jack module with 1st years service all for $222.00. Then I had cable connected for high speed internet, and a cable modem for $44.95 the first year (no tv). After I got the system going, called ATT and disconnected. Have been using it for 8 months now, and the rest of the year is free. Later, I decided to use my old phone number, and the cost for it is $10.00/yr. So far, the only problems has been electrical failure a couple of times. When it came on, the magic jack rebooted and every thing was fine. It has an address list and answering machine, and other accessories that a regular phone has. It can be used through the computer also by plugging it into the USB socket. Then, you can use the computer to dial it, or you can plug a regular dial phone into the Magic Jack module and use the dial on the computer, or the phone to make calls. When it goes through the computer, it keeps a running record of the calls made or sent, how long each one was for, and the time the call was made. If, the computer is on, and someone calls, it puts a red + in front of the number to indicate that you missed the call and you can call it back. If, the computer is off, and they make a call to you, Magic Jack will send you an e-mail with the number on it and you can return the call. Anyway, have had the old Magic Jack for almost 5 years and plan to renew it after the first of the year. The Magic Jack Plus is working fine.


#46 : Posted by Allison on November 4th, 2013:

I bought a Magic Jack Plus 2014 and it worked well for about 5 days then the dial tone went out. I tried plugging the device into my computer. I got the dial tone back but the called party could not hear me. I spent 3 days and many hours online with their Tcch Support. I punched these keys, opened these ports -- on and on and on. Nothing worked. If you value your sanity then DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!


#45 : Posted by Hate Magicjack on October 11th, 2013:

Total ripoff. They charged me for an extra year for the device. when i called to get it corrected they charged me an additional year for the device rather than giving me a credit and gave me the run around when i called to get it corrected. Not to mention the additional fee for the phone number. It's questionable advertising.


#44 : Posted by Christianne Burke on October 7th, 2013:

I would like a phone number for the MagicJack customer care.

-> Response: Christianne, we compiled all of that information for our visitors, you can find the MagicJack customer service contact details here.


#43 : Posted by Linda Glenn on October 7th, 2013:

It Is great when it is working, but I have problems with it right now and can't call out or reccieve calls.


#42 : Posted by Larry Mcduffie on September 20th, 2013:

Magicjack is a con. I paid $190.00 for 5 years of service but after one year it quit working. I paid for insurance but they charged me 11 dollars for shipping and handling. Today, I got a bill from for $19.99. When I called to see what the charge was I got a recording to go to mymagicjackprepaid, which will not connect. Credit Card company gave me credit but they will probably cut it off again. Stay away from these crooks!


#41 : Posted by Frustrated! on September 6th, 2013:

MagicJack PLUS claim No PC is needed but you must have a Router, AND "Always On" Intenet service such as Comcast or Verizon to work (not Netzero or others tied to PC). Well I'm renting Comcast Internet Modem for $26.99 to get BasicTalk to work as MJPlus will not hold a signal no matter where I place it (tried for 2 weeks)! BasicTalk is $11.00 a month plus the $26+ which combined sure beats the $146 Comcast & Verizon jacked me up to after the "Starter" period for just the "Basic Cable" and the Basic Phone service. By the way I bought the ClearTV antennas and now see the same "Basic Cable" for FREE. Well that's my gripe. I hope it helps to thwart others from the frustration of trying to get the MagicJack Plus to work!


#40 : Posted by Jan on September 4th, 2013:

The reason I went with Magic Jack Plus was so I could keep my landline number. Several friends in the same town have it so I thought there would be no problem with my 262 area code and our prefix. BUT OH NO! The tech says that they are aquiring numbers in our area and to check back to see if it is available. 4 months later WITHOUT being able to transfer the number and of course the money back long gone. I sit here with useless wires.


#39 : Posted by Carlos on September 1st, 2013:

MagicJack prevents my MJ phone number to be displayed using Caller ID. It blocks my MJ phone number displaying it as a "Private Number". Many companies are now using caller Id as form of identification so this is not good for me.


#38 : Posted by Jacob on August 29th, 2013:

Cheap is cheap! Think twice before purchasing this device. Most of the reviews you will read are likely fake, created by their marketing team. Just imagine - would you run to your computer to write a good review if you are completely satisfied? You are writing a review only if you are angry. If everything works fine you just forget about that. You will have 30 days trial period. Within that time everything will work fine. I started having problems on the very next day after the trial period ended. I have been with Magicjack for about 40 days and already sick and tired of their Customer NO service and technical problems. If you purchase the device be ready for frequent disconnections. You will not hear the other person in most cases when they are calling you. They will have to either redial a few times or you will redial them. The Magicjack company has no phone number on their site. The only way to contact them is a live chat. I had to chat almost every day in order to reset the device on their end and it did not fix the problem. They also promised me that I could continue to use my Google Voice IP number when I decided to switch to Magicjack. And within 30-days trial I could use it fine. On the day 31st day I lost this service. Per their operator: As per terms of service , you can't connect to a non ILEC number if you do not have an IPP on your phone. This is part of their Terms of service. How could I do this two weeks ago then? They advertise that millions of customers are joining their company, but they don't tell you how many customers leave after they experienced problems with them. Cheap is cheap! And, also, be aware of the following alert: Pomerantz Grossman Hufford Dahlstrom & Gross LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against magicJack VocalTec Ltd.


#37 : Posted by Shawn on August 23rd, 2013:

Surprised at some of the not-so-intelligent responses to your article. But nice site, kudos! I both love and dislike MagicJack. They provide a great service for about next to free (no... you do get better than you pay for). The iPhone app is extremely reliable and signal quality is on-par with Skype (also excellent these days). On the other hand. MagicJack is almost infuriating because they have a terribly amateur website that is hard to navigate and find information. Oddly, they assume their customers are all illiterate but they do a relatively terrible job of explaining how to use the device or service. Perhaps as a consequence, many people complain about mJ. I can only suggest that if you have constant problems with it, you are doing it wrong. Sometimes it is your Internet connection (actually, most of the time it is your Internet). My other problem with mJ is that they no longer support a stand-alone (sans mJ USB device) Windows or Mac VoIP soft phone and by having that attitude, they are no longer in competition with Skype. Actually, that is the reason why I found this site. I was looking for a 3rd party mJ compatible soft-phone.

-> Response: Very good points Shawn, thanks!


#36 : Posted by Roger on August 22nd, 2013:

I received an email from Magic Jack today that indicates they will start charging for E911 services (though I can opt out). They said it could cost on average $12 per year but could be higher. Do you know if this is for real?

-> Response: I believe this is real Roger and in fairness I don't think they have any choice with this. VoIP is a virtual service so you can get a local number for anywhere regardless of your true location. For this reason, E911 can be problematic, in other words you may have a local number for Miami but live in Seattle so the provider needs to keep track of your true physical location for the purpose of 911 emergency services. It seems the charges are really coming from the 911 districts and being flowed through by MagicJack. I think you can opt out but be very careful, it is an emergency service after all.


#35 : Posted by Steve Sirb on August 19th, 2013:

We have Magic jack, and it doesn't work, please send us another one.

-> Response: Steve you need to contact Magic Jack for this issue. Here are their contact details.


#34 : Posted by Isaiah Aneambili on August 18th, 2013:

I recently bought another magicjack and want to maintain my former number, is this possible?

-> Response: If you mean port your current landline number then yes that is possible. However if you mean an old number you once had with Magicjack then I would say this would not be possible as it is most likely now used by another customer - it really depends on the gap in service.


#33 : Posted by Harry on July 31st, 2013:

Using Magic Jack for 9 months on my second line, just installed in on my primary line. Really incredible. Receive your telephone messages on phone or via Email. Receive TXT messages via Email TXT to Voice. Good service on WWW site via Chat mode. Had transformer blow out, tech support helped and I replaced it back in business.


#32 : Posted by Lans Jetter on July 31st, 2013:

Had major problems with Magic Jack and MJ plus until I dumped my Comcast modem when my Comcast modem failed. I replaced it with a non comcast modem. Suddenly all my call quality and static and most drop problems ceased. A friend who was a short term Comcast contractor told me that Comcast modems and servers step on / degrade Magic Jacks and competitor VOIP signals to get customers to use Comcast's $30. mo VOIP service. Can't say it's true. All I know is dumping the rental Comcast modem and replacing it with a cheapie used modem solved all my Magic Jack problems except an occasional dropped call after 15 minutes on the call. If you have a comcast modem dump it.

-> Response: Thanks for sharing your experience with MagicJack for others to read.


#31 : Posted by Bill on July 29th, 2013:

Is there a volp service that allows internet access?

-> Response: Internet access is required for VoIP to work and it should be installed and tested prior to signing up for a VoIP service.


#30 : Posted by Ladon Beasley on July 27th, 2013:

I have had a Magic Jack since 2008 which I can very seldom use because it doesn't work throughout the US and won't work on many US area codes even through it is advertised as doing so. This is deceptive practices. They have no available phone numbers for the area code in Texas where I reside. Since the new Magic Jack came out, the menu on my MJ no longer works. The URL cannot be found. When I attempt to go to their sight, I receive a message that it is an untrusted sight. I foolishly paid in advance for an additional 5 years of service. There is no support provided. They are making false claims and should not be allowed to deceive the public.


#29 : Posted by Randy on July 14th, 2013:

I just bought Magic Jack Plus in early June. The only issue I have is incoming long distance phone calls from anyone with a bundled voip, video and internet with COMCAST. I have received calls from numerous other friends and family using Verizon, Century and Time Warner phone providers. Any one else know of this issue?


#28 : Posted by Mark on June 25th, 2013:

After 7 hours in one day on Technical Chat with Magic jack I asked for a return of service and equipment i was told NO. It does not work and I have service paid until 2012, it is worthless!


#27 : Posted by Charlie on June 25th, 2013:

I use Xplorenet for Internet and tried to use a MagicJack Plus system which did not work properly. After 4 contacts to their help chat, we finally learned that since we have a satelite internet system the 2 systems are basically not compatible. MagicJack is very inexpensive and it seems you get exactly that-no contact telephone number for any reason and I went through minimum of 10 "experts" to tell me that I should not have chosen their product. (I would stay away at all costs).


#26 : Posted by Jorge A Rivera on June 22nd, 2013:

I have had MagicJack since the first year they came into the market. Initially they did have some problems but the last few years they have improved and are as good as I had with a land line. My ONLY complaint is that your account with Magic Jack is tied to the APP you have NOT to your Phone Number. If I use my old MJ unit I have to "buy" a new subscription and another for the Plus unit and another for the iPad unit ...... also if you buy Telephone minutes in one unit you can not use them with another unit.


#25 : Posted by Norma Harris on June 19th, 2013:

I purchased MagicJack 2 days ago with free 1 month promo. Credit card to be charged in 30 days. My credit card was charged yesterday. Not happy!


#24 : Posted by Martin Feldman on June 17th, 2013:

Their customer support is a total horror show. Problem resolution is a joke. Literally hours with literally nothing accomplished. Good luck!


#23 : Posted by Eddie Broz on June 16th, 2013:

when you have an account problem with magicjack you can not get it fixed. All you get is a message saying we will E-Mail you!!!! I have received no E-Mail from them for 7 months and if you call to get it fixed all you get is "you will get an E_MAIL"!!! This is not the way to run a company.

-> Response: Sorry to hear this Eddie. What kind of problems are you having?


#22 : Posted by Marvin Hotchkiss on June 15th, 2013:

Can the Magic-Jack and the VOIPo system be plugged into a home phone system? All the instructions say plug in a phone. Seems like these systems are worthless if they cannot be used on a home system as all homes i know have many phones.

-> Response: For the magic jack you need the magic jack plus to be able to use a regular phone (otherwise has to be your computer usb). For voipo though it should work with a regular phone. Did they not send you a voip adaptor box?


#21 : Posted by Sylvia S on June 2nd, 2013:

Just returned my Magic Jack because porting a Canadian number was not an option and no 911 service, even at a monthly cost. As well, technical support was non existent. These are things people should be aware of when considering Magic Jack.


#20 : Posted by Dean Mensah on May 23rd, 2013:

Magic jack can be burdensome and a hassle and I am disgusted with them. I have 3 lines, having problems with all of them.My expirations on each equipment is past 5/19/14, magic jack has fraudulent ways of messing customer accounts in my opinion, blaming customers, changing expiration dates, lousy services. I have been on this issue for about a total of 8hrs including 2.5 hrs today. The other day I was on the phone for 6.5hrs and they could not resolve. I think they will be bankrupt in a few years. I paid for ported numbers yearly; the basic service has no features like call forwarding, conference call, call waiting etc. these features cost extra. I hate to do this. It can be time consuming to write a review, but when the service sucks such as MJ, some one has to do appropriate reporting. I have 3 numbers, waiting for expiration period and then switch to another provider. Please send this to any customer review firms and feel free to contact me with questions. I have also copied magicjack on this email. I would not be surprised if these comments get ignored by management.


#19 : Posted by Stan on May 23rd, 2013:

None of this is of any use if the usb won't make a connection in the box to get signal in or out to fix it. Or a number to ask about a repair or replacement.

-> Response: Stan they do have a tech chat area to ask questions and also return your device. Take a look at the customer service page.


#18 : Posted by Vicki on May 21st, 2013:

Can you hook MJ up if you have DSL service and how? Do you know anything about straight talk? Is it any good?

-> Response: Vicki, take a look at MagicJack Plus, it allows you to use your MJ+ with DSL and no PC needed. Plug it into your DSL modem. Don't know much about Straight Talk, seems like it is aimed at cell phone service.


#17 : Posted by Chaeles Schneider on May 18th, 2013:

Works good sometimes; then messes-up my graphic display on my PC


#16 : Posted by Chris on May 18th, 2013:

MagicJack installation help!!

-> Response: Chris, see our Magic Jack customer service page for help. If no luck let us know the issue and we can try and help.


#15 : Posted by Lewis (florida) on May 15th, 2013:

I have 3 magic jack plus adapters, one for our home line and two for my home business. We have Comcast high speed (50Mb) and have had fantastic service from our magic jack adapters. Again your ISP has a lot to do with your experience. DSL does not cut it you need high speed full duplex (fast up and down)


#14 : Posted by Jeanette Jessmer on May 6th, 2013:

We got a new Magic Jack Plus. We bought a new telephone system that has the base & phone, plus 2 other phones. Our communication worked fine for 3 days. Now it is saying Check telephone line. WHY?

-> Response: Jeanette you may need to call Magic Jack about this. Here is their customer service information. I assume you tried resetting your device by powering down then up again. Often that can fix issues like this.


#13 : Posted by Kenneth C Cobb on May 4th, 2013:

will magicjack work off of modem or wall out pug?

-> Response: Kenneth take a look at the MJ+. It is a standalone device that can be powered by the wall socket and connects to your broadband modem or router.


#12 : Posted by John F. Corkery on May 3rd, 2013:

I used a MJ in Florida for 6 months without a problem in 2009. I still have the unit. Please advise if this unit is still usable and how I start it up again. Thank you

-> Response: Yes should be fine John. Try it and let us know if you have issues.


#11 : Posted by Kr on April 28th, 2013:

Use MJ+ in town including faxes, works fine. (THRU ROUTER) Took unit to remote cabin, ran thru router to satellite internet. Worked but with a buzz or hum. Cabin has modified sine wave, (cheaper inverter) not full sinewave power like grid utility. Could be the cause. Any suggestions to stop buzz or suggest a service that would not have buzz appreciated. Also trying ATT 3G Microcell. POS? couldn't get to work in town. At cabin worked a bit to my surprise than stopped. NO REPAIR OPTIONS! got used...

-> Response: Satellite broadband is hit or miss with VoIP. The problem is the latency to the satellite as this can really affect the voice quality. The buzz/hum is unlikely to be due to the modified sine wave though as that is down at 60Hz presumably and should be filtered out by your AC/DC converter used to power the MagicJack. I would just use a mobile voip service for your cell phone for remote use e.g. Rebtel. See our mobile voip section at the top of this page.

KR Response -> To add to the general knowledge base I chose the exede (or sky blue) satellite service because they are the only one, due to their newer than other's satellite, that specifically SUPPORTS VOIP!


#10 : Posted by Gw on April 22nd, 2013:

Have used magicjack since its inception and have found it very good including use in calls to Europe and other counties. Of course there are ropes to be learned with todays technology, we all have to learn how to save a penny these days. Highly recommend.


#9 : Posted by Pearl Nickel on April 17th, 2013:

I have had two magic jack plus numbers at home for a over a year. Both devices failed within a few months of registering for my second year of service. Of course, I didn't pay for the insurance, expecting them to be reliable. Big mistake.


#8 : Posted by Ron Gordon on April 7th, 2013:

I have a MJ+, but haven't started it up yet. I have been looking on the Internet to see if it will also work with fax's. Will it work with fax machines.

-> Response: Hi Rob. Magic Jack (Plus) does not officially support fax. Some users have had some success using the lowest speed settings for the fax but it is hit or miss. I would look at an efax service if you need to send/receive a lot of faxes. Phonepower has free incoming fax to voicemail and ITP has efax for transmit and receive.


#7 : Posted by F Borka on April 2nd, 2013:

Cant connect with anyone to fix my mj plus, which has stopped working..it seems that no one is working at mj! i need help! WHO CAN I TALK WITH???

-> Response: You really need to talk to Magic Jack about this - what problem are you having? Enter your email address in the comments and we can try to help (we will not post your email address).


#6 : Posted by Jake on March 29th, 2013:

Just got a Magic Jack. Wanted to install it's app for cell phone. Unfortunately, it does not support Windows based cell phones. Can you suggest any decent free or low-cost voip for Windows based cell phones?

-> Response: Good question Jake, both Skype and Rebtel now support Windows phones. You can find more info in our Mobile VoIP section - see the tab at the top of this page.


#5 : Posted by Joniloe on March 18th, 2013:

product is c**p, tried for months to transfer my old number, no success, tech support is a joke.


#4 : Posted by Linda Magee on March 17th, 2013:

I've been given a magic jack by my co-worker and living abroad in Kuwait. I've plugged everything up and but not sure how to execute the program. Please advise. Linda

-> Response: Yes it should work in Kuwait as it is just Internet traffic after all so providing it can make it out through your router or internet modem there should be no issue. When you plug it into the USB port of your computer do you see the registration page? More info here: http://www.magicjack.com/plus-v05/howto.html


#3 : Posted by Roger on March 9th, 2013:

I have had my mj+ over a year, transfered my land line to it. Has worked fine until 3 days ago, found a bad wall power adapter. Replaced it and back online. Call quality has a lot to do with your ISP speed & quality.


#2 : Posted by Nanette on March 9th, 2013:

Very happy with MJ+. Works BEST run thru router and a newer style phone and in line filter. Ported my phone number over in a few days. Very easy to hook up once u get thru the sketchy instructions. Does not work as well thru usb port. All portables phones work and am using my Panasonic KX to pick up VM rather than MJ. U will probably not get dial pad on ur screen if u use router, but don't need that anyway for my uses. Customer service is not in U.S. if u look closely at the wording in replies. If MJ putzes out, will try another voip system, can't beat the $ savings over Comcast, 40-50 per month. So far, so good for my needs.


#1 : Posted by Jill on March 1st, 2013:

It's not great quality but very low cost and good enough for me.



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