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#11 : Posted by Thomas M. Curry Sr. on October 17th, 2020:

I need to find a phone company that I can use with my computer, the same way I can with Vonage. I can call any where any time as long as I have a computer. Can anyone help?

-> Response: Have you looked at a provider such as MagicJack or Skype?


#10 : Posted by Ab on December 22nd, 2015:

Vonage is NOT unlimited. You will start getting harassing emails and voicemails asking you to either reduce your call minutes or go on a rate plan, or cancel the service. This occurs when you approach 3,000 minutes usage in a billing month.


#9 : Posted by Gsn on September 3rd, 2015:

Vonage is not an inexpensive or economical alternative at all. They indicate $27.99 and after all the fees its more like $46.99 / month which is double the amount indicated. I would try Google Voice or one of the alternatives. Also not recommended if you live in an area with power outages as this is VoIP and it is dependent on power and a steady internet connection.


#8 : Posted by Sunil on May 20th, 2015:

I do not recommend vonage, I have been using this for the past 4 years and have trouble hearing and calling on vonage provided phones. Poor customer service and very poor usage of words like "unlimited" when it is not really unlimited but is 3000 minutes. If you cross over 3000 minutes they charge $49.99 + tax with limited minutes and they call it "upgrade" when it is actually a downgrade from my existing plan and at a higher price. Very poor customer service.


#7 : Posted by Gunnar on February 16th, 2015:

For Vonage, unlimited actually means 3000 min! Be careful.

-> Response: All the providers tend to do this. This tool may help you as it shows the actual minutes from the providers T&Cs.


#6 : Posted by Malcolm De Winter on August 16th, 2013:

Currently I am with Vonage. I have no trouble and no problems, but I feel that is a little expensive at $29 plus tax. If I were to change I would need one that gives as good service as I am presently getting. I've heard a lot about dropped calls and my friend tells me his is much cheaper, but he only gets 80% of his calls that are good. Okay, that is not good enough. Should I stay or could you suggest some very as good, but much cheaper for an old pensioner.

-> Response: Vonage is a decent service but yes a common complaint is the price. Take a look at the providers on this page for some alternatives and read our user reviews to see what customers think of each provider. The fact that your existing service works well indicates that your Internet connection must be decent, so I think you should have few problems with which ever provider you pick as usually the issue is related to your Internet connection not the VoIP provider. If I were you I would try another provider while keeping your existing service(for now). Most providers have a 30 day money back guarantee so take advantage of it and test out a provider (just order a new phone number from them and make sure they can transfer your number from Vonage when you are ready i.e. they have the capability). Once you are happy after testing the new service, then transfer your existing number over to the new provider and THEN cancel your existing service. The order is important here.


#5 : Posted by Richard Bebee on May 24th, 2013:

VoIP is of real interest to me as we travel a lot with our RV and this presents a potential solution for us. I did wonder why Vonage is not included in your comparison tables as I understand that it offers a mobile application which I am trying to get details on, but it could add an additional feature worth having.

-> Response: Richard, Vonage has a decent service but it is typically a lot more expensive than other providers we feature so they were replaced. Their plans do offer some decent International plans but as you can tell from this article it really depends on the amount of minutes you would make for International calls. They also have soft phones as you stated which is a good value add though many of the providers provide these now.


#4 : Posted by Anthony S. on April 10th, 2013:

I signed up for the World plan (unlimited) for $24.99 now my bills is around 74 dollars per month ...they say i crossed 3000 minutes so they are charging me for 3000 mins x 2 ...even if use only 3100 , this is grand theft ....day light robbery and ftc doesnt care i guess.


#3 : Posted by Francis on April 7th, 2013:

Very disappointed in their plans, They advertise unlimited service, but if you exceed their plan, then they cancel the plan


#2 : Posted by James on March 5th, 2013:

I have been quite happy with their service but it's costly compared to others, just fear of the unknown that has prevented me from jumping ship!


#1 : Posted by Shirley on March 4th, 2013:

I have been with Vonage for quite a few years. Hadn't realized so many other cheaper options, will take a look.



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