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#10 : Posted by Kevin Sommer on February 12th, 2021:

I have switched from Vonage to VOIPLY. We were having static on the line (especially on dial tone before making a call and when listening to messages) and trouble with the ringer. It would ring once, twice, not at all (message left). Our speed test from VOIPLY shows 6 meg down, 1 up and would fail sometimes on latency or jitter. I think it is the jitter. AT and T has looked at it and are done trying.


#9 : Posted by Kate on April 8th, 2020:

My husband is using VoIP for work. We have an NetComm NF18ACV modem and have rebooted, reset and upgraded to the latest firmware. We have put in the appropriate SIP details from our provider (exetel). My husband is finding that phonecalls drop out anywhere between 5 minutes and 17 minutes. What else could be causing this? Exetel didn't provide the modem as part of their package, so they don't really provide set-up or tech support. Netcomm have advised that the modem shouldn't be causing this issue. Any advice welcome.

-> Response: Does the device have a setting called SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway)? I believe it does looking at the user manual. Make sure that is disabled for SIP.


#8 : Posted by Joe on June 21st, 2016:

For VOIP applications my router only allows upstream QoS. Why not downstream too?

-> Response: That is a little unusual, my router has both directions for Quality of Service. However, depending on your Internet provider, upstream may well be the important one. After all, for most Internet services the upstream has less bandwidth than downstream hence the reason QoS is important in that direction.


#7 : Posted by John on May 18th, 2016:

I have DSL service. We have Magic Jack. Inbound phone quality is fine, but outbound the signal breaks up so bad that the person I called can't understand me at all. It worked ok at first, but after a couple of years it got really bad. QUESTION: can I be assured that any of the companies you list will be any better?

-> Response: Do you know what speed you have for downlink and uplink? Also have you tried stopping all other devices on your home Internet and just have MJ running (in case you have software running on a pc for example that is hogging all of your uplink bandwidth)? Often Internet speed is asymmetrical so uplink is lower speed than downlink (uplink is your issue here).
Also try running our voip test and let me know what the results are.
I would not look at any other provider until you know your Internet and setup is good enough for VoIP.


#6 : Posted by Richard Fredrick on March 23rd, 2016:

We are experiencing a 4 to 5 second delay between answering a phone call and the ability of the caller to hear us. OOMA blamed it on excess jitter for the Internet (we use Time Warner). Your test indicates our jitter is not an issue. Any suggestions as to what is causing the delayed response?

-> Response: I don't believe jitter would cause this. I would temporarily disable router/firewalls capabilities on your network as a test. If the delay is still present it would suggest an issue on Ooma's routing.

-> UPDATE: After some conversations with Richard I suspected the router was causing issues. He reset the router and the Ooma box and now everything is working as expected.


#5 : Posted by Narvun on April 3rd, 2014:

I have two separate phone lines in my house. They should be connected together so that I have only one line. One phone line works OK, but the other line is dead. Some of the phones in my house are dead, but some lines work. Any suggestions?

-> Response: First I assume you are talking about VoIP rather than a regular landline, yes? Also did you disconnect the service at the NID box on the outside of your home if you are using internal wiring - see this article.
We find cordless phones to be the best way to share one line. Just phone your provider and cancel the second line and save some money.


#4 : Posted by Royce Hamer on March 25th, 2014:

I pulled the power from my SPA2102 to reboot and no lights appear and no phone service. I checked power from transformer and it shows 5.3 volts, I assume the Linksy phone modem died?

-> Response: The power input is 5V for the SPA2102 so the wall plug/transformer is doing its job. It does sound like the device may be broken if you are not even seeing a power light. Worth trying again, make sure the power jack is all the way in.


#3 : Posted by Dave on September 4th, 2013:

I'm trying to use BasicTalk with a Panasonic cordless phone through my ATT U-Verse internet provider -- call quality is sometimes clear but usually garbled on both ends -- should I give-up and rely on cell phone only? Or is perhaps the modem/router (ATT provided) set-up incorrectly?

-> Response: Don't give up Dave. Please run our VoIP speed test highlighted on this page and let us know your results. It is likely a setting in your AT&T box that needs updating, most likely QoS (Quality of Service) which ensures your voice gets higher priority than anything else. My assumption here is the AT&T box is a modem/router combo.


#2 : Posted by Lee on June 14th, 2013:

My voip is working fine but I get problems connecting to my work phone and try to log into its voicemail.

-> Response: Sometimes this can be due to DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) problems. Couple of things to try here, run our speed test and check for packet loss issues. Get the provider to change the codec to G.711 or something like that where less compression. Also the provider may be able to change the settings for the VoIP DTMF tones to in-band rather than RFC2833. Some people have had success with this.


#1 : Posted by Karen on June 13th, 2013:

Thanks for the tips! I am getting less call problems now that my voip adaptor is plugged in to my comcast modem....i used to get problems with my phone when my kids were on the computer.

-> Response: Glad we helped Karen.



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