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#2 : Posted by Essam Khairullah on March 1st, 2021:

I actually ended up here while trying to find a replacement option for the Cisco RV320 which went End-of-Sale in January 2020 and goes End-of-Life in 2023.


#1 : Posted by Wayne on July 10th, 2019:

HI Guys bought a D8500 AC5300 Nighthawk to help out with some wireless issues in the property and its been fantastic however I have just moved over to NBN and now find its not VOIP compatiable. Can you suggest a solution have been in touch with both provider and Netgear and neither been helpful. If it needs to be replaced can you recommend something as good with its wireless coverage will need something that has 30m and lots of walls between modem and end users and obviously VOIP capabilities.

-> Response: Did you try disabling SIP ALG on the AC5300 router? That often fixes any VoIP issues, in our experience.



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