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#12 : Posted by Bernard Shaw on June 18th, 2019:

Using FusionPBX (latest version with Debian 9.5 on Vultr). I am able to make outgoing calls but I am unable to get incoming calls. Everything is registering correctly. Any suggestions would be welcome.

-> Response: A few ideas to troubleshoot.
1) Did you whitelist your carriers IP addresses in Fail2Ban?
2) Did you allow your carriers IP address in the ACL area?
3) Install Sngrep to verify that the carrier's call is reaching your server.
4) Related to 3 but is the carrier call getting through your router/firewall?


#11 : Posted by Hans on January 18th, 2019:

How do I configure fusion pbx to send bulk sms?

-> Response: SMS is still early days for Fusion. In the newest version there is an integrated SMS feature but only for 1 or 2 carriers so you would need to put some development work into this for bulk SMS to your carrier.


#10 : Posted by Alex on October 24th, 2018:

I want to connect my pstn line with fusionpbx with gateway Linksys spa 3000. The spa3000 gateway is linked with a number 999 fusionpbx account (it has configured as a user not a gateway) and call them and send to number 100 it works fine but i can not direct the outgoing calls. How do I add this in the gateway menu to direct outgoing calls?


#9 : Posted by Hengky on June 20th, 2018:

Does FusionPBX support video conferencing (more than 2-3 parties)?

-> Response: Yes it should because Freeswitch is being used under the hood and version 1.6 supports video conferencing. Freeswitch has some documentation on this using Verto, for demo purposes.


#8 : Posted by Mark J Crane on April 12th, 2018:

Updated install instructions can be found on fusionpbx's website.

-> Response: Thanks for letting us know. We updated the guide to reflect the new installation instructions. It is now very simple to install.


#7 : Posted by Chima on December 17th, 2017:

I am having issues with my outbound dial plan, I need to strip the initial 0 from the 11 digit I wish to call and add a preceeding number 234. The challenge is how to strip the zero.

-> Response: You need to take advantage of regular expressions in order to remove the 0 and then when you pass the 10 digit result to the gateway prepend with 234.


#6 : Posted by Roy Bradshaw on June 24th, 2017:

Does Fusionpbx support zero-out- from voicemail? Can you provide online user training>

-> Response: Can you elaborate on what you mean by zero-out?
We cannot provide online training but there is official training if you go to the FusionPBX website.


#5 : Posted by Brad on May 3rd, 2016:

I am trying to figure out how to get the operator panel in fusionpbx to only show available if the sip phone is registered.

-> Response: Sounds like some customization. You may need to contact the guy in charge of the project and pay for his time.
Pretty sure the way that works today is that it is active calls. You are looking more for a presence type functionality it seems. Presence is a feature of Freeswitch so it seems possible.


#4 : Posted by Bradley on April 10th, 2016:

I have an interesting question. I have FusionPBX running in Multitenant and i would like to have a 611 option for my clients to call and reach my support team. How would I go about setting up that extension Number for my clients to dial and reach us directly. We are on the same phone system so everything is internal but there is no global option for extensions.

-> Response: I have not tried this but thinking out loud I would probably attempt to do it this way:
- Create global outbound route so it appears on every tenant.
- condition > destination_number of 611 using dialplan expressions.
- set call_direction local.
- bridge user/{ext}@{your tenant} where you replace ext and tenant for where you want it to go.
My thoughts are that every tenant would see this route because it is global and whenever 611 is called it will try to keep it local and bridge it to you on your master tenant. You would need to mess with the dial plan expression to get it to work but might be worth some more research.


#3 : Posted by Zach on February 29th, 2016:

Got a fusionpbx setup going but having issues with my phones dropping. Any ideas on this or any firewall settings you would recommend.

-> Response: This is likely a NAT related issue. Check to make sure your router is correctly configured for VoIP.


#2 : Posted by Trav on September 14th, 2015:

Cannot get it to install. Fails after entering DB password. /usr/local/git not found or something to that effect.
Tried Debian, gets past that point then fails near the end with a Makefile error (recipe for target install failed.
This is all nonsense. Can they not make an install that actually works? FreePBX, trixbox, elastix install NEVER a hiccup. Ever.
Only messing with this because they have multi-tenant capability. Does not seem to be worth it.

-> Response: Strange you are seeing this. Can you let me know what you set the options to for the DB (Postgres or SQLite). What about web server, Nginx or Apache? Also, are you using Debian Jessie?

-> UPDATE: Turns out this was due to special characters being used for the Database password and when entered into the GUI during the final part of installation. May need to keep passwords to numbers and letters until this has been resolved.


#1 : Posted by Warren on July 26th, 2015:

I followed the instruction and everything worked great. The part where I have to manually put in the database information does not show when I enter the IP address as the url. I get the page saying the database was successfully installed, it does not take me to the part where I have select sqlite and put in the, the database and the path. Is there something else that needs to be done?

-> Response: That's a little strange but I've seen a few weird things when installing FusionPBX.
Here are a few things I would look at:
1. There is a config.php file in the FusionPBX install area (often this is /var/www/fusionpbx). You could open SSH and try editing that file. Make a note of the settings in the file but clear the settings so each variable is empty and then try going to the IP address in a browser. This should force it to load the install screen and get you to enter the info for the database etc.
2. Are you using Firefox? I noticed some strange things in an earlier version of firefox. Try going to http://[yourip]/login.php to see if that gets you to the login screen.
3. FusionPBX is now using Github code for its repository (NOT google code as it is going away) and this is where all new versions are stored so it may be worth you following the latest installation instructions:
FusionPBX Installation BUT change the comment lines so it uses github. i.e.

cd /usr/src
apt-get install wget
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fusionpbx/fusionpbx-scripts/master/install /ubuntu/install_fusionpbx.sh
chmod 755 install_fusionpbx.sh
./install_fusionpbx.sh install-both user

Also I have recently been using Nginx instead of Apache (as ssl comes installed with nginx and less memory). Also Postgres for the database is worth using if you need this for a larger system install.
Hope this helps.



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