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Posted by Meyer on December 9th, 2017:

Does the Yealink W56P Wireless DECT Phone have speakerphone functionality?

-> Response: The W56 Handset(s) do indeed have speaker phone functionality.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip-phone/yealink/w56p-review.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Tony on November 29th, 2017:

I have a Uniden Dect 6.0 phone and some remote handsets. Will this work?

-> Response: Yes there should be no issues with this. The ATA the provider sends you will support the cordless phones.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/1voip.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Macryn on November 28th, 2017:

Great info for our customers! We provide professional voice recordings for VOIP auto attendant messages, IVR and voicemail greetings for many businesses and this info is very helpful. Using a professional voice talent really makes a difference and makes a company sound more professional.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/auto-attendant.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Howard on November 28th, 2017:

I have been using Basictalk for a few years now with no problems. You must have a GOOD internet connection. I also fax with my unit with no problems using an Epson workforce all in one printer. Caller ID has name and number and call quality has been great.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/basictalk.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Charles Kuntz on November 28th, 2017:

Does ooma limit the length of telephone calls?

-> Response: The only limit we are aware of is their reasonable use policy which is currently around 5000 minutes for a given month. We are not aware of any limit for individual calls.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/ooma.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Mike Mcgirr on November 23rd, 2017:

In switching to Voip, since I am a snowbird, could I use the Voip system that I install in Michigan and disconnect it and then re-establish in Florida, and use the same phone number that I have in Michigan?

-> Response: Indeed you can so long as you have Internet at both locations. Many snowbirds do this and you can even get an additional phone number (called a virtual number) for Florida if you wish.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip/voip_what_is_it.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by K. Parker on November 7th, 2017:

Spammers or telemarketers have been using my unpublished land line phone number to show on the caller IDs of the cell phone users they are calling all over Idaho. I'm getting between 50-70 return calls a day from all these possible victims of scams and if they just hit call return on their cell phones, it rings to me on my land line too. This has been ongoing for 12 days so far, and my phone company says there is nothing they can do about it - that it usually only lasts about a week. Well the scammers started using my land line name and number on their Caller ID Spoofing on 10/27/17 and it's ongoing daily, so I'm way past a week. I have advised the FCC of this also. I don't think it's fair that I should have to change my phone number that I've had for almost 20 years and be inconvenienced even more by notifying everyone of a new phone number, and I don't want to change my number. I want CenturyLink and the FCC to protect me and my "unpublished" phone number. I'm tired of getting 50+ return calls daily. There's got to be a way of preventing this so people like me don't become victims of this kind of scam and the use of their info. I can't file a complaint with the FCC because I don't know who is doing it ("unknown scammers or telemarketers"?) and I can't block 50-70 different calls a day from victims of this scam who are trying to call back and find out what they were called for (50-70 times 12 days to block all these different numbers and it would accomplish nothing since the actual scammer won't be on the list - can I block my own number?). My voice mail advises people that I did not call them and not to leave a message and that it was scammers calling showing my phone number and name on their caller ID's. Some people still leave very nasty messages on my voice mail. Any suggestions besides changing my phone number?

-> Response: Sorry to hear about this, truly terrible situation. Good move on adding a voicemail greeting. There is very little more you can do I am sorry to say. The only way this can be stopped is at the carrier level (spoofer's carrier not yours) and them blocking this behavior (i.e. outgoing caller ID not matching registered owner of the number).
Do you have a Do Not Disturb feature on your phone service until this blows over?

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/10-tips-caller-id-spoofing-fight-back.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Joe on November 7th, 2017:

Ooma's premier service is not $9.99 they include the taxes and fees which makes it $15.94 each per month.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip/ooma-competitors.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Aluciel on November 3rd, 2017:

I have been receiving spoofed calls since the end of June 2017. I have been keeping a list, since it is a different number every time, and I am up to 39 calls. I can go a few days then get hit with 3 or 4 in a day. They are made to appear local to me, I assume in an attempt to fool me into answering it. One I actually did answer only to hear a robot trying to sell me healthcare. I talked to my phone provider and their only solution was to change my number. I have also made a complaint to the FCC since my number is on the do not call list, but I have not heard anything from them. I just want these calls to stop!

-> Response: Sorry to hear about your troubles, what a hassle!
You should not need to change your number because of this, that's very unfortunate.
Some providers use a service called Nomorobo which can help. Worth asking your provider about that. You can also block calls but if they are always appearing to be local to you and the number changes frequently that could become problematic.
Some people have success by using an auto attendant. All it needs to say is press 1 to talk to [your name] and if 1 is not pressed go to voicemail. It is a good way of tricking the telemarketers automated calls but alas you typically do not get this feature with residential phone service.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/10-tips-caller-id-spoofing-fight-back.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Mike on October 23rd, 2017:

Be aware that VoIPo does not consider Alaska as part of the US. In the fine print it states Alaska, Hawaii (since included) and Puerto Rico are not included in US calling.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/voipo.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Mohamed Selim on October 22nd, 2017:

Does all voip hardware require high speed internet

-> Response: Yes it does require a high speed Internet connection but more importantly it needs to be consistently good Internet. Nearly all Broadband connections are high enough speeds for VoIP these days (only need about 100kb/s for VoIP per call).

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip/ooma-vs-magicjack.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Mike Krupp on October 22nd, 2017:

Can I use my Panasonic wireless house phones with the VOIP OOMA Telo device?

-> Response: Indeed you can use a regular analog phone or cordless phone with the Ooma, in fact that is the typical use case.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/ooma.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Pam on October 19th, 2017:

I am currently with Spectrum (formerly Brighthouse), and I don't see them listed along with the other telephone companies for call blocking. I'm really not getting a very good answer from the company.

-> Response: Do you have a portal you can log into for Spectrum (think it is called voice online manager)? Inside there should be an area to block calls. I did find an online document on this and it is supported apparently.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/how-to-block-phone-numbers-stop-unwanted-calls.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Bob Lape on October 19th, 2017:

We are moving into a brand new building. Both Comcast and FiOS are available. Which is best in an 18 story building with 141 units?

-> Response: If you are responsible for Internet to all units I would recommend testing both Comcast and FiOS. In our experience they both offer fast Internet but FiOS tends to be consistently fast as it has dedicated glass from your office block to their central office.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/frontier-fios-vs-comcast-internet.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Jim on October 19th, 2017:

I have Google Home. Can Google Home interact with Google Voice for any additional benefits? Can I port over my phone number to Google Voice?

-> Response: Indeed it can. In fact in many ways it works better than Amazon Alexa as it allows you to call anyone that is in your Google contacts list.
Yes you can port your number over to Google voice, the cost is $20 at this current time. However there are restrictions on the type of numbers than can be ported. For example, cell phone numbers are fine but may be issues with landline numbers. See this url on the subject of google voice and porting numbers.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/obihai-google-voice.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Eleanor Batchelder on October 10th, 2017:

I would like to replace my Skype service - VOIP with my own phone number for incoming calls, soft phone on my Mac laptop, video call capability, able to call other phone numbers. How can I do this? Or is it even possible outside of Skype?

-> Response: You can certainly replace Skype with another VoIP provider, you can even port phone numbers out of Skype if you have one. The only issue you may have is the video calling capability as although some VoIP providers offer this service, in reality most of your friends/family members that you wish to talk to using video will not be using such a provider. I would recommend using something like Facetime or Google voice (or skype) for video calls since it is easier for others to download this software and perform video calls with you.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/skype.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by J Hartis on October 10th, 2017:

I have an Obi100 from years ago, is it still usable? I have read elsewhere that it would not be after May 2017 (End of Life). I am having difficulty getting set up and wondering if it is that explanation or just errors I am making.

-> Response: It is indeed EOL. Have you verified that you have the latest firmware on there?
I would expect this device to still work in all honesty so it may either need a firmware update to the latest before it went EOL or perhaps you have an incorrect setting for your phone service.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/obihai-google-voice.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Donna Campbell on October 9th, 2017:

I have a land line in the 713 (Houston, TX) area code. I have moved to a suburb north of Houston with a 281 area code. I want to keep the phone number I have used for 30 years. Can I transfer my land line to Voip and then set it up at the apartment?

-> Response: Yes there should be no issue doing this and keeping your number. Just make sure you check with your new VoIP provider first but most of the time the number can be ported successfully, there are a few corner cases but they are rare.
You could even get a 281 number too so people can also call you on that number (i.e. both numbers reach your phone).

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/usa-voip.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Chris Hebert on September 30th, 2017:

Whatever you do don't sign up for comwave! My retired mother signed up and had little to no service for over a month, ever after comwaves tech support deleted all her security features on her router. Then she had enough of their NULL SERVICE and signed up with a good service she received a bill for early termination of a contract - to which she signed nothing and wasn't informed at point of purchase. The nerve of a crap company!

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/comwave.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Jim Fuhlbrugge on September 28th, 2017:

If I put in 1 VOIP service now and change internet providers later, how does that impact phone service?

-> Response: Changing Internet provider should not affect your VoIP service, providing it's still a good Internet connection.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/1voip.php   [View All Comments from this Page]



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