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Posted by David Bulley on June 22nd, 2017:

Is VOIP OK on FIBE? What about TV that we have tied to our business? Thank you.

-> Response: I have not tried it but it should be fine and fiber tends to be a dedicated connection direct to the central office so in many ways fiber is optimal for VoIP.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip/canada_voip.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Lynette Pearson on June 20th, 2017:

I saw a comment that the adaptor costs $65 if it needs to be replaced. Is the adaptor specific to each VoIP provider?

-> Response: No they are usually standard ATAs from Linksys, Grandstream, Cisco etc but they do have to be configured correctly but the provider can usually do that remotely. However, likely there will be a few small technical things you will have to do such as changing some fields in the device to point to the provider's server. So really it depends whether you would rather save $30 and buy your own but do some technical things or pay extra to get it done for you.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/phonepower.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Joe South on June 20th, 2017:

Are these for home lines or businesses?

-> Response: This page is for business only. For home phone we have this residential tool which may help.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip-comparison.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Cmw on June 7th, 2017:

There are no "reputable users" of caller ID spoofing.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/10-tips-caller-id-spoofing-fight-back.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Jason on June 6th, 2017:

What does consistency of service mean and how do I fix that? I am receiving 52.7% and probably receiving poor sound quality because of it.

-> Response: Who do you use for your internet and is it wireless?
This is a measure of how consistent the speed is over time. For example, if your speed is 5Mbit/s but every few seconds it drops to 100kbits/s for 1 second that would be poor for VoIP but the overall average speed would be decent. Likely you would experience audio issues during a VoIP call due to lost packets. MBR /> There is normally not much you can do about this as it is a reflection on how good your Internet service is. You could ensure everything else is shut off on your local Internet at home and plug a laptop straight into your modem and try again just to make sure nothing else running on your network at the same time.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip-test-html5.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Andrew on June 6th, 2017:

With elastix 4, I cannot get any softphone to show BLF. So far I have tried 3cx and Yate and they do not show if another extension is busy. I am trying to test tsip, but cannot even get it to register.

-> Response: Are you trying to see BLF for the soft phone on other devices or trying to see BLF for other devices status on the soft phone?
Regarding tsip, I have never used that soft phone but if it cannot even register it will not see BLF for other devices. The real issue sounds like the registration - have you tried UDP and TCP?

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/elastix-setup-guide.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Nkemeni Valery on June 6th, 2017:

I need to build a web application that will be hosted on a LAN will support VoIP calls and instant messaging. Which is the best open source PBX server software will be the best to interact with the web application.

-> Response: It sounds like you need WebRTC support. Most Asterisk and Freeswitch PBXs support that these days.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/elastix-vs-freepbx.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Ruben Nieves on June 4th, 2017:

Do you have a test tool, that can test the origin and destination of the VOIP path. At the present time, it is very hard to know if it is my network or the actual VOIP provider.

-> Response: Unfortunately there is no way for us to do that, that sort of test would need to come from your provider.
Our test is a good test for your Internet and local network though so if you are seeing good results then worth mentioning this to your provider.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip-test-html5.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Pat on June 3rd, 2017:

I want to use the Magic Jack for incoming Fax. Fax is currently on a LAN line. Can I just plug in the Magic Jack into the Router and Fax into the Magic Jack?

-> Response: You should be able to connect the MJ to your fax machine instead of your analog phone and it will receive your fax. Faxing over the Internet is not as reliable as landlines and MJ does not officially support this but usually it is successful.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/magicjack.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Ron on May 31st, 2017:

I have a Netgear router and I do not see anywhere about setting up the ports. So I tried removing the firewall and I still can not receive calls. The tech people at OBI keep referring back to the old version of Google Voice which does not apply to the current Google Voice. This what they suggest:
1. Sign in to your Google Voice account
2. Go to "Settings" located on the top right (cog wheel)
3. On the Phone tab, you will see a "Delete" option under Google Chat
4. Click "Delete" Google Chat
I see other people having the same problem since Google changed the setup for Google Voice.

-> Response: When I login to Google voice I can access settings by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the left hand side and then clicking on settings. I still do not see Google chat option though.
I would break the problem down and first try and get google voice to work from a PC (i.e. login to google voice and make a call) as that will prove that your router setup is working fine.
Which Netgear router do you have?

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/obihai-google-voice.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Cesar on May 29th, 2017:

Do you know if there's any possibility to turn an HT701 into a FXO instead of FXS? I've bought it but only afterwards I realized that I needed a FXO adapter instead of FXS.

-> Response: Have you looked at the HT503? It is older but does have FXS and FXO ports. Maybe you could return the HT701.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/phone-adapter/grandstream/ht701-review.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Lois W on May 16th, 2017:

When calling 911 in the event of an emergency, can the Police and Fire Departmen locate where the call is coming from?

-> Response: Yes they can, providing you keep your address up to date in your service provider's secure portal. We have an article on E911 that may be of interest.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip/voip_faq.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Russell on May 16th, 2017:

I am a new customer of Exude satellite in a remote rural area. I am keeping my landline for several reasons:
1. VoIP is not a reliable way of contacting 911 or allowing the 911 operator to geolocate me if I am unable to communicate my location.
2. I have frequent power outages. No power, no internet, no VoIP.
3. My landline bill is only $2.50/month greater than Exede's or Hughesnet VoIp plan.
Conclusion: more downside than upside.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip-over-satellite.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Charles Luebke on April 26th, 2017:

Can the VOIP adapter be used with a Panasonic Model: KX-TG764 phone set?

-> Response: Yes that should be fine, in fact any cordless (or corded) phone that has a standard RJ-11 type connector should work with a VoIP adapter.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/1voip.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Richard on April 25th, 2017:

When dialing an emergency call using voip, do you dial "911" or "E911" I've never seen any information on the dialing procedure. Thank you

-> Response: You just dial 911 the same as you would on a landline. It's just it gets handled slightly differently behind the scenes when it is Internet based.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/e911.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by George Thomas on March 31st, 2017:

Does this include internet as well?

-> Response: No you still need Internet, Freelycall does not provide that.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/freelycall.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Rick on March 29th, 2017:

I get internet through my phone line. If I get VoIP what happens to my internet, does it still come through the phone line?

-> Response: Yes that will not change at all, your Internet will still come through your phone lines. Your phone service will connect to the Internet (DSL) modem though rather than the phone lines.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip/canada_voip.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Joe on December 27th, 2016:

I am considering getting rid of my landline for vonage. I have no cell service where I live. I am on satellite internet, and, I wonder what happens to my phone service when I have used up my 10 gig of high speed internet, and the provider switches me to very very slow speed. Does my phone still work then?

-> Response: To be honest I think you may struggle to get decent audio if using Vonage (or any VoIP service) over satellite. The latency and jitter for satellite Internet causes a lot of problems for VoIP.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/reviews/vonage.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Kev on December 16th, 2016:

This is a great phone!

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip-phone/yealink/t29g-review.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Andrew Hayes on December 14th, 2016:

I manage IT things for a local homeless shelter. We use VOIP with Vonage as the provider. We've had call dropping issues, which Vonage say is due to our Verizon provided Actiontec router. Even after setting up DMZ to fully compatible Netgear WNDR3500, we still have issues. Vonage has given us mixed messages and has been generally not useful.
Also, is it possible that the issues are not due to routing, but rather due to having only 1mbps upload speed? We sometimes get 20 calls at once when we run lotteries for open beds.

-> Response: Sorry to hear about your troubles.
Sometimes the Actiontec devices can cause problems - which model is it you have?
A few things to try:
- Make sure SIP ALG is disabled in the Actiontec device. This is very important and can cause issues for SIP calls. Note that sometimes the ISP does not allow access to this setting.
- Can Vonage try changing the transport for the phones from UDP to TCP (or vice versa)? Sometimes moving to TCP can help.
- The upload speed could indeed cause problems for large call volume. Do you know which codec Vonage is using? They could potentially change this to a lower bandwidth Codec to help alleviate this issue.
- I was wondering if you could take advantage of auto attendants to try and spread the calls when you run the lotteries. In other words could the auto attendant be used for the actual lottery. Likely some thought needed here on the design but maybe that way you can ensure that the AA is used for the lottery and only the first X calls get through to actual phones. The others stay on the AA (or go to voicemail) thus staying on the Vonage PBX and not eating up all your bandwidth going to the phones.

From: https://www.whichvoip.com/voip-modem-router-compatibility.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]



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