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Posted by Brian Moore on November 11th, 2016:

I did not see any results for sip alg. I know I it is now enabled so shouldn't I see results when I run this test

-> Response: You need to run our Java version of the test to see SIP ALG results.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/speed_test/voip-test-html5.html   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Blaine Byers on October 25th, 2016:

I ran the HTML5 test 3 times. Each time I got 6 green circles and 1 Red circle. The red was Consistency of Service = 30%, sound is likely to be broken. You do not address COS in your technical terms definitions. I also did not get any SIP/ALG value. Does the COS value mean I would not have good service with VOIP?

-> Response: You need to run the non-html5 test (java test) to get sip alg test results. It is not 100% accurate but if you let me know your modem/router I may be able to help.
Regarding Consistency of Service (CoS), who do you use for your internet and is it wireless by chance? This is a measure of how consistent the speed is over time e.g. if your speed is 3Mbit/s but every 3 seconds it drops to 50kbits/s for 1 second that would be poor for VoIP but the overall average speed would be reasonable. Likely you would experience audio issues during a VoIP call due to lost packets.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/speed_test/ppspeed.html   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by L. Mccracken on October 12th, 2016:

If I PARK my number, how difficult is it to move it back?

-> Response: It is usually not difficult though sometimes will involve a small fee to port it over to your new provider.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/phone-number-parking-and-forwarding.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Joel Wheeler on September 21st, 2016:

Got HughesNet satellite internet installed a month ago in my camp at a location off the grid. Had professional install and works well for internet. Purchased the best data plan that was available (50gb per month, etc).
Had an Ooma VOIP box that I used with good results in another application at home a couple years ago and decided to hook it up at camp to the satellite connection. Was very disappointed. One end of the connection was always garbled, out of order, etc, making it 100% unusable. Sometimes the person I called said they could hear me fine but I couldn't understand them. Other times I could hear them fine but they couldn't understand me. Called home and left myself a message and played it back at home and it was totally scrambled up.
Was thinking the HughesNet Gen4 system might have better results but after reading info here I have my doubts. And it's also fairly expensive. Unfortunately with no cell service at the location it might be an only option. Would love to see someone's results with it if they've got it.
When I run the VoIP test on this site I get this:
jitter=197ms (red)
packet loss=.2% (green)
MOS=1 (red)
download speed=476kbps (green)
upload speed=139kbps (green)
consistency=10% (red)

-> Response: Do you have a router in your network at the camp? If so do you know the make and model? You want to turn off a setting called SIP ALG if there is one and it is enabled (tends to be). That can cause all sorts of audio issues.
Ooma may be able to change the jitter buffer settings so you can handle the additional jitter and latency that occurs with satellite feeds.
Also when testing the VoIP make sure nothing else is using the Internet at that time, just for completeness. You could also try connecting the Ooma directly into the satellite modem rather than through a router (if you are using a router).
Just a few things worth trying to see if we can get something that has acceptable audio.
If your VoIP test results remain the same, I really don't think you have much chance of success here I am sorry to say Joel.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip-over-satellite.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Amy Guerrera on September 16th, 2016:

eZuce is now offering support for open source sipXcom.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/sipxcom-cloud-phone-system.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Myrna Highlander on September 14th, 2016:

Do you we use our regular home phone when with VoIP? Do we have caller ID with 1 VoIP? Does the 1VoIP need to be plugged in to the computer and the computer be turned on for it to work correctly? Do we pay a year in advance when we start?

-> Response: Yes you can just use your existing phone. 1-VoIP will send you an adapter (ATA). Basically you connect your regular phone to the adapter and also connect the adapter to your Internet modem and that's it.
You will indeed get caller ID with 1-VoIP. They also have some neat features for blocking those annoying Telemarketing call (e.g. Nomorobo and anonymous call rejection).
No need for the computer, but you do need Internet.
You pay monthly for service.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/user_reviews/1voip-voip-review.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Jacky Zhang on September 6th, 2016:

How about checkpoint 640 firewall?

-> Response: Should be a way to do this. See instructions for fields SIP Protocol Handler and RFC Non-compliant Messages.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/disable-sip-alg.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Jim Pitre on September 6th, 2016:

Not sure either of these services are ready for prime time. I am on a 30 mbs cable system with good ping times. I am in Canada which may be a part of the problem.
RingCentral often has a horrible delay built in that makes it nearly impossible to carry on a normal conversation without talking over the other person. Vonage often has inconsistent delays in making a connection. Often 20 seconds to start ringing - and often ends up saying try later - something to do with an overloaded system i think as calling on my cell or other line works fine. For some reason people I call often complain of a bad echo on the line. Still haven't decided if either are a satisfactory solution - and I have spent hours with both tech support groups to little avail. It is my opinion that these cloud based systems have way too many opportunities to trip up on delays in their systems. PS Skype works fine with none of these proplems

-> Response: It may be worth running some tests on your Broadband. Your speed is fine but perhaps some other issues e.g. packet loss, jitter etc. It is unusual to see problems like this with a good Internet connection. Could also be your network setup (e.g. incompatible router with SIP ALG set).

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/ringcentral-vs-vonage-business.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Robert on August 27th, 2016:

I have a small business with offices in Florida, New York and California. Can we have service and work as one office with extensions in separate states and one central number? Also we would like to bounce the calls to our cell phones when we are out of the office.

-> Response: This is a very standard scenario for a hosted VoIP service so there should be no issues Robert.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/voip_business_faq.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Mark on August 27th, 2016:

Thank you for the article. We actually tried several tools from the above list. Finally we found CloudView NMS. We found it looking for affordable way to monitor VoIP Servers from our customers premises. It allows to configure a chain of connected slave-NMS servers which a report a full picture and alerts to master NMS in "Central Office". The GUI is very intuitive. It is available both via HTML-5 web interface or full-blown windows interface from any client OS (windows/linux/mac).

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/network-monitoring-software.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Paula Lisciotto on August 21st, 2016:

My test shows red for Jitter at 123.78 and red for MOS at 1.29. Yellow for Consistency of Service at 80%. The balance were green. I currently have Hughes Net service but I have not yet upgraded to their Gen 3. Do these scores mean that VOIP service would translate to constant voice break-ups during calls?

-> Response: Unfortunately, yes you could experience audio issues using VoIP. Your MOS score and jitter results are quite poor. Is that HughesNet satellite you are using? I assume so. VoIP over satellite tends to be unreliable I am sorry to say.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/speed_test/ppspeed.html   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Paul on August 19th, 2016:

I do not have a home phone. Will the phone number that I get be long distance for my local callers?

-> Response: With VoIP you get to pick your area code so unless there are inventory issues with phone numbers for your area code you should be able to choose a local number (thus local calls for your callers).

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/canada_voip.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Fred Stephens on August 14th, 2016:

Hello, on the voip test I received 4 greens, a yellow on consistency of service 66% and a red on MOS 2.4 while the internet is playing a ROKU video. If no roku all is green. Does this mean that I can not use the phone while a ROKU video is playing? I have a cable 10mbs plan.

-> Response: Not necessarily, it just means you need to be aware of this if you start to hear audio issues.
A way around this would be to implement Quality of Service (QoS) on your router to ensure your audio always has highest priority on your bandwidth.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/speed_test/ppspeed.html   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Ralph Buschner on August 9th, 2016:

Security issues around using Voip. Are any of the providers PIPEDA or HIPAA compliant?

-> Response: As you probably know there are many parts to HIPAA compliance and the key areas seem to be the delivery of voicemail and fax and also call recordings (and who has access to each). Most providers also offer voicemail to email which can compound the issue at hand even more, though this can be turned off typically.
Another issue is security at the servers where voicemails, fax and recordings are stored. This can be a problem for hosted services since they are often in large data centers that are often not owned by the provider.
The only provider that I am aware of that is HIPAA compliant is 8x8.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/voip_business_faq.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Orlando on August 3rd, 2016:

Can I make free phone calls if I am in USA on WIFI hot spots, I have a Samsung S5 Duo but my service is GSM from Canada with monthly service no contract and unlimited calls.

-> Response: Yes providing it is using WiFi you should be fine for making calls. Of course you still need a provider and app to do this e.g. Skype etc. Also not all calls are free from these providers but they tend to have pay as you go or pre-fund options so put $10 in and it should last you a while.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/what-is-wifi-calling.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Sue on August 1st, 2016:

My internet provider will not allow me to purchase a wired modem with both an ethernet port and a LAN port (or USB or telephone port). I do not prefer wifi. How can I connect an ATA to a modem with only one Ethernet port?

-> Response: You need an Ethernet switch. You would then connect your Internet provider's box to the switch and then have multiple wired ports on the switch that you could connect the ATA (and other devices) to.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/phone-adapter-comparison.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Alan Autrand on July 31st, 2016:

I currently have AT&T U-Verse for my land line service. I would like to switch to one of the lower cost VoIP providers to save money. I don't pass your test (3 greens) but have a clear (no static) with only occasional cut out service with U-Verse. Does this mean I might be OK with another VoIP provider or should I upgrade my speed with AT&T?

-> Response: It should be fine, just be aware that any Internet related outages will leave you without a working phone service.
One thing to consider is choosing a provider that has an app for your smart phone (if you have one). That way if you have Internet issues and have good cell service at home, you can still make and receive calls using your home number.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/speed_test/ppspeed.html   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Wayne on July 29th, 2016:

Does 1-VoIP have an Android or IPhone app.

-> Response: Yes they can support most apps in the market place. One app to consider is the Bria app which can be used by most providers.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/user_reviews/1voip-voip-review.php   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Sue on July 23rd, 2016:

I'm about to get a home DSL hookup for wifi in my house and am getting a voip line to plug my retro Trimline 210 phone into as well. I am 100% not interested in a wireless/cordless base with multiple handsets.
My question is this, I hope you can help! This is hard to research.
So, downstairs in my livingroom beside my couch will be my 210, the DSL wifi modem, and the phone modem thing. Upstairs I have another jack in the bedroom and have another 210 phone that I'd like to be able to use in the bedroom. I'm wondering if there is ANY way to make that second phone work with the bedroom jack. Some sort of adaptor? I don't have a landline by the way. I just moved here and have ordered the DSL with the ability to use a phone with it. (cell service is costing a fortune until towers built in approx one year or more). Hopping onto Wifi with my cell will save me regarding the much more costly data issue but the telephone issue is one of wanting multiple corded phones (1 extra in this case) with the modem being downstairs in the living room.

-> Response: Presumably you are only interested in having 1 phone line (i.e. use phone downstairs or upstairs but not both at same time).
Here's what we would do:
1 - Make sure no power is coming into your house on the landline - ask the DSL provider to check.
2 - When you choose a VoIP provider, they will send you an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter). This ATA connects to your DSL modem via CAT5/6 cable and the 210 phone connects to the ATA phone jack. If you get a RJ11 splitter you can connect the phone to the ATA and also connect a new telephone wire to the jack in your house downstairs. This presumably will then connect to the phone wiring upstairs and simply plug your 210 phone upstairs into the phone jack. So now all phones connect to the ATA and then to the Internet. But only one can be used at a time.
3 - The ATA actually powers the phones (and through the phone wiring inside your house based on 2 above) hence reason you need to ask about item 1 as can't have power coming into house on the landline in addition to ATA trying to power the phone lines as that could cause problems.
Hope this helps.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/multiple-phones-voip-phone-service.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]


Posted by Joe on June 21st, 2016:

For VOIP applications my router only allows upstream QoS. Why not downstream too?

-> Response: That is a little unusual, my router has both directions for Quality of Service. However, depending on your Internet provider, upstream may well be the important one. After all, for most Internet services the upstream has less bandwidth than downstream hence the reason QoS is important in that direction.

From: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip-troubleshooting.htm   [View All Comments from this Page]



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