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VoIP.com Company Brief

VoIP.com started in January 2006 and has grown significantly increasing their customer base quarterly. VoIP.com’s focus on features and reliability will ensure that they keep this growing trend. VoIP.com were recently acquired by Phone Power who are one of the major VoIP phone service suppliers in the industry. This can only be good news for VoIP.com current and potential users as Phone Power are a well established and respected VoIP phone service provider in the USA.

VoIP.com at WhichVoIP

VoIP.com are certainly one of the most feature rich plans we have on our site. Combining this with their low monthly cost then VoIP.com is an excellent choice. VoIP.com have differet options for their classic Unlimited plan, including a monthly paid plan, a yearly paid plan, and a 24 month plan. VoIP.com also have a free PC softphone that you can load on your PC/laptop and have free minutes wherever you go.

Use the links below to access customer submitted VoIP.com reviews and ratings, or to visit the VoIP.com website to find out more information on their available plans to decide if they are the right provider to service your telephony needs.


VoIP.com and other providers compared

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