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VoIP Price comparison will likely be a one of the main areas you will focus on before selecting a Business VoIP provider. It will also likely be one of the most frustrating parts as the VoIP providers typically do not do a good job at highlighting the price of their service across all pricing tiers - often this is deliberate!

At WhichVoIP.com we have tried to make this job easier for you with our VoIP pricing tool. Simply enter how many phone lines you require and we will search our extensive VoIP pricing database to show you the lowest estimated pricing for some of the major business VoIP providers in the USA.

This tool is for Business service only. If you are looking for VoIP pricing for your home take a look at our Home phone rates tool.

We believe this is one of the most powerful tools on the market today for VoIP price shopping and we hope you find it useful.

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VoIP Pricing Results (for 12 Lines)

Plan Mins/Line * Term $/mo/line ** $/mo (12 Lines) ** More Info
Unlimited Month to Month $19.99 $239.88
Unlimited 1 Year $19.99 $239.88
Unlimited Month to Month $19.99 $239.88
Unlimited No Contract $20.00 $240
Unlimited Month to Month $22.99 $275.88
Unlimited Month to Month $23.95 $287.4
Unlimited Month to Month $24.75 $297
Unlimited Month to Month $24.95 $299.4
Unlimited Month to Month $24.97 $299.64
Unlimited None $25.25 $303
Unlimited Month to Month $29.95 $359.4
Unlimited Month to Month $29.95 $359.4
Unlimited 1, 2 or 3 year terms $29.95 $359.4
Unlimited 3 Years $29.95 $359.4
Unlimited Month to Month $34.99 $419.88
Unlimited Month to Month $39.95 $479.4
Unlimited Month to Month $44.99 $539.88
Unlimited Month to Month $59.99 $719.88

*Look at the providers Terms and Conditions regarding Unlimited minute plans. Often there is an upper limit that is deemed to be reasonable use.
**WhichVoIP does not guarantee the accuracy of this pricing. Please visit providers website for price confirmation. Also EXCLUDES taxes and other fees and note that you may require additional add-ons depending on your requirements.

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#1 : Posted by Nicole

Thanks, neat tool. I was going through some of this analysis myself with spreadsheets and it was a nightmare! This saved me a lot of time.


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