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VBuzzer offers residential phone services in both the USA and Canada. Although founded in 2002, the company was re-launched in 2012 and that is when WhichVoIP added VBuzzer to our reviews database. The Go Canada and Go America plan offer the same features and include 60 monthly minutes of international calling for free.

There are also some online calling plans that use the VBuzzer Messenger software to enable a pay as you go service. There are also pre-paid minute packages available that include calling to international desitinations.

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Poor service

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#1 : JUN 24th, 2017 :

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There is poor service and then there is "vBuzzer" approach to it. That is every thing is virtual and no one will support clients. I have not had any calling service for calling (I could receive call locally only) for almost a year. First, they were telling us stories about them merging, then building billing portal, etc. Bottom line, my wife and I have tried calling their 1-800 number and never reached anyone, stayed on hold for 1 hour at some point using my cell phone, then we emailed them. We raised the issue of not being able to call anyone, all we got back was lip service - do it yourself. "vBuzzer" people approach is that a client is supposed to be technically savvy enough to troubleshoot and fix problems associated with their outdated technology themselves. My suggestion, please don't buzzer with the buzzer (wonder how they come up with the name?) - all you will get the buzz and no service.

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