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Since 2005 WhichVoIP has created many useful VoIP resources and tools for our visitors to use for educational and research needs. This page highlights some of the main ones for easy navigation. Use the following links to jump to the appropriate section for your needs.

  1. Business Resources and Tools: If your needs are for a business phone service then start here.
  2. Residential Resources and Tools: Use this section for home phone service needs.

VoIP Resources and Tools for the Business Phone User

We have found over the years that it makes good business sense to do your research up front when considering a new phone system for your company. This is where we can help guide you. Use the following links to access our knowledgebase and tools, depending on what part of the decision process you have reached. Use the comment form below to add any comments on these resources or to suggest items that would be useful to add here.

Article and Knowledgebase Index
The above link gives you access to all of our business focused articles and guides. Some popular page examples:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ): Get answers to the main questions most potential users will ask.
  • Features guide: Learn about the most common features included with this technology and what they do.
  • Ask a question: If you can't find an answer to your question then just ask us and we will respond within 24 hours typically.
Pricing Estimate Tool
Affectionately known as our "PET", this tool can give you rough pricing for various providers so you can get a ball park figure for your business needs before getting full custom quotes. You simply enter the number of lines you need and click a button to get the results.
Plan Features Comparison Tool
Need specific features for your business phone service? Use this tool to verify and compare multiple provider plan features in one place. You can select up to 4 providers to compare at a time. With over 80 features included this is a comprehensive comparison.
Provider Directory and User Reviews
Access our database of over 100 providers along with thousands of user submitted reviews. Find out what other users are saying for providers that you are considering.
User Reviews and Ratings Comparison Tools
With so many providers and user reviews to browse it can be a little daunting. We now have two tools to help you easily compare and manage the over 1,200 business user reviews on WhichVoIP. View multiple provider average ratings and total number of reviews on a simple plot or compare provider ratings side by side.
FREE Custom Price Quote Tool
Since 2005 we have built partnerships with industry leading providers. Use this tool to get FREE quotes from up to 4 providers that best match your business phone needs. These are custom quotes based on your exact needs.

VoIP Resources and Tools for the Home Phone User

Making the right choice when switching your home phone service can save you from painful scenarios later on. To help guide you towards the correct decision for your needs we have created many resources and tools. These are all FREE resources for you to use. If you have any comments or feedback on the below or think we are missing some information or a cool tool then please add a comment below.

Home Service Article and Knowledgebase Index
A great starting point if you are new to VoIP or are interested in researching it more. From VoIP explanations to provider comparisons. Here are some popular pages:

VoIP Speed Test
This is a MUST for any visitor considering making the switch over to VoIP phone service. This tool tests your Internet connection for speed and for VoIP compatibility. Only takes a few minutes to run.
Home Phone Rates Tool
This tool provides pricing information as well as terms of service information for many popular providers available today. A sort function is also available. This is a neat tool if you want to get some quick pricing information.
Provider Directory and User Reviews
Over 100 home service providers and over 2,700 user submitted reviews to browse through. We always recommend checking out some reviews as part of your decision process. You can also add your own review for others to read.
User Reviews and Ratings Comparison Tools
With over 100 providers and over 2,700 reviews it can be a little overwhelming. We created two tools to help you easily compare provider ratings. Check them out....it makes life a bit easier!
Trouble Shooting and Set-Up Resources
Mainly for the existing VoIP user, if you are having issues with your phone service then check this resource out. Inside this resource is a link to common set-ups also which can help if you have a more complicated home network set-up.

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